One of the Reasons I Hate Facebook

Stupid status updates have RUINED the Top Chef finale for me!  Who posts spoilers in their updates?!  WHO?!!

Yarg!  I managed to avoid every entertainment site imaginable today but yet some chatty cathy on Facebook decided to POST A STATUS UPDATE on the finale winner!  WHY?!

Do I even bother watching?  I am NOT happy with the winner.



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7 responses to “One of the Reasons I Hate Facebook

  1. You should yell at your friends through your status. 🙂 None of mine ruined it for me! Who wins??

    I won’t ruin it for you! 🙂

  2. Ahhh. Nevermind. I just saw. Boo. Bad choice.

  3. Shanee

    Yeah someone ruined it thru Twitter for me. Ugh. With DVR’s now, no one watches when it comes on. I told my husband that people need to wait 48 hours before saying anything now, let those of who prefer sleep catch up.

    Exactly! Who can stay up that late? Plus – DVR has completely turned me off of sitting through commercial breaks. I can’t stand it.

  4. eatsandtreats

    I hate facebook bc I joined in 2004. It has now turned into the trash that is Myspace bc people like my nasty SIL are on there.

    Bitchy and bitter, party of one.

    Hahaha! How do you really feel? I’ll agree that Facebook is getting to be more like MySpace in that there are lots of creepy people out there trying to “friend” you. I just don’t get it.

  5. Ok that is not a status. People do not know how to use that part of FB. Stupid heads.

    Exactly! Spoilers are not status updates!

  6. ARGH, how annoying!! I agree with the other commenters though, Facebook is becoming just like MySpace and that is a bad, bad thing.

  7. I hate that, too! Ass hats!

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