101 in 1001

Last year I saw a bunch of “101 in 1001” lists and thought, “what the hell is this?”  Of course that led to, “I totally want to do this” and that’s what this is.  Constructing this list was tough.  I had to be realistic but I didn’t want to be totally boring.  So I mixed boring and fun with things that I knew needed to be done.

Posting this list is just to keep me in check.  Oy – I have a lot to do.
Complete By: 4/21/2010

1. Get Master’s of Science in IT (I am almost there… December 2009!) 
2. Finish Honeymoon Photo Album
3. Finish Wedding scrapbook (I’ve started!)
4. Burn all Digital photos on computer onto a CD and store (I’ve started this!)
5. Donate hair to Locks of Love (12/18/07)
6. Volunteer for something (MDSPCA)
7. Donate wedding dress (ugh… this is way tougher than I thought)
8. Get 5 people to start recycling (Theresa, Sarah, Mark, Megan, Marshall)
9. Stop drinking bottled water (use tap!)
10. Run 5 5k races (Balt. Running Festival 2007, Jingle Bell Run, Shamrock Run, Balt. Running Festival 2008, Race for the Cure 2008 )
11. Run a 10k race (5/31/09)
12. Travel to Paris (12/30/09)
13. Ride a horse (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 5/24/08 )
. Burn wedding photos onto CD and send to relatives (sent 12/19/07)
15. Watch Citizen Kane (6/13/08 )
16. Go to a movie alone
17. Eat in a restaurant alone (4/19/10 – 3 people said I could count Panera.  I went for dinner.  Sat alone and ate.  So there!)
18. Read The Great Gatsby (1/1/08 )
19. Buy and learn to use a digital SLR camera
20. Learn to use a good digital photo editing program
21. Travel to the California wine country
22. Organize photographs (no more shoeboxes!)
23. Scan all of my parents’ old photos into digital format and burn to cd
24. Scan all of my old photos into digital format and burn to cd
25. Go to Cedar Point Park
26. Purchase artwork created by a local artist
27. Travel to London (12/27/09)
28. Hike up a mountain
29. See The Grand Canyon
30. Fly in a helicopter
31. Learn to sew on a sewing machine
32. Sew something (a dress, curtains, etc)
33. Learn more Korean (enough to speak sentences)
34. Go camping (7/17/10)
35. Play a game of golf (7/22/09)
36. Go on a random road trip
37. Shoot a shotgun
38. Do a thorough evaluation of wardrobe and donate all unwanted items (11/11/07)
39. Bake and decorate a cake for someone (from scratch!) (8/12/08 )
40. Try “GoSmile” tooth whitening (2/15/10)
41. Visit Divine’s grave in Towson
42. See a show at the 9:30 Club in DC (Iron & Wine)
43. Ride a bike along the entire NCR trail (approx 20 miles) (8/9/08 )
44. Walk across the Bay Bridge (Apparently this won’t happen before my 1001 days are up.)
45. Visit 4 state parks in Maryland that you’ve never been to before (Soldier’s Delight, Rock State Park, North Point Park, Susquehanna State Park)
46. See a Drag show (8/1/08 )
47. Participate in a peaceful protest
48. Adopt another dog
49. Take a self-defense class  (12/08 )
50. Read Pride & Prejudice (2/13/07)
51. Watch Gone with the Wind (8/28/08 )
52. Go on a “Ghost Tour” (10/5/08 in Edinburgh!)
53. See a ballet (12/21/07)
54. Use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies (7/29/07)
55. Try glass-blowing (12/13/08 )
56. Give a presentation at work (7/25/07)
57. Use a power tool to build something
58. Go to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
59. See Wicked (the broadway show) (5/8/10)
60. Snowboard all the way down a trail (even if it’s just the bunny trail!) – (so close!  I went 3/4 of the way down…)
61. Take my parents to a museum
62. Get promoted to a higher grade level (7/1/10)
63. See the Liberty Bell (4/27/08 )
64. See Body World exhibition (2/23/08 )
65. Paint a picture to completion (no stopping because “it sucks”)
66. Find a good tailor and get some clothes tailored
67. Plant a plant in the front planter that survives longer than a month (planted in mid-May and it is still thriving as of 7/1/09)
68. Read an entire newspaper
69. Go vegan for a week (8/9/08-8/16/08 )
70. Buy mace pepper spray and carry it around (purchased 6/27/09 – watch out rapists!)
71. Change direct deposit to start depositing majority of paycheck into the JOINT checking account! (Form sent 7/27/07)
72.  Setup joint checking account to autopay monthly bills (mortgage, BGE, cable, etc.) (8/31/07)
73. Build savings account to the point where it could cover three month’s worth of expenses
74. Go to 2 museums in Baltimore that you’ve never been to before (B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore Museum of Industry)
75. Get a new library card (if I’m not still a bandit) and visit the Enoch Pratt library in Highlandtown (8/16/08 )
76. Update passport (10/5/07)
77. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry (no more waiting for it to be a gift)
78. Professionally reframe grandmother’s brooch and update the engraved plaque with her year of death
79. Read 2 professional development books (Blink,…)
80. Fill all of the empty wedding frames in the house with wedding pictures (Done 7/28/07)
81. Take a bootcamp work out course (3 weeks) (Class started 6/2/08 )
82. Join a professional group
83. Take a pilates class at an authentic pilates studio (4/17/10)
84. Complete a home-improvement project with your husband (from start to finish!) (Tiled backsplash 8/5/07)
85. Attend a taping of a television show
86. Try out for The Amazing Race
87. Clean out all of your stuff from your parents’ house (it’s not a storage facility!)
88. Take an exotic dance class (bachelorette parties don’t count) (8/8/09)
89. Eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah, Georgia
90. Eat at any Food Network star’s restaurant in NYC (5/8/10)
91. Get a word of the day calendar and try to incorporate new words into your vernacular
92. Try a vegetable you’ve never eaten before (11/22/07 – Rutabaga)
93. Cook a dish where tofu is the main ingredient (9/7/07)
94. Make a decorative craft (8/24/08)
95. Donate blood 4 times (if possible) (12/11/07, 6/5/08), 12/4/08, 3/5/09)
96. Cook a Korean dish (made yachae mandoo on 7/5/09)
97. Host a Thanksgiving dinner (11/22/07)
98. Take a trapeze class (10/7/07)
99. Pay off college loan
100. Get 3 people to start a blog (CAG, Angie, Ben)
101. Seriously consider children (adoption, pregnancy, or none) (found out I was pregnant on 6/5/10!)

6 responses to “101 in 1001

  1. cagincognito

    Kim! I was actually thinking about starting a list like this or at least a variation of it. (You inspired me to do it, but I never got around to it! LOL) Anywho, I noticed you can me a shot out! YAAY!! LOL So since you inspired me to start blogging oh so long ago, I’m going to help you cross of yet another item. You’re coming with me to pole dancing class! Check your calendar! No excuses! Let’s make it happen in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!

    I am so game! Just pick a date and I’ll be there!

  2. taraSG

    Great list! I love your blog 🙂

    I’m adding you to my fellow 101 links page if that’s ok 🙂


    Thanks! and please feel free to add away. 🙂

  3. taraSG

    Looking for a community of fellow 101 list makers? Look no further than the Day Zero List Makers (http://www.dayzero.ning.com). We are hoping that you will join us in this 101 in 1001 community. Share your goals, meet other day zero project participants, and offer support/encouragement/general thoughts and ideas through the forums. You can also start or join a group, upload photos or videos, and participate in our (monthly?) blog award contest.

  4. A) When you decide to complete #25, let me know. I grew up a few hours from Cedar Point, and to this day no other amusement park holds a candle to it. Seriously, after you’ve been to Cedar Point, Six Flags blows.
    B) You might as well not waste your time by completely #89, and just stay at home and eat a stick of butter. It’s cheaper, plus you won’t develop the recurring nightmares about the millions of Paula Deen faces staring at you while you eat.

    I wrote my list prior to really dedicating myself to the whole vegetarian lifestyle… so I’m pretty sure that I CAN’T go to Paula Deen’s restaurant anymore. As for Cedar Point – I may not make it.

  5. Not long to go until your 101 days is up. You’ve done well. Almost there… you can complete the rest.

    I don’t think I can do the rest – I have so much left!

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