The Love Monkey

I watched an episode of Oprah yesterday about Why Men Cheat.  I didn’t think any real revelations came out of it but one of the things mentioned was that men often cheated because they were feeling underappreciated at home.

After I finished choking on my dinner, I thought about it.  I think we’re all guilty of this (men and women).  Sometimes Jeremy will do my laundry and I’ll look at it and say, “You folded all my shirts wrong.”  (just for the record – he does!  He folds shirts in a way that the front of the shirt doesn’t sit on top.  It is very strange)

But I think I’m pretty good about being a thoughtful spouse.  I make cookies, I do the laundry, I make him special meals…

So anywho – I’ve been mocked for the love monkey.  But you know what?  With Jeremy in school and both of us working all day, I don’t get a chance to really spend physical time with him Monday-Thursday.  That’s the majority of the week for you non-math majors.

This Love Monkey?  It’s just a sweet gesture that I’ve dorkily come to love and appreciate. 

This is what I came home to on Tuesday. 

And this is what I came home to yesterday:

I don’t know what else this Love Monkey can do… but I have a feeling he was placed in front of the TV because the dogs keep chewing pieces of him off.

Apparently the dogs think we’re huge nerds for communicating through a stuffed toy too.



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10 responses to “The Love Monkey

  1. That is really adorable!


  2. That’s adorable! I’m in the same boat as you with Jon in school 3 nights a week. It’s hard when you don’t see your hubby much, isn’t it?

    It really is tough. I don’t think people really understand it because we continually get a hard time about “not hanging out” on the weekends.

  3. aw, i think that’s super cute. those are the kinds of things that make married life so sweet and fun.

    Agreed! Although I don’t know how much longer we can keep this love monkey thing going… but I’m going to keep taking pictures of it until it stops!

  4. I like the love monkey. And I totally get the reasons behind it!

    I recommend a Love Monkey for everyone!

  5. Aw husbands are so sweet 🙂

  6. Jaime

    I love the Love Monkey! I think it is so sweet. I have become a devoted blog reader of yours. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. You rock Kim!!!

  7. Ivy

    That’s cute..the dogs are probably just jealous you don’t leave them love notes! 🙂

  8. smack

    I love the love monkey. what i dno’t love is the boo hoohoo I cheated because I feel underappreciated wahhhh fest that men have. You cheat because, as my dad says “When the dick gets hard, the head gets soft.”

    You don’t respect your woman if you cheat on her and you’re a turd.

    But that’s my cheating man rant.

    I do love the love monkey and that you two monkeys love each other.

  9. That really is awesome. You should buy a bunch of stuffed monkeys and sell them with post its. You could make a fortune.

  10. Love it!

    Brent and I also argue about shirt-folding. I fold it the way you like. And he folds it some funky Japanese way.

    I have watched that video several times now in complete amazement. Holy crap!

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