Baltimore Restaurant Week – 2nd Stop

To continue on my gluttonous week of dining out, I met up with Theresa, Jamie and Geoff at Ixia in Mount Vernon.  I’ve heard about this place and driven by it a few times.  It looks uber hip so I was pretty stoked when their Restaurant Week menu had vegetarian options.
To keep my little write-up brief, this place is fantastic.  They took my coat, the bar service was amazing and the wait staff in general was great. 

The ambience is very trendy and it definitely made me want to come back.  This particular Baltimore Restaurant Week menu offered a special “wine pairing” with the meal.  Can you guess if I went for the special?

For the first course, we all had a salad with a parmesan crisp.  I love those crisps.  I’m a person that not only eats with her eyes, but I love a good crunch.  The salad was paired with a Sauvignon Blanc that went down quite nicely.

For the second course, I got the “Exotic Mushroom Risotto” paired with a Chardonnay.  Theresa and Geoff got the “Crispy Skin Salmon” paired with a Pinot Noir (my favorite type of wine!) and Jamie got the “Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Schnitzel” (try saying that 3 times quickly) and it looked like enough food for a small family.

I absolutely loved my risotto.  LOVED IT.  I think everyone else was happy with their meal but I wished I would have switched wines with Theresa or Geoff.  While I can enjoy a good white wine every so often, I really prefer red wine.  I like staining my teeth purple and looking like a fool whilst talking in a nice restaurant. 

For dessert – we all agreed.  Chocolate wins.  We all got the “Dark & Delicious” chocolate mud cake.  A-frickin-mazing.  The only downfall was the Port that it was paired with.  None of us are big fans of Port so I ended up chugging mine like a shot because I paid for it so I’m going to drink it.  If you’re not aware, we’re in an economic crisis!  I’m being frugal and making sure I get my money’s worth wherever I go.  🙂

Basically, you can take me to a classy restaurant but that doesn’t guarantee classy behavior.
Overall – I loved this place.  It made me feel fancy and important.  My only real complaint (aside from that gross Port) was that we were charged a gratuity for a party of 4.  It’s not the end of the world and it won’t keep me from coming back.  Jeremy doesn’t know it – but I have a lot of date nights planned to return to these restaurants. 

Hopefully we’ll stay longer than an hour to actually enjoy the food and each other’s company.  Ha!



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2 responses to “Baltimore Restaurant Week – 2nd Stop

  1. WWJD

    Yay! I had such a great time at dinner!!

    The place was quite chic, but I’m not sure I’d be beating down the door to go back.

    I think they were trying way too hard to be classy…when the waiter wouldn’t serve my meal on the left side and insisted that it be served on the right and removed from the left I almost laughed in his face…seriously?!?!? Who cares!

    Anyway…the highlight for me was the company…and the fabulous shitters 🙂

  2. Meredith

    Love the decor in Ixia but I’ve never made it past the chaise in the lounge area. Glad you enjoyed it…wished I coulda joined you all. Next time.

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