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Farewell (to our daycare) Friday

Today is the last day with our daycare provider.  I’m a bit sad about it.  Jeremy is relieved.

I worry that Annmarie’s transition to a new place is going to be tough.  She obviously loves our current lady (we’ll call her Sarah).  She smiles everytime she sees her.  And sarah clearly loves Annmarie.  Apparently she gives off the kidnapper vibe to Jeremy.

We switched providers because Sarah moved.  We commuted back and forth for a bit but it was a NIGHTMARE with traffic.  Then, in a strange turn of events, Sarah left her husband and moved out of the house.  She dropped the other family she was providing daycare for and offered to come to our home for the remainder of the month (partly out of obligation and partly because she loves Annmarie).

She’s been operating as a nanny of sorts and it has been great.  I feel a little bad because she’s only charging us her daycare rates (and nannies make MUCH MUCH more).  She was supposed to pick up a new family in mid-October and was going to offer them the same temporary nanny deal.  Then the family pitched doing a nanny share (but they weren’t willing to pay typical nanny rates).  She had asked if we’d consider hiring her but we cannot afford what she should be paid.  But oy – do I feel bad.

Because her personal life is sort of falling apart, Jeremy really just wants to switch to a more “stable” daycare. 

I worry for Sarah because she is now unemployed, going through a divorce and essentially homeless (she’s temporarily staying with her grandmother).  Most people think it strange that I’m so concerned for her – but I think it has to do with the fact that she’s asian.

Is this crazy?  I talked this over with one of my half-asian friends and she agreed that she tends to favor/sympathize with asians more so than with any other race. 

UGH – I think when she leaves the house today, there will be tears.  And I will feel terrible (like I’ve somehow abandoned one of my people). 

But on a happier note, check out Annmarie.  She’s a frickin’ genius!  Only (nearly) 8 months old and can already use an iPad…

Okay not really.  We downloaded some kiddie fish app that has fish floating around on the screen and if you touch them, it tells you what color the fish is then switches to a new fish.  Annmarie just likes trying to “grab” the fish.  So maybe she’s not a genius since she doesn’t realize she can’t physically grab the fish?  Or perhaps that makes her a mega-genius?


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Mommy Monday

Last week I complained that I felt like a lame mom. I even declared to people that I was going to make an effort to be social.

Guess what time I went to bed on Saturday night? 8:15pm. You read that correctly.

It was a packed day full of running, a trip to the farmer’s market, grocery store, a 1 year old’s birthday party and dinner with a good friend. I was POOPED.

Onto Annmarie stuff…

Annmarie has moved on from just rocking back and forth on her knees to trying to push forward on her toes. She looks like she is doing yoga poses…


Downward dog?
Downward dog?

Soon she’ll be doing p90x.

As for other things Annmarie is into right now, she loves to hit things to make sounds: slapping a hand, banging a toy drum, smacking different surfaces, etc. When she is about to hit something and she is unsure of what the sound will be, she’ll hesitate and close her eyes in anticipation of a loud bang (example: she hit the toy drum with one of her large rattle thingamabobs but wasn’t sure how loud the sound would be so she shut her eyes tight as she brought the rattle thing down onto the drum).

She’s also really into these small rubber and plastic squeak toys. First it was Sophie the giraffe and then this stupid squeaky pig my mom gave her… But then we picked up 2 others (a hippo and a plane) at the birthday party…

Chewing on her friends

It would be great for my wallet if she stays really into these small inexpensive toys but I have a feeling that won’t be the case.

I’m also trying to figure out what I want Annmarie to wear for Halloween… But I am painfully cheap and the idea of spending $20+ on something she’ll only wear once is killing me. I’m struggling here. But I did buy her a skeleton jumper that glows in the dark. Maybe I’ll cop out and just make her a skeleton. Jeremy wants to dress her as a cow since we already have adult cow costumes. We could be a family of cows (or as Jeremy pointed out, lesbian cows that adopted a calf).

Any suggestions on what Annmarie should be for Halloween?


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Wordless (Wordy) Wednesday

I’ve seen “Wordless Wednesday” posts on lots of blogs in the past where the blogger just posted some great picture and left it at that. Well I am incapable of not writing something so this is Wordy Wednesday (but I promise to not make it TOO wordy).

And I couldn’t pick just 1 picture for today’s post…


Yes, that is my breastpump. Yes, that is breastmilk in those bottles. And yes, I totally staged this photo after I pumped in the “Mother’s Room” this morning for the purpose of blogging.

One of my manager’s just had a baby (well his wife just had a baby). This morning was spent talking about breastfeeding. The weird part? I was talking about it with 3 men. 3 men whose wives all breastfed so they were well aware of the challenges.

Anywho – this is turning somewhat into a mom post but it is funny how the challenges of breastfeeding seem like such a distant memory because it is so frickin’ easy now. I’d breastfeed in public with no issue if I thought Annmarie wouldn’t be so distracted. I’ve tried to feed her publicly under one of those nursing covers and she HATES IT.

I have breastfed Annmarie at home, at other people’s homes, in a parked car, in a dressing room at the mall and in an office at work. It just feels so easy these days. But I vaguely remember a time where it was AWFUL. The pain, oh the pain.


This was a view from my run on saturday. I’m still running. Reading MonsteRawr’s first experience with a half marathon has made me want to try running a 1/2. But I don’t know if I can commit the training time to do it.


I love when my neighbors hang their laundry out to dry. The best days are when they are drying nothing but their underwear but seeing even just this one pair of briefs made me laugh.

And please don’t judge the massive hole in my fence. We’ve been meaning to fix that for nearly 2 years. :-)

Btw – if you can’t tell, I’ve fallen in love with the Android app myTubo.

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Mommy Monday

My first installment of mom stuff. If you’re not into mom stuff, I suggest you close the browser now. It won’t hurt my feelings, I promise. But let’s not pretend that 80% of my content isn’t already about my baby. You’ve been duped into reading a mom blog!


We’re up to feeding Annmarie solids 3 times a day. I don’t understand why pureed food is considered a solid but whatev. We’ve been referencing “Super Baby Food” to determine what foods we can introduce and when. I don’t necessarily recommend this book. There was a lot of reading prior to any sort of food introduction that seemed like scare tactics to me. Anywho…

So if you haven’t figured it out (or if I haven’t mentioned it before), we make our own baby food. It really isn’t that difficult to do (we generally prep the food on Sundays). It is also very economical. But I’d be lying if I said our choice to make our own food wasn’t partly due my need to ensure that I’m giving Annmarie organic whole foods. Did you just roll your eyes? I did as I typed out that sentence.

I’m also still breastfeeding. This means that I’m still pumping. I’ve started to get some “you’re still pumping?” comments lately and it makes me feel a little weird. Yes, I’m still pumping because Annmarie still drinks breastmilk. And? I’ve been slowly stepping down the number of pump sessions in a day. I used to pump 4 times a day during the work week. Now I’m down to 2. And even though I’m down to 2, I’m still pumping out a ton. I truly believe I’ll end up donating my breastmilk to a milk bank because I have so frickin’ much of it at home.


Annmarie is a champion roller. She’s been rolling around all over the place since mid-July.
Week 32 Outtake
Week 32 Outtake

Lately we’ve seen signs of her potentially getting ready to crawl. The last couple of times I’ve gone into her room in the morning, she’s been on her hands and knees rocking back and forth. Because I wanted to blog about it – I tried to capture her doing that on video this morning. And of course she wanted none of it. When she’s in her crib rocking, she’s happy and squealing. When I pull out my little video recording device, she’s all “f your face, mom!” So watch this without the sound, it is much cuter:

And while she’s whining about being on her hands and knees, I like that she ends the video with an “ooh – the carpet feels neat” gesture.

Mom Life

While I’ve always been a bit of a homebody, lately I’ve been feeling incredibly lame. I imagined myself to be a more social mom but I find myself choosing to stay at home over coordinating plans with others. I’ve passed up on opportunities to meet up with people (happy hour, dinners, etc.) and I’m starting to get bored with myself.

Jeremy’s parents watched Annmarie Saturday night so we could have a “date night”. Actually – they just wanted to spend some quality time with Annmarie but also encouraged us to go out.

And we didn’t know what to do! We ended up doing a movie and dinner. The movie? Drive. There isn’t anything in the theaters that we’re dying to see so we both settled on that movie. And while I love Ryan Gosling, this movie wasn’t good.

Dinner was nice but we spent the majority of time talking about Annmarie! I’m seriously boring myself over here.

So moms – what are you doing to keep some semblance of a personality? I think things are bad when you bore yourself.


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My Baby’s Got Back (Fashion Friday)

Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt.
It is so big.
She looks like one of those rap guys’ girlfriends.
But, you know, who understands those rap guys?
They only talk to her because she looks like a total prostitute.
I mean, her butt, is just so big.
I can’t believe it’s just so round, it’s like out there…

Fall is here

Seriously – check out my baby’s badonkadonk.

While I recognize that we’re in the middle of September, I still feel that this cold weather kind of came out of nowhere. It was pretty chilly this morning!

Most of Annmarie’s 6-9 month clothing is pretty summery but as I dug through her closet this morning, I was excited to be able to put her into this chilly weather outfit that was sized 6 months.

But as I tried to pull up her pants, I realized they wouldn’t go over her giant cloth diapered tush.

She looks like she’s rocking some serious booty today. And she definitely does not get that from her momma. I have a flat Asian butt.

As for my fashion as of late, it is pretty meh these days. I have 2 fashion personas. I have this casual, effortlessly chic desired persona where I live in dresses and flowy tops. But then I have this business persona where I wear structured pants and tops. I kind of just want to scrap it all and start over with my wardrobe. I’m just so bored with it. However that may have more to do with the fact that while I have these personas, I’m really just wearing my Target nursing tank tops with athletic shorts. Hot stuff. But now that the weather is getting colder, I can bust out my next favorite thing to wear… cardigans (over my sexy nursing tanks, of course).

What do you love to wear in the Fall? Are you jealous of my baby’s booty? I am.


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Whoa Wednesday

I don’t have any whimsy to blog about today so I’m turning this into a Whoa Wednesday (as said in the voice of Joey Lawrence):

This is about some random things that all had me saying “Whoa!”

Whoa, Koreans

Anybody watch The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network?  We missed the first few episodes but have managed to catch the last 3.  In that time, I became a big fan of the Koreans (Korilla BBQ Truck) because… duh, I’m Korean.  I root for my people when I can and I definitely thought these guys would make it to the finale because they had a good product.

We finally watched the most recent episode last night and I was SHOCKED.  (spoiler alert!)

My people cheated?!  I was like, “whoa!”  I couldn’t believe it.  I was so disappointed and even more so when I learned that had they NOT cheated, the d-bags from Hodge Podge would’ve gone home.

Because I’m a super nerd, I’ve been Googling the scoop on my Korilla boys and they’re claiming that they didn’t cheat (see stories below):

I smell a conspiracy.  I blame the round eyes!

Whoa, leaking boob

Remember my whole biopsy thing?  I was told that I wouldn’t have any issues with continuing breastfeeding.  And they were right – that has been going just fine.  What has been weird is that my biopsy hole is now leaking breastmilk.

I discovered this on Saturday when I awoke to a soaking wet shirt.  I hadn’t had that problem since I first started breastfeeding.  I couldn’t figure out what went wrong.  As I cleaned myself up, I noticed the dropping milk… but it wasn’t come from the obvious source.  It was coming from my biopsy hole!

I feel like there is a hole in the dam (that is my boob). 

I’m placing a call to the doc today to see if this is okay.  Although if it isn’t, I’m not sure how they’d remedy this.

The hole was leaking pretty badly this morning so I put a bandaid on it.  As I was driving to work, I noticed that my shirt had a wet spot.  I was like, “whoa! my boob is leaking pretty badly.”

Whoa, horrible story

Jeremy is back in school (last semester, whoop!  whoop!) and one of the classes he’s taking is a Forensics Evidence (or something like that) class.  Basically he’s shown a lot of gory photos of crime scenes that make him feel queasy.  I have a morbid fascination with this sort of thing and that is also one of the reasons I have so many weird fears (like dying by the hands of a serial killer.  Not that one should NOT be scared of that but who actually lists “serial killers” as their top fear.  I think most people say “heights” or “spiders”.  Nope.  Serial killers.)

While I find his crime stories interesting, the story he shared last night was awful.  I vaguely remember this story in the news because it was just SO awful but now I can’t stop thinking about it.  It is hitting me much harder now that I’m a mom too because this is one of my new mom fears – being carjacked with Annmarie in the car.

In 1992, a woman was carjacked with her daughter still in the car.  She attempted to grab her daughter before the criminals drove away but somehow got tangled in the seatbelts and was dragged for nearly 2 miles to her death.  The criminals attempted to knock her body off of the car by driving up against a fence but were unsuccessful.  They also grabbed the daughter from her carseat and threw it into the middle of the road (she was still attached).

Some other terrible details… it was the daughter’s first day of preschool.  The excited father shot a home movie of them getting in the car and driving away.  In the home movie you can see the criminals in the background!

The criminals made 2 other attempts that day to steal a car.  The first almost victim was approached at a rest stop and she screamed (thereby causing a scene) and the criminals fled.  The next almost victim did the same thing.  She screamed in her neighborhood and neighbors were coming out of their homes so the criminals fled.

This woman was attacked near her house (at a stop sign).  I’m not sure of the exact details of how they got her out of the car.

This story is awful.  It makes me cry.  I didn’t know this woman or her family.  But as a mom (whose fear is being carjacked!) – it just hits me so much harder because I can actual visualize being in that situation.  I have a real tiny human being that would be in the car.  I understand that instinct to do everything in my power to save my child.  Ugh – this was a really downer of a story.  I’m sorry about that – I just can’t stop thinking about this story (despite it happening nearly 20 years ago).

Here are some articles I found detailing the story:,9171,976504,00.html

Whoa, sorry about that

I didn’t mean to end this post on such a sad note.  Let me try to lighten the mood.  Um… how about that local sports team?  Such a good game, right?  :-)


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Turd Tuesday

I recently got a request to blog more about mom things (Hi, Traci!).  While I feel like I talk a lot about mom stuff, maybe I don’t?  Maybe I hold back? 

I really need to get some focus on this blog.  I was thinking about that this morning.  I need to get back to the 3 a week habit.  But my problem is that I think about so much crap that I often am left with no idea of what to blog about for a particular day.  I’ve toyed with the idea of dedicating specific days to specific topics (to help me focus) but I tried that in the past and didn’t stick with it.  I need some structure but not too much structure.  Oy!  My current ideas are:

Mommy Monday / Movie Monday

I’m a mom and I’m going to blog about mom stuff.  So there. 

As for movies, I am a Netflix junky.  I watch a lot of movies and tv shows (when Annmarie is asleep!) so maybe I could write about a particular movie that I loved/hated.  As I mentioned before, I’m currently obsessed with Mad Men.  I just started season 2.  So good! 

Whimsy Wednesday / Working Wednesday

I really struggled with the W’s.  Whimsy could be dedicated to any of my sort-of hobbies (photography and I swear I’m going to learn to sew!).  Working Wednesday would actually be the same damn thing.  I’m never going to blog about my actual job (because that’s just stupid) – but in an effort to start pursuing my hobbies, I need to put myself on the hook for creating projects. 

I have a feeling that I’ll never blog on Wednesdays.  Just sayin’.

Fashion Friday / Fitness Friday / Foodie Friday

I think this one is obvious.  Although my fitness is really just running and p90x.  But maybe I’ll blog about my running adventures one day.  And I like clothes (although you wouldn’t know it sometimes).  Maybe I’ll blog about some super awesome outfit I’m wearing that day.

As for the food – this could just be about any interesting place I’ve eaten or anything I’ve made (well, that Jeremy made).

I’m not sure why my designated days HAVE to begin with the same letter.  But it has to or I won’t like it.  I’m open to suggestions though. 

Since this is Tuesday and I didn’t suggest any potential topics for Tuesdays (this is an off day) – I’m just rambling.  I’ll call today “Turd Tuesday“. 

Speaking of turds (here’s a mom thing for you, Traci) – AM’s got some serious constipation going on.  And while I know I should be more concerned (I am concerned, I swear), I can’t help but laugh at her poop face.  I’m still laughing about it.  Her face gets red, she purses her lips and holds her breath like she’s delivering a baby.  I’d take a picture of it but that’s just cruel (although it would make for some great blackmail).  But I know she’s constipated lately because all of that hard work is not producing much (if anything).

Today is day 1 of prunes.  Fingers crossed that it works.  I can’t imagine not pooping for a few days.  I would die.


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There’s an M&M in my Boob (not really, but here’s the story on my biopsy)

I didn’t intend to be all secretive about my breast biopsy the other day.  I appreciate everyone’s nice comments of concern and support!  My boob is still pretty sore and the bruise looks worse every day (because, according to Jeremy, the blood is surfacing).

So here’s the story of my poor boob.

I mentioned awhile ago that I noticed a small lump in my breast.  It was located just behind my nipple so it was difficult to “massage” during nursing and pumping sessions (as many people recommended I do to get rid of it).  I know that breastfeeding women often get weird lumps in their breasts but this one was persistent.  I didn’t mention the persistence to anything.  But it stayed the same shape and firmness for 3 months.

At my annual OB/GYN appointment, I asked my doc about it.  She told me the same thing about lumpy boobs being common in breastfeeding women but said that if it hasn’t changed shape, position or firmness for awhile that I should get it checked out.  So I did.

Because I’m still breastfeeding, I could only get an ultrasound on my breast and it isn’t exactly the most clear or accurate view of the lump. 

The report that came back was that it was a “suspicious abnormality” and that I should have further testing done.

I called my OB/GYN’s office since I had NO idea what to do.  My normal doc was on vacation (how dare she take a vacation!) so I spoke to another one of the docs in the office.  She said they typically work with a “breast center” in the hospital and passed along their info.

I made the appointment and was told to bring my ultrasound images.  I was surprised that they had an available appointment the very next day.

I was impressed by the breast center.  There is something about these types of facilities (women-oriented, breast-care) that really ups the fancy (is that even a phrase?  I think I’m going to make it one).  Everything was so comforting.  The staff was AH-MAZING.  I would have spent all day with them.  They were so sweet and nice and awesome and… I could go on and on.

The nurse pulled up my image on the screen and I was taken aback by the rather large breast I was looking at.  I laughed and said, “while I am flattered that you think that’s my boob, it is MUCH larger than what I’ve got.”  She sweetly replied, “well these images are blown up so sometimes things look larger.”  Um… the boob on the screen was probably a D-cup.  While I know I’m a little bustier these days, I’m no where NEAR that.

She realized she clicked the wrong “Charm City Kim” (there is someone else out there with my name!) and pulled up my image.

The doc came in and he was as nice as could be.  I wanted to hug him.  He looked at the image and then felt the lump.

“It feels like you’ve got an M&M in there.” 

He said it felt benign and that it is common for breastfeeding women to develop these “nodules”.  He couldn’t tell if it was a cyst or not.  He suggested that if I wanted peace of mind, I should get a biopsy and I agreed (totally thinking that would come at a later date).

The nurse then said, “well let me check if they can take you now.  Would you be able to go now?”

That really took me off guard but I figured it was more convenient to get everything done at once.  And yes, they had an opening.

The staff at this office was also really nice.  The radiologist that took the biopsy actually apologized for the stinging pain from the numbing needle. 

I spent the whole procedure staring at the ceiling because I knew that I’d FAH-REAK out if I saw a giant needle sticking into my boob. 

The actual biopsy sounded like a staple gun.  It is a bit jarring but the doc warned me about it.  They took 5 samples and then inserted a titanium clip so that they’d have a marker of where they’d taken a sample.

I was warned that once the numbing meds wore off that I’d be pretty sore.  I was told that I’d notice blood in my breastmilk.  And OHMYGOD – it was SO gross.  And yes, Annmarie still ate it and I don’t feel bad about it.  We shared the same circulatory system for 9 months, dammit!  I only dealt with the blood in breastmilk for that evening and then it cleared up.

The breast doc called me yesterday and said everything was a-okay.  He said it was most likely just a cyst from breastfeeding and recommended that I come back in a few months (after I’ve finished nursing).

So there’s my story.  But my boob still feels like someone punched me really hard in the same spot.

And because I don’t like posts without pictures here’s a picture of Annmarie grabbing Jeremy’s hair.  She loves to grab things and usually grabs my hair all the time (and has actually pulled it out!):
Grabbing dad's hair

She may have tiny hands but they are vicious.
Papparazzi shot!

Seriously – that hand coming at the camera is like, “I will grab on and never let go.”


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Looking Into My Future

I had the pleasure of going to a Renaissance Festival this past weekend. Don’t have a Renn Fest in your area? Let me break it down for you:
- Lots of junk food (and foods on sticks… like mac and cheese on a stick)
- Lots of drinking (cider, beer)
- Lots of fantastic people watching (people who love to dress and speak in Renn Fest-y times)

We go every year mostly to hang with our good friends, eat junk food and people watch.

I didn’t take any pictures of the Renn Fest regulars (I can’t believe I didn’t!) but here are some pics from the festival:

I changed Annmarie’s diaper in the trunk of the car:
Changing a diaper in the trunk

She can’t resist trying to eat anything she can get her hands on:
I want what dad's eating

My friend’s purchased a little faux fox tail for their baby boy and dad won him this little wooden heart (by throwing a frickin’ AX at a target!):
Fox Tail

While at the Renn Fest, a friend of mine talked me into going to the palm/tarot card reader. I’ve been to a psychic before (and she was fah-reaky! she knew a lot about my past… I mean, SPECIFICS that shocked me) but don’t usually waste my money. But my friend loved this woman and really wanted to go.

So I went. I couldn’t decide if I wanted my palm read or my cards read (palms give a more high-level personality type reading whereas tarot cards are more immediate timeframes with specifics). She said she could do a little of both so I went for both.

We started with the cards and the first thing she said was that I was indecisive (gee – you think? was it the fact that I couldn’t choose between cards and palms an indicator?).

My cards were very career focused (boring!) but she noted that I’m currently learning a new skill. And this “skill” would help me in my career. She also said that I have been fearing a big loss but that I have nothing to worry about.

When she went to my palm, she noted that I worry too much. She also said I have specific standards for things and oftentimes take the, “I’ll just do it myself!” attitude because I don’t think anyone can meet my standards. She also noted that I have a bad temper. She also said that I’m a romantic (lady, you really missed the mark on that one).

I asked her about children (not mentioning that I already had one). She said she definitely saw 1 but that she sees me as being surrounded by kids. They’re not all mine (phew!). She said I’ll have 2.

My analysis?

New skill I’m learning? SEWING (sort of). I got the machine for my birthday. I’ve taken it out of the box. I’ve unsuccessfully threaded the bobbin and tried to sew a line on a rag. I’m getting there.

Surrounded by kids?

I’m totally going to be a children’s clothing designer. I mean, what other conclusion is there? :-)  (Jeremy is probably shaking his head right now)

Have you ever been to a psychic?


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Friday Babblings

In an effort to stay on top of blogging, I’m posting something today. Unfortunately I don’t have a single topic worth an entire post so I’m half assing it today with some random thoughts on my mind right now listed out nicely with bullet points.

  • I’ve been a loyal Netflix member for about 8 years now.  I’ve seen them through various rate hikes but this latest one actually made me change my plan.  I love the idea of being able to stream movies and tv shows but the problem is that Netflix doesn’t have much of a selection.  It seemed silly to pay extra for a service we barely use.  I dropped it but that doesn’t go into effect for us until September 6th.  And go figure – out of boredom the other day I noticed that Netflix has the first 4 seasons of Mad Men.  And now I’m hooked!  I’m really into this stupid show.  I might actually pay for streaming for the month of September so I can power through this show.
  • I currently have a cold.  Is it possible that my baby got me sick?
  • I found a small lump in my breast a few months ago.  I had a biopsy this morning (the doc thinks it is benign and just a common nodule that occurs in breastfeeding women).  I feel like someone has punched my boob repeatedly for an hour.  And I just pumped… and holy fuck, the breastmilk is the color of ketchup and mayo mixed together (they warned me it would).  It is sort of freaking me out.  They said it is safe to give to the baby but what the hell?    I’ll have the results by the end of next week.  But apparently I can’t lift anything over 20 lbs for the next 24 hrs.  Want to know what’s over 20 lbs?  Annmarie.
  • We survived the earthquake (I was on the 10th floor of my office building!  I thought it was crumbling) and the hurricane (our power didn’t even go out).
  • We think Petie has finally been diagnosed!  It seems he has an enlarged heart.  He’ll be on 2 forms of medication for the rest of his life.  Total cost of his care up to this point?  $1700.  Ouch.
  • I love this picture of Annmarie:

 Whoa, dude

Whoa, dude… pass the milk. 


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