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Let the Crying Begin (Countdown to the end of my Maternity Leave)

I’ve joked quite a bit that I’d probably spend my last week of maternity leave in tears.  I’m not really a sensitive person so even though I joked about it – I really didn’t think I’d actually cry.  I mean, I didn’t cry when Annie got her 2 month immunizations (despite the doctor trying to “comfort” me – I just looked horrified because she screamed her head off while staring at me as though she was thinking, “WTF, MOM?!”).

But today, I cried.  Despite Annie poop-leaking (I’m now making up verbs) through 2 outfits today (while visiting a friend!  I can’t believe I had the foresight to pack 2 changes of clothes!) and spitting up / throwing up all over my sweater… I had a moment.

Sometimes, I hold Annie and sway/rock/dance to music on my iPod.  If I know the words, I’ll sing as well.  I enjoy these moments (although I’m not sure how much Annie really likes it).  We were having a good time rocking to some music but then Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ song “Home” came on and as I started to sing it… I cried.

And then I felt totally lame.

I need to watch more things like this to snap me out of this sappiness.


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You Had a Baby? (My Neighbors are Idiots)

2 weeks ago, one of my old neighbors (who thankfully moved but has been showing up around my ‘hood lately) commented that he didn’t even know I was pregnant.  I kind of brushed it off as him being a total stoner idiot (and I actually couldn’t remember when he moved away so his not knowing I was pregnant may have actually been valid).

But then one of my other neighbors (one that I see like once a week) made a similar comment.  I was carrying Annie out of the house in her car carrier and this neighbor asked how old she was.  I told her “12 weeks” and then she said, “I didn’t even know you were pregnant.”

Um, really?  This is me at the end of January:

a photo of what I wore

Did she think that I just gained a large amount of weight concentrated solely around my midsection?  Did she think I had a giant tumor?  Did she think that I was smuggling a basketball under my sweater every day out of the house?  I mean, REALLY?!

I should have answered, “Yeah – I didn’t know I was pregnant either until I went to the bathroom thinking I needed to shit and out came a baby.”


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