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Serving my Civic Duty

I promised I’d stop blathering on about Iron Girl and so I’m going to write about something I’ve been meaning to write about for the last 2 weeks… my worst nightare, jury duty.  Wow – that was quite a run-on sentence, huh?

I live in Baltimore City.  While they city claims that they don’t just pull people for jury duty based on voter registration – I call shenanigans on that because the week I changed my voter registration was when I received my jury duty notice.  Coincidence?  I think not.

I’m not sure why I dreaded jury duty so much.  I love courtroom drama shows.  Jeremy is going to school to be a lawyer and as much as I don’t enjoy hearing about 80% of his schoolwork, every so often a case intrigues me.

Plus – I have an opinion on everything.  I love judging people.  Its what I do best.  Clearly – jury duty was something that was right up my alley.

But still – I dreaded it.  It just seemed like such a hassle.

Anywho – I ended up going 2 weeks ago and loved it.  While I’ll agree that the majority of time is spent sitting around in a waiting room – if you actually get called into a case for jury selection… its really quite fascinating.  And talk about some great people watching! 

I’ll try to keep this brief.  I spent the morning reading David Sedaris’ “When You Are Engulfed in Flames” (I recommend it) and half watching “Meet the Parents”.  I later learned that they play “Meet the Parents” everyday and felt very very sorry for the employees of the courthouse.  Its a funny movie and all… but every day?  Ugh.

Anywho – to make this a quick read, I’ll just list the highlights of my jury duty experience.  And no, sadly I was not selected for the jury. 

1.  They pay you $15!  In cash!  And okay – that basically covers the cost of lunch.  But I got to eat lunch with Jeremy since he works so close to the courthouse and we ate a Suzy Soba and that place is like crack cocaine if I knew what that stuff was really like but I imagine that its addicting because its usually the reason people end up on intervention.  Anyways…

2.  I got to finish my book.

3.  I got a paid day off of work.

4.  The people watching is top notch in a courthouse.  Its amazing to see what some people deem appropriate courtroom attire.  I saw people in t-shirts, cutoffs and flip-flops to stripper-wear to a man wearing ALL WHITE (no joke… he must have thought he was Diddy). 

5.  Watching people do everything in their power to avoid being selected for a jury is entertaining too.  One woman kept rambling on and on about her cataracts despite the judge instructing everyone to hold their explanations until called to his… judge’s table?  I don’t know what that’s called.

6.  The judge asks the potential jurors a series of questions that you are supposed to stand for if your answer is yes.  When the questions are done, he’ll call you up individually so you can explain your story.  I stood up for, “Have you ever been the victim of a crime?”

Well yes – yes, I have.  I was held up at gunpoint about 6 years ago in Baltimore.  No biggie.  But the judge – I almost heard his heartbreak.  His apology was so sincere that I actually responded, “Its okay.  I’m okay.”

7.  Did I mention Diddy was there?

When all was said and done, the jury was filled before they even reached my number.  I was bummed.  The judge kept referring to the case as a “fascinating” and “interesting” case.  I really wanted to be a part of that!  But alas – the prosecutor and defending attorney had used all their “strikes” (something I was familiar with from Runaway Jury!  haha – I love movies and tv) before they got to me.

So there you have it.  This isn’t my best post but I said I’d blog about something other than Iron Girl and I’ve been meaning to write about jury duty for quite some time. 

Poop!  (sorry – had to throw that in there)


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Lessons Learned From My First Triathlon

Last post about Iron Girl… I promise!

This is just a list of my lessons learned from my first triathlon. 

1.  Triathlons are fucking hard.

2.  Just because you are a “runner” and can run 10 miles does NOT mean that you can handle the endurance of a triathlon.

3.  You should actually train for a triathlon outside of just running.

4.  Your training should consist of more than a handful of swims and bike rides.

5.  Attend a dress rehearsal if the event offers one.  I missed the dress rehearsal because I was on vacation but I think it would have been helpful to anticipate how awful I’d feel in the swim surrounded by people.

6.  Find a training buddy!  While I managed to convince a girlfriend to register, she did not end up competing.  I spoke with a woman at work that trained with a team and she loved it.  I think it is probably helpful to have people to keep you motivated.  I probably wouldn’t have quit swimming if I had people I was training with.

7.  Triathlons are really fucking hard.

8.  Don’t judge a book by its cover.  I saw women of all shapes and sizes at the Iron Girl.  Just because a girl doesn’t look “fit” doesn’t mean she won’t kick your ass in the triathlon.  I got creamed by many girls I would have assumed I could beat.

9.  Offer encouragement along your race.  I was blown away by the overwhelming support and encouragement from other competitors during the course of the race.  It was infectious.  I found myself offering encouragement to everyone too.  It fills you with a warm, tingly sensation of being a good person.  I don’t get that feeling often.

10.  Thank your friends and family for their support if they come.  Seriously – shower them with hugs and kisses because their cheers will boost your energy like you wouldn’t believe… that and you don’t want to look like a complete ass in front of them.

11.  I was going to try to keep this to 10 but I remembered an 11th lesson.  If you’re a woman interested in competing in a triathlon, I highly recommend an all-women’s triathlon for your first one.  To reiterate #9, the support amongst the women was amazing.  I’ve never seen that sort of encouragement in co-ed running races. 

A woman in my department participated in Iron Girl and she shared a great story with me.  She trained with a team and during her swim wave (she was a 50+ age group), her friend started to panic and had difficulty carrying on.  This woman swam with her friend the entire leg of the race… completely unconcerned of her time.  She wanted to make sure that her friend made it through.  She stayed on her friend’s breathing side so that everytime she looked up, she’d see her.  She shooed away other swimmers when the other waves were released so that they wouldn’t swim into her friend.

I thought that her story was an incredible example of selfless love and support.

I on the other hand would have ditched my friend because hello?  I’m competing! 

I’m also an asshole.


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How I Measured Up

This week might be dedicated to the Iron Girl.  Sorry if that bores you but you can always just click that little “x” in the right hand corner if you’re not into it and check back with me on Monday where I’ll talk about farting, pooping and hating people.


Just to put things into perspective in terms of my performance at Iron Girl, I thought I’d compare my split times with the best and slowest times, as well as do a comparison against age.  Fun stuff!

Overall Finish

My Time: 2:41:14 (Age 29)
Best Time: 1:29:13 (Age 44)
Slowest Time: 4:37:20 (Age 57)

Swim Time

My Time: 36:16
Best Time: 14:11 (Age 44)
Slowest Time: 86:14 (Age 37)

Swim to Bike Transition Time

My Time: 5:20 – WTF?
Best Time: 1:21 (Age 43)
Slowest Time: 32:51 (Age 47) – okay, I have to wonder if something went wrong here.  The next slowest time is 15:39.  I’m thinking something happened to this woman between events…

Bike Time

My Time: 1:21:07
Best Time: 44:50 (Age 44)
Slowest Time: 2:34:12 (Age 57)

Bike to Run Transition Time

My Time: 2:50 – I chugged a bottle of Gatorade.
Best Time: 0:33 (Age 40) – WTF?!  This woman was FLYING.
Slowest Time: 61:15 (Age 44) – this time also has to be wrong.  The next slowest time is 10:02 so, again, something must have happened to this woman at this point.  Or maybe she had to use the restroom?

Run Time

My Time: 35:44
Best Time: 21:44 (Age 28)
Slowest Time: 1:14:18 (Age 33)

Oldest Iron Girl’s (Age 79) Times
Swim: 25:05
Transition: 2:57
Bike: 1:20:28
Transition: 2:31
Run: 47:14
Overall: 2:38:13

Beat me by: 3:01
(In all fairness – this woman does triathlons all the time.  I HOPE to be just half as active as she is at her age.  Holy crap.)

Youngest Iron Girl’s (Age 12) Times
Swim: 17:34
Transition: 1:49
Bike: 1:04:09
Transition: 1:00
Run: 28:24
Overall: 1:52:54

Beat me by: 48:20
(When I was 12, I couldn’t even run 1 mile.  Ouch.)

Fastest Iron Girl in my Age Division’s Times (Age 25)
Swim: 20:59
Transition: 2:46
Bike: 55:36
Transition: 1:38
Run: 26:30
Overall: 1:47:27

Beat me by: 53:47

Slowest Iron Girl in my Age Division’s Times (Age 29)
Swim: 28:36
Transition: 5:11
Bike: 1:59:49
Transition: 2:36
Run: 53:04
Overall: 3:29:14

I beat her by: 48:00

I placed 138th in my Division out of 179 (ouch!)
I placed 1340th overall out of 1723

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My Iron Girl Experience

What can I say about my experience?  I’ll try to keep this relatively brief.  I went into the triathlon completely naive to what it really takes to complete a swim, bike and run.  I really thought that my running would carry me through the event. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The morning of the race, we woke up at 4am.  All of the meetings stressed the importance of getting there as soon as possible (gates opened at 5am).  I packed my stuff the night before based on suggestions from the meetings (extra water bottles to rinse my feet, lots of towels, energy foods, etc).

I didn’t eat much the morning of – I had a banana and a bagel with peanut butter.  I drank lots of water.  I went to the bathroom 100 times.

When I got to my bike (I had racked it the night before), I realized that the tires were low.  I didn’t know how to pump them (the bike wasn’t mine).  I start to panic a little.  Some ladies around me agree that my bike needs air badly and point me in the direction of the bike assistance folks.  THANK GOD.  They pump my tires and I got there before the line became insane.

I am body marked.  Butterflies are fluttering in my stomach.  Either that or my intestines were freaking out.

Time FLIES by in the morning.  Before I know it, the Pro/Elite swim wave begins (and it has been delayed 25 minutes). 

This picture doesn’t do them justice.  These women were ripped.  Insane. 

My in-laws came shortly thereafter and we watched as the first pro/elite triathlete finishes her swim.  It hadn’t even been 15 minutes.

At this time, I also realize that my trisuit happens to be really popular.  I see it EVERYWHERE. 

I keep staring at women’s calves to see who is in my age group.  I am often intimidated, sometimes relieved but always nervous.

By the time I line up for my swim, I want to puke. 

The swim was an in water start.  I was in the middle of the pack and knew that as a courtesy I should stay towards the back of the swimmers since I’m not a strong swimmer.  I didn’t realize that I’d be treading water for 3 f’n minutes. 

My concerns about the swim were getting worse.  The turnaround point looked like it was a million miles away.  Then the countdown began.  5… 4… 3… 2… 1… GO!

I take a few strokes…

and then I freak the fuck out. 

I was paralyzed with this fear of drowning.  I could hardly move.  The idea of putting my head under water makes me feel like I’m drowning.

But could I quit now?  I just started!

So I ended up side stroking and back stroking about 90% of the entire swim.  Ridiculous.  I try the breast stroke a few times only to realize that putting my head under water AT ALL causes immense fear and anxiety.

I am nearly the last person in my wave to exit.  It took me 36:16 to complete the swim.  Other women I knew that competed beat me by at least 10 minutes or more.  WTF.

I was so relieved to finish.  But I was NOT prepared for how awful my body would feel going from the water to my bike.

There were a TON of great supporters along the way that got me going.  Hearing my family cheer me on (I couldn’t believe I could hear them!) really pushed me to go go go!

Trying to rinse my feet off from grass and dirt, then dry them enough to put socks on was no easy task.  Neither was trying to FIND the damn bike.  I had gone to great lengths to memorize where my bike was but was so out of it by the time the swim ended that I wandered around for a minute… and was apparently always near the bike.  My transition time was 5:20.  Reeee-diculous.

And I’m off!

I was slightly relieved to be sitting but was a bit discouraged to see a ton of women ENTERING the park after completing their ride.  I was so far behind.

And now enter the part where I begin to loathe Columbia, Maryland.  Who knew there were so many STEEP hills?  I definitely made up for some lost time during the ride and managed to pass quite a few people. 

All along the way, I was amazed at the fantastic support from spectators and other racers.  Everyone had words of encouragement.  It really helped.

But by the end of the ride, I could feel every rock and bump in the road in my butt.  I’m almost crying in pain.

But despite my pain, I managed to muster a dorky smile for my family.  Seriously – their cheers really lifted my spirits and gave me the boost I needed.  Plus it made me realize that they were watching me.  I couldn’t quit or admit pain at this point.

I finished the bike in 1:21:07.  Not too shabby.

My transition from the bike to run is 2:50.  Seriously – what the hell was I doing?  Other women finished their transitions in under 2 minutes.  Was I having a picnic?  Geez…

Then the run. 

I was NOT prepared for how my legs would feel.  I felt like gumby.  My brain was telling my legs to move but my legs were thinking, “go fuck yourself”.  I am crying inside as I take each step…

But then I see Jeremy.  He was like a ninja with the camera.  Him calling my name picked up my spirits and the fact that he was photographing this part made me not want to look like a complete douche and keep running.

This is when I see Smack!  Crap – more people are watching me.  I have to keep moving!

Factor was also cheering me on.  His sister and cousin were also competing and were incidentally in my swim wave!  I’m sure they beat the crap out of me though.  Did I mention that I almost DIED in the swim?

Hi, Guys!

So, even though I ran 10 miles the week of… and I had been running 3-5 miles at least 3 times a week for the last month… didn’t mean that I’d be able to run after a long bike ride.

Also at this point, families are walking along the path leaving the park.  I’m not surrounded by other runners (and that is what usually gets me going in races).  The competitors near me are all walking.  I jog about 1/2 mile and realize that I just.can’  I start to walk.  I pick it up to a power walk.  I decide to walk up every hill and run the rest.

I finished the run in 35:44.  Not great but not terrible.

Towards the end of the run, the path was surrounded by spectators and Iron Girls.  They were so encouraging.  Every race bib had the racer’s name printed largely enough for others to read so each cheer was personalized.  “Kim – you’re almost there!”  “Kim – you’ve got this… you can do it!” 

As dorky as this sounds – it was awesome.  It was motivating.  It was fabulous.

And I’m so glad that its over.

My overall finish time was 2:41:14.  I really wanted to finish in 2:30.  Maybe next year?  Who knows. 

But I’m glad I didn’t quit.


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Preparing for Iron Girl

I wish I had a clever post title but I don’t.  This post is precisely about what I did to prepare for my first triathlon that also happened to be the all women’s sprint triathlon, Iron Girl.  I’m trying to think of the best way to make this easily readable because I really feel like I could dedicate a month of posts to my Iron Girl experience.  Let’s start at the beginning.

October 2008 – my office posts a story online about several women in the company that did the Iron Girl.  I think, “Hey – I could do that!”  I convince myself that a 0.62 mile swim, 17.5 mile bike and a 3.4 mile run won’t be that bad.  I also convince a friend to sign up with me.

November 2008 – registered.  I didn’t think I’d need to start training seriously until the summer.

February 2009 – decide that I should build up some strength and take a stab at p90x.  I thought I’d end up super strong and in Michael Phelps/Lance Armstrong shape.

May 2009 – Hurt my back.  Don’t finish p90x (in the final week!)

June 2009 – Realize that I haven’t done shit to prepare for the triathlon.  My amazing triathlon/marathon friend tells me about a club that does twice weekly workouts at a pool.  I go to my first one and hate/love it.  Realize I am an awful swimmer and that I need more work.  Convince myself that I will stick with these twice weekly workouts until the triathlon.

July 2009 – Miss my first swim workout and then stop going altogether.  Go to 1 tri-club practice workout in open water.  Have a panic attack in the water and have to stop.  Spend the next 2 weeks avoiding water.  Go swim in a pool for a pitiful workout (apparently I can’t motivate myself to swim for a long time).

August 2009 – Holy shit, Iron Girl is this month.  Where the fuck did the time go?  I haven’t done anything!  Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit fart turd yarg narf.  Crap.  My awesome triathlon/marathon friend convinces me to do a mini triathlon workout with her in open water.  We take it 100 yards at a time.  I am able to swim 1000 yards with a lot of coaching from my friend.  Bike 8.5 miles.  My ass hurts.  Want to run 2 miles, can only do 1.

Holy crap – I am unprepared.  Go on one more bike ride the day before to the farmer’s market.  This doesn’t really count as practice.

To sum up how I trained for the triathlon:

I swam 4 times in a pool (3 of which were triathlon workouts) and twice in open water (with one ending quickly because I freaked out). 

I biked twice and only once was a semi-serious ride. 

I did, however, keep up with running.

That brings us to the week of the triathlon.  I start to panic.  I didn’t prepare.  I stress out so much that I make myself sick.  Crap!  I’m sick.  I have to run 10 miles for my marathon training.  Push myself to cover 10 miles 2 days before the triathlon (wtf was I thinking?!)

I attend a few meetings about the triathlon.  I realize that I am SO unprepared but check out the other ladies and think, “well they don’t look like serious triathletes… I can do this.”

I learn that the oldest Iron Girl registered is a 79 year old woman (that does it every year).  The youngest competitor is 12. 

I learn that the best way to pee while competing is during the long bike ride.  Just pedal and pee.  Or stand up while riding and pee.  Apparently most people know this, do this and then don’t really talk about it.  I’m advised not to wear white socks.

… the next post is about my actual Iron Girl experience.


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Fun at the Park

So I know I said I’d blog about jury duty and a bachelorette party… and perhaps I should even write about the Iron Girl triathlon coming up on Sunday and all that I’ve done to NOT prepare for it.  But you know what?  Its Friday.  I’m working from home.  And I just want to post pictures.

Last Saturday, as part of my 101 in 1001 and just to do something different, Jeremy and I (and the dogs) went to North Point State Park in Sparrows Point, Maryland.  I’m always amazed by all of the parks Maryland has to offer and how many of them happen to have water access.  Who knew?

This park was nice and had a little beach area that we were not allowed to check out because we had the dogs with us but we did walk through some interesting paths filled with fields of corn, abandoned buildings (covered in graffiti) and weird marshes.  It was also REALLY hot so I’m pretty sure the dogs did not enjoy the park as much as we did and spent most of the time looking at us like, “I f’ing hate you both” despite all the water and treats we gave them along the way.  Anywho – enough chatter.  Here are some pics from the park:

Jeremy and the dogs

Jeremy and the dogs

This is one of the very few times Ive managed to capture a cool glare

This is one of the very few times I've managed to capture a cool glare

Me with the dogs.  And okay, I posted this because my legs look lean.

Me with the dogs. And okay, I posted this because my legs look lean.

Creepy abandoned building.

Creepy abandoned building.

Some graffiti in the building.  There was a ton.  My favorite was of a cartoon cat missing an eye.  Too bad Jeremy didnt take a picture of it.  I have no idea what this crap graffiti even says.

Some graffiti in the building. There was a ton. My favorite was of a cartoon cat missing an eye. Too bad Jeremy didn't take a picture of it. I have no idea what this crap graffiti even says.

A beach!

A beach!

A field of corn!

A field of corn!

A family portrait.

A family portrait.

Butterfly in the sky...

Butterfly in the sky...

... I can fly twice as high!

... I can fly twice as high!

Petie rolling around in the grass to cool off.  He did this a lot... and did it once in some super stinky grass/mud.  Fun!

Petie rolling around in the grass to cool off. He did this a lot... and did it once in some super stinky grass/mud. Fun!

Look at those eyes.  Emily is saying, Please end this death march.  And we did.

Look at those eyes. Emily is saying, "Please end this death march." And we did.

A good indicator of when the dogs are exhausted is when their tongues hang out of the side of their mouths.  So cute although it indicates that weve kind of tortured them.

A good indicator of when the dogs are exhausted is when their tongues hang out of the side of their mouths. So cute although it indicates that we've kind of tortured them.

Aaanywho… this might be multiple post day.  Who knows! 

But if you happen to live in the Baltimore Metro area, you should check this park out.  There is a $3 charge per car but it is a big park with a lot of different paths to hike, a beach and corn if you’re hungry.


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Still Here

On top of wanting to write about my jury duty experience (much more pleasant than I anticipated), I have a bachelorette party to discuss that included running into one of my managers and awkwardly hugging her… and I can’t for the life of me remember what we chatted about.  Yikes!

I think the fact that Iron Girl is THIS Sunday, I’m starting to stress out.  My lower back is starting to ache, I’m freeeeeezing today (despite the fact that I was hot in our house yesterday and the thermostat is the same), I just feel achy all over.  I think my brain is freaking out and causing my body to shut down.  So – my brain is also shutting down from things like stringing together coherent and entertaining blog posts.  Apologies for that.

I also think my Nano is freaking out because I cannot get iTunes to sync with it.  I swear that I will have my revenge on Apple someday. 

Annnywho – I’ll leave you with this picture from the bachelorette party and let you figure out how the evening may have panned out for me:


I keeps it classy.  I’m also getting too old for this shit.


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Booty-less Pop

I don’t think it is a secret that I have no ass.  I’m ass-less.  Jeremy tried to tell me last month that my increase in running has perked up my tush but believe me, I am still tush-less. 

I’ve come to accept my flat butt and try to wear things that may flatter it (or at least cover it). 

And most days, I forget about my missing behind.

That was until last Saturday when I was reminded LOUD and CLEAR that I have no booty.

How?  Why?

I took an exotic dance class (finally fulfilling another 101 in 1001 list item!).  This class was the chair/floor workout and holy hell… what a workout.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but my pal CAG (read her blog!) convinced me that it was truly a workout.

Why did I finally decide to take this class?  CAG has created/organized/managed a new workout group called the Fab Fit Clique and she has deemed that August is “Look Good Naked Month”.  She organized 2 exotic dance classes and 2 bootcamp classes for the month (every Saturday in August).  The floor/chair workout was the only one I could attend.  If you’re in the Baltimore area – you really should attend one of the workouts!  I had a blast and the classes are only $10.

Aanywho – enough shameless plugging for my pal.  (heart you, CAG!)

The instructor of the class didn’t look like she was in incredible shape.  I don’t mean that as an insult… I just mean she didn’t strut in with six pack abs or Madonna-like arms.  But when she got into a move and worked it, I felt inadequate as a woman.

I am not sexy.  I never claim to be sexy and I never TRY to be sexy because I just feel like an idiot.  I’m awkward and robotish.

She had us do moves that required us to hump the chair, spread our legs, rock our bodies whilst laying in strange positions… you name it, I tried it.

Look how hard I am concentrating on flutter kicking Playboy style?

I like to call this move “Giving Birth”.

The move that killed me though was the “booty pop”.

Have I mentioned that I have no booty?  This woman tried to break the move down as much as possible.

Stand with your feet hips distance apart.  Squat.  Tuck your butt.  Push out your butt quickly.  Tuck your butt.  Push our your butt quickly. 

Her booty?  It looked like she belonged in a rap video.  In fact, a large number of the girls in the class looked like they’ve been booty popping their entire lives.

I looked like I was having trouble pooping.

I’m convinced that black women have an extra muscle in their bodies that allows them to booty pop. 

I’ve never seen a white girl booty pop… let alone an asian one!  I’m pretty sure I can consider this a booty FAIL!


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Boring Flickr Pics

I take a lot of random and somewhat boring pictures and post them to my Flickr account.  I wonder what strangers think of my photostream.  Gee – this girl takes a lot of pictures of food and appliances… and of her frickin’ dogs.

Like I mentioned previously – I take these random and boring photos with the intent to blog about them but inevitably forget.  The ones that generally go the longest without mention are all of my food photos.  I had intended to post all of my recipes and whatnot because I’m a vegetarian and love to showcase that being a vegetarian doesn’t mean I eat boring and gross food (well… at least not all the time).  But I kind of stopped doing that mostly because I stopped cooking from any of my vegan cookbooks.  I don’t know what stopped me.  I was on such a roll… cooking a new recipe every Sunday.  But I just got tired of it.

Anywho.  Now I bring you pictures of food with brief descriptions.

I made this the other day with some of the CSA vegetables from Saturday’s pickup: zucchini and red onions.  Inspired by the “Vegan with a Vengeance” pizza sauce recipe, I used whole plum tomatoes, oregano, salt & pepper with the zucchini and red onions to make a homemade pasta sauce concoction.  I was proud of myself for doing this because I didn’t consult a recipe once. 

I realize that most people don’t need to consult a recipe everytime they cook but you have no idea how far I’ve come in terms of cooking.  Even Jeremy had to comment that I would not have been able to make such a dish (without a lot of help from him) 4 years ago… and probably not even 2 years ago. 

I’d also like to introduce everyone to my new best friend:

Mr. Ice Cream maker, blogosphere.  Blogosphere, Mr. Ice Cream Maker.

Mr. Ice Cream maker, blogosphere. Blogosphere, Mr. Ice Cream Maker.

I have always said that I’m a vegetarian who dips her toe into the vegan pool because I have not fully embraced the vegan diet.  For the last year or so, I’ve slowly started to cut things out of my diet (and life) to get me more in line with the vegan lifestyle.  One of the biggest challenges for me was cutting out ice cream.  I f’n love ice cream.  I would bathe in ice cream if it wouldn’t leave me so sticky.

So I looked up vegan ice cream recipes and found a ton.  I picked up my new best friend and experimented with my first vegan ice cream recipe: Strawberry ice cream.

First you need frozen strawberries.

Then you throw the frozen strawberries into the next best appliance (Mr. Blender).

Then you blend the frozen strawberries with sugar and soy milk.  It looks like a nice smoothie (and probably would have made for a good one).

I forgot to take a picture of the end result but it was good.  The consistency is different than regular store bought ice cream but I think that would have been the case with any ice cream made with that machine (their little instruction manual says so). 

Will this completely convert me?  I don’t know.  I need to step up my ice cream making and concoct the perfect chocolate and peanut butter vegan ice cream recipe and then I’ll let you guys know.

Last food photo of the day.  I’ve become obsessed with green monster drinks lately.  Since I’ve started my whole running/triathlon/marathon training kick, I’ve stumbled across a ton of great blogs dedicated to healthy living, exercising, etc.  Most of these bloggers raved about “green monsters” so I finally thought I’d give one a shot. 

I went to the green monster site and picked out the Blueberry-Banana recipe.  It calls for spinach, blueberries, 1 banana and milk.  easy peasy.  And delicious.

I also scooped in some AmazingGrass powder (for some extra nutrients).  I drank this drink almost every day last week.  It is surprisingly refreshing (I never thought spinach would be refreshing) and gave me a nice boost of energy.  I’m going to try to drink some before my 9 mile run tomorrow to see what that will do.

I’ve entered the part in my marathon training where I’m going to start experimenting with “fuel”.  A friend shared her Clif Bar Shot Bloks with me last week and I really enjoyed it (probably because it was like candy…).  I’m going to pick up some more today to see how it will impact my run.  Hopefully I won’t crap my pants.

I’m probably going to post a few more times today because I feel like I have a lot of things to write about.  Okay, not really but I do want to chat about my jury duty experience and my first exotic dance workout class.


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Dropped the Ball

Holy shit – the Iron Girl triathlon is less than 2 weeks away.  I had totally let this slip off of my radar and slacked on any sort of triathlon training during the summer.  That whole triathlon club thing I was doing at the end of June?  Yeah… totally stopped doing that.

Biking?  Eh, not so much.

I’ve been so engrossed with marathon training that I completely stopped doing anything related to triathlon training (although I guess I could argue that running is sort of training for the triathlon).

I participated in a mini triathlon workout in the beginning of July at Gunpowder State Park and it went terribly.  I panicked about 25 yards into my open water swim because WTF – I couldn’t see a gd thing in the water and I was being molested by sea grass. 

My amazing marathoning/triathloning friend suggested a mini triathlon workout on Sunday with just the two of us (we can make it if we trrrrryyy… don’t pretend that song didn’t just pop into your head).  I was hesitant about how poorly I would do but my friend is a great motivator and she encouraged me when I needed it and stopped when I needed it.  All in all – I swam 1000 yards (Iron Girl is 1100 yards) with small breaks every 100 yards.  I didn’t panic despite being attacked by sea grass again.  Seriously – that sea grass is out of control.  At one point, I had a wig of sea grass on my head.  Insane.

We biked 8.5 miles and I got to use her fancy road bike.  And holy hell – there is quite a difference between her competitive bike and my old lady bike.  I can’t believe I thought I’d be able to race with my cruiser?

And then we ran.  I wasn’t prepared for how jello-like my legs would feel after the bike ride and oy.  I had planned to do an easy 2 miles.  I could only do 1.

My friend suggested a bike/run workout this evening and I truly hope I don’t die.

The rest of the day on Sunday was spent with me complaining about how I couldn’t possibly move and yet was so hungry.  Annoyingly – Jeremy did not interpret that to mean that he should pick up or cook some food for me and feed it to me.  He is so selfish sometimes.  Gah!

But I guess its good that I got this out of the way, right?

I read an interesting article this morning about how dreaming can affect my performance.  So – if I dream that I can do it, I’ll be able to do it.  Is there a way to force this dream into my brain?  I can’t even sleep these days let alone dream.  Come on brain – let’s visualize me being awesome.

Anywho – I realize this is probably a boring post to anyone that doesn’t give a crap about triathlons so let me see if I can chat about something else.

POOP!  It is honestly one of my favorite topics.  I found myself having a hilarious conversation last week in the microwave area of my office building with a manager about how beets can be quite traumatizing after a meal if you don’t know what to expect.  Are you guys catching my drift here?  Beets are a very deep crimson color.  Eating lots of beets can cause interesting results later.  Catching on yet?

Beets turn your poop red.

I was happy that my friend warned me about this before I consumed a beet salad awhile ago because I’m pretty sure I would have called 911 to tell them that I’m shitting blood only to have a bunch of EMTs tell me I’m an idiot when they realize that I’ve eaten a bunch of beets.


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