Why is it…?

… that short men always seem to be the most hostile, self-entitled and difficult people to work with?  (sorry to all the shorties I know that don’t necessarily fit this profile!)


… that my dentist recommended Zoom whitening to me?  Should I be concerned?  I think my teeth are a lot whiter than some folks.  Do I just look like a sucker or someone who is that concerned with appearance?  Hhmm… don’t answer that.


… that my dentist, a very sweet man, made a very corny and bad asian joke to me?  Was he just trying to get my mind off of the pain of the temporary crown I was having put in and didn’t realize that my eyes aren’t slanted because I have a sensitivity to light?


… that I started bawling within the first 30 minutes of “The Secret Life of Bees”?  It’s a good movie but I don’t think wailing over Jennifer Hudson getting punched in the face was necessary.  I hate that I’m getting so sensitive lately.


… that I signed up for a specific graduate class because I was told there was no group project… only to have the professor change his mind for MY class and assign a group project?


… that I always seem to get teamed up with at least one bad apple in any group project in school.  I’ve nicknamed this bad apple “serial killer”.  If I mysteriously stop blogging, you’ll know why. 


… that when I need my home computer again for school it stops working?


… that it’s Friday and I’m dreading the weekend?


… that I can’t stop thinking about shoes despite being in a budget crunch?


… that my DVR is stressing me out?  I’m behind on watching shows.  Its not a good sign when your TV causes you stress.


… that I told Jeremy that I wanted to do the P90X workout and then agreed to start it next week?  I’m regretting this already.


Okay, enough complaining already!  I hope everyone else is having a better week than I am.  But really – can someone explain the short man thing to me?  Is it because I’m a tall woman?  Is that threatening or something?



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6 responses to “Why is it…?

  1. Meredith

    I stress out when the weekend rolls around as well because I know I have a lovely two days of nonstop studying ahead of me. I WANT MY LIFE BACK! Lol.

    And I left my last dentist because of his constant suggestions that I get Invisalign braces to fix the two crooked teeth in the bottom of my mouth which have been that way for 25 years and have given me no trouble. I think he just wanted my 2000 bucks. Your teeth are super white. Don’t listen to the dentist with the bad jokes.

  2. I hate the dentist. And I’ve only worked with one short man who WASN’T hostile and self-entitled, so that’s definitely not just you.

  3. Ivy

    I’m pretty sure it’s cause their insecure and think their douchiness makes up for it.. they always have a big chip on those little shoulders.

  4. The only short man I’ve ever liked is my Dad. He’s not THAT short. My parents both lie, my Mom says she’s an inch shorter than she is, and Dad says he’s an inch taller than he is. That way they’re the same height. I’ve seen it too, but I have to admit that when I was dating, a guy would have had to be REALLY awesome if he was shorter than me.

  5. One time my dentist recommended whitening to me. Then I asked where I was on the whiteness scale (there was a little chart that looked like fake nails so you can see the color of the polish in spas or in the store, only in different shades of white). Yeah, I was the second one from most white.
    I did Whitestrips. He was totally trying to get me to buy shit.

  6. Yeah, about that short guy comment…..

    Ha! Well you are known to be very passive-aggressive. 🙂

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