When One Bad Thing Happens

Ever find yourself in the situation where one bad thing sets off a chain of events all consisting of bad things?  Most of my bad things are trivial but had I blogged about it the day it all went down, you would have thought someone ran over my dog.

Wednesday night – my temporary crown popped out.  Lesson?  When your dentist tells you to floss a specific way so as to not accidentally pop your crown out, you should listen to him.  In a panic, I tried to shove the temporary crown back into place thinking the glue would somehow magically stick again but sadly – my plan didn’t really work out.

Being completely flustered from the tooth incident and the change in my Thursday morning workouts (thanks to p90x) caused me to be in a state of complete anxiety.  Thursdays workout is 90 minutes of yoga.  Relaxing, right?  I obsessed over the time and figuring out if I’d have enough time to run 2 miles before work, getting a dental visit AND finishing all the stupid work I have to do.  Stupid job.

In my anxious state, I failed to realize that the cap to my Sigg water bottle wasn’t completely in place.  I didn’t realize this until I got to my desk at work and noticed that my purse was damp.

Rewind – I rushed to the gym to run 2 miles but my anxiety completely handicapped me and I thought my heart was going to explode.  How do people work out when they’re stressed?

Fast forward to damp purse – I emptied all of my contents on to my desk to dry out.  I noticed that my 80 GB iPod had a few droplets but it didn’t seem water damaged.  Can you guess where I’m going with this?

I tried to turn on the stupid iPod and a giant red X appeared on the screen.  I was hoping that it was going to eventually go away when everything dried.  Nope.

No biggie – I purchased the Apple Care extended warranty.  Surely this covers ‘incidents’.  Nope.

Public Service Announcement!  iPods are all created with a built-in sensor (this happened to be in the headphone jack) that changes color at the first contact with water.  It instantly voids the warranty.

The bloodsuckers at Apple basically told me to buy a new iPod or f off.  I am now dependent on this stupid iPod so… I bought it.  The bad news?  The 80 GB iPod FROM DECEMBER 2007 is “old technology”.  OLD?!  My options?  A 120 GB iPod for $249 or an 8 GB iTouch $299.  I still don’t understand the point of the iTouch.  And I hate Apple.

My Apple Care warranty that was voided after only being in effect for less than 2 months?  The Apple folks said I could get the money pro-rated back to my account.  Several phone calls and an hour of being on hold… I got my damn money back.

I hate Apple and I hate how reliant I’ve become on technology.  Ugh.



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9 responses to “When One Bad Thing Happens

  1. Oh no! What a bad day! I’d heard about the iPod water thing before. They are smart, aren’t they?

    Unfortunately, they are. I still want to believe it’s all a conspiracy though. 🙂

  2. Juli

    Get something OTHER than an ipod!!!
    It’s over-hyped margeting, with sub-standard sound quality and unreliability. Try Cowon (Go Korean), i have a D2 which i love!!!!! or iriver or creative. really, you can do better… see this as an opportunity rather than set-back! 🙂

    You know – I swore that I’d get a different brand of mp3 player when my nano died last year but Apple just sucked me back in. When you’re in town, I’ll check out what you have (I’ve never heard of the brand you mentioned).

  3. Kt

    Holy crap that’s a bad chain of events! I always feel like when it rains, it pours. I’m so sorry for your bad luck – hopefully there will be a good string of events coming your way soon!

    It’s such a silly bad chain of events too. I blame it all on candy. The candy led to my bad teeth… which led to my temporary crown… you get the idea. Oh and I blame Apple just because I hate them.

  4. Shanee

    Just a word, but make sure you keep your receipt and the old Ipod, mine was WASHED and yeah didn’t work for 6 months, but finally had dried all the way out and works now. Doesn’t hold a charge for as long as it once did, but works great on a dock.

    It worked?! I tried to let mine dry out for a few days but to no avail. Maybe the gods of Apple have figured out that plan and devised a way so that you HAVE to get a new one? Jerks!

  5. Ohh, that sounds like an awful day! I didn’t know that iPods had that little red sensor dot thing like cell phones do. I’ve been busted for that before. Except my liquid was beer, not water 🙂

    Haha! You could have argued that beer is NOT water! 🙂

  6. angie

    ~*hey kimmie! i’m sorry to hear about your awful day! if it makes you feel any better…i still love you girl! =) as for technology, i’m right there with you. its all a conspiracy! hope you have a better rest of the week. it was good seeing you on friday!

    It totally IS a conspiracy… just like getting an oil change in your car. Are they really changing the oil?

  7. I’m so sorry, that totally sucks. My hubby has the 8 gig touch, and he loves it. It’s really fun, it can do most of the apps that the iphone has. But, he’s kinda scared of it. Like scared he’s going to break it.

    Ha! He should be scared… apparently Apple booby-traps their devices! 🙂

  8. crzypunnchdrunkmonkey

    OMG! I too have had a similarly awful experience with electronic devices. My GF, no doubt playing upon my star trek fetish, as a joke, purchased an alien detection device from amazon.com. So last week, to humor her, I set the device up in my room next to the window. As all men can attest, no electronic device or piece of furniture can be constructed or properly atuned without the consumption of alcohol. After one, or maybe two beers I had this thing dialed in. Well apparently I was wrong. I awoke the next morning with an unother-worldly hangover. I immediately consulted the alien detection device as there was no earthly explanation for the degree of my hangover. Inexplicably the device had failed. There was no sign of Klingon, no evidence of Borg, no tracks of Cylon, and no obvious reason for my pounding head. I immediately got on the horn with the manufacturer. Apparently I cannot unequivocally prove that the device failed, but I mean isn’t it obvious??


    I heart you, Trav.

  9. if you ever have any (small) damp electronics in the future, try burying it in a bowl of dry rice for a day or two. drew dropped his phone in water, and it wouldn’t turn on. so he did the rice trick, and it worked like new again!

    What?! Are you serious?! That’s crazy! How do you even know this? This must be one of the asian things that I missed as a child. 🙂

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