Baltimore Restaurant Week – First Stop

To kick off Baltimore Restaurant Week, a magical time of year in the city, Jeremy and I planned a nice little date night at Gertrude’s.  I’ve been wanting to try this  place out for awhile but for anyone that lives in the city, you know it’s tough to drive across town.  For everyone else, don’t ask.  Places that take more than 5 minutes to drive to might as well be in a different state!

We went with the Restaurant Week menu options although their regular menu had a lot to offer.  For the first course, I went with the “Roasted Sweet Potato Bisque”.  Jeremy got the “House-Smoked Marvesta Eastern Shore Shrimp Tart”.  I don’t know about his appetizer, but I was in love with mine.  Sweet potato anything makes me very happy.

For the second course, I got the “Roasted Red Bell Pepper” that was stuffed with parmesan risotto and had a roasted red bell pepper sauce that was delicious.  Jeremy got the “Pan-Seared Sirloin Medallions” served mashed potatoes and glazed brussel sprouts.  He was afraid of the brussel sprouts but ended up digging them after he tried it. 
I don’t know why brussel sprouts get such a bad wrap – they’re frickin’ good.  Why don’t they get the respect they deserve?

When it came to dessert, I was counting on Jeremy to get the opposite of what I was getting so I could at least sample both desserts but we agreed that chocolate anything usually trumps another type of dessert.  So we both got the “Chocolate Bread Pudding” with Cruzan rum caramel sauce instead of the “Roasted Pumpkin Cheesecake”.
Bread pudding generally scares me but this looked like a mini brownie.  The outside was a bit crusty (but in a good way) and the inside was chocolate-y mushy goodness.  I almost licked my plate clean.
Gertrude’s has a good reputation when it comes to brunch and after this amazing experience, I definitely would like to come back.  It is worth the drive across the city.  It is attached to the Baltimore Museum of Art (my favorite museum in the city) so it would probably make for a nice afternoon.
Sadly – Jeremy and I were so hungry that we ate our dinner and left in an HOUR.  So much for a romantic date night!  We just wanted to eat and then sit in our pajamas at home and watch TV.  Married life is great!



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3 responses to “Baltimore Restaurant Week – First Stop

  1. Juli

    Sounds delish!! But i hope the parmesan was vegetarian as most traditional ones are not (rennet, I believe),

  2. Kt

    I love new restaurant suggestions – I’ll have to check it out!

  3. They look like shrunken heads. That’s why they have a bad rap.

    I love Parmesan risotto. I need to make it again sometime!

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