Oh Nike+, You’re Too Kind

I’m trying to get into running. I’m not really a runner. I’m a light jogger who can’t seem to jog very far or for very long. I’ve somewhat mastered 5-k races in that I can actually jog them to completion now but that doesn’t mean much else. I’m slow. I want to die when I’m running. I ache.

But yet – there is something about being a runner that is just so alluring to me.

With that said, I got the Nike+ thingamabob for my iPod for Christmas. I thought this would be a great tool for me to use to help me train for the Iron Girl triathlon and whatever races that interest me along the way.

The instructions said that you could calibrate the Nike+ so that it could accurately track your distance/speed. It also mentioned that the default setting is pretty accurate.

Being a fake-runner, I figured I’d need to calibrate it because according to Jeremy – I take ridiculously short strides when running despite having long legs. Don’t judge me. It’s comfortable.

I wasn’t really prepared to calibrate the thing when I actually went to do it in December. I didn’t realize that you had to “walk around” to trigger the sensor in the shoe to the thing in the iPod. As I walked around I forgot where I had started the run. After 1/4 mile on the track, I guessed where I had started.

Apparently I was way off.

The last 5-k race that I did? According to the Nike+ thing, I only ran 2.89 miles (as compared to 3.1).

After talking with some people that use the default setting, I thought maybe it wouldn’t be so off for me.

I went running the other day with the defaulted calibrated setting and while I think I ran far, according to the Nike+ thing I ran almost 4 miles in 34 minutes with an average pace of under a 9 minute mile.

Um… while I believe I probably ran 3 1/4 miles, I don’t think my legs can move that fast. Under 9 minutes? Ha!

So my question is – should I just recalibrate the thing (and actually try to do it right) or go ahead and let Nike+ continue to tell me I’m more awesome and much faster than I really am?

I kind of like the latter. It’s nice to have a gadget tell you you’re great.



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3 responses to “Oh Nike+, You’re Too Kind

  1. I say stick with the ego boost! 🙂

    That’s what I was thinking!

  2. If it were me, I’d be far more likely to benefit from the lies the Nike thingamabob tells me.

    Even fake progress makes me feel better!

    That’s totally what I was thinking. It’s like positive reinforcement! I don’t care if it isn’t real. 🙂

  3. M

    I love lying to myself. You should too.

    I think I lie to myself everyday.

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