Less to Lose

I’m in day 17 of the p90x workout.  I think the first week left me a tad grumpy but now I’m in the groove of things.  I’m used to the diet and workouts.  I’ve even seen the bright side of the diet –  I don’t ever have to wonder what I’m going to eat.  It’s already planned out.  So… I guess I have that going for me (since most agree that I’m not exactly eating the most appetizing of foods).

One of the things that does annoy me though is everyone’s f’n opinions.  I’m sorry – did I ask you if you thought I needed to change my diet/workout?  I didn’t?  Okay – then shut up.  It’s none of your business what I’m eating.  I don’t believe I’m commenting on all of those donuts you seem to be chomping on.

Moving on…

I was chatting with Jeremy about this workout and while I know I am getting stronger (you have to track your results during the workouts and my numbers are getting better) – I’m not really looking any different nor has my weight changed.  Yeah yeah – I wasn’t in this to lose weight but it would have been a nice perk.

Conversation with Jeremy:

Jeremy: Well I didn’t see results until the last 3 weeks of the program.

Me: No – you looked a lot different the first few weeks.

Jeremy: Well I have less body fat to lose.

Me: [silence]

Jeremy: I mean… uh… not that you have a lot to lose… but you know, I’m a guy.  It’s easier.

Me: [silence]



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11 responses to “Less to Lose

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oooooohhh he’s in trouble! I see his point, but man did he choose the wrong way to say that! Hehehe.

    It is a very true point (unfortunately) but the look on his face when he realized he should have chosen a better way to phrase it was priceless!

  2. Jeremy: [opens mouth, inserts foot]


  3. smack

    you put it out there, you’re going to get opinions. period. especially diets. esp. from chicks. moving on!

    It’s true – and while I don’t mind opinions on the blog (since I am putting it out there), I do get a lot of comments about the food I’m eating without actually having said I’m on this diet. People are so nosy! yarg!

  4. I love when guys say stuff like that. You know they totally don’t mean it in a bad way but you can make them feel like total shit.

    In regards to the diet, I do WW and when I eat stuff, everyone asks me “Is that WW?” “How many points is that?”

    Shut up and eat your own food – dickwads.

    It’s kind of amazing to me how much people are in your business when it comes to what you eat.

  5. Yeah, it definitely sounds like you’re not as grumpy…….(silence).


  6. Isn’t it fun when guys say things like that?

    And they don’t even realize just how wrong it is until AFTER it comes out of their mouths.

  7. WWJD

    Poor Jer is in the dog house 🙂
    Good luck with the diet/exercise thingy…I’m sure you’ll see results.

    btw – I’m lovin’ Stephanie…dickwads…heheheee

    I better see some results! I got up at 5am this morning to do YOGA. UGH!

  8. Meredith

    Everyone at work always comments on what I eat…it gets old and annoying quickly!

    On a side note, I am constantly amused by the way others percieve food. I went to lunch with co-workers a few weeks back and one guy who never eats anything but burgers got a tuna melt. A woman sitting by him says, ‘oh you went healthy today’. I couldn’t resist opening my big mouth and pointed out that the tuna was soaked in mayo, slathered in cheese and he had a huge pile of french fries on his plate and wondered what part of that she was considering healthy and she said ‘well it’s tuna. that’s good for you.’ Perhaps why this is why we have food issues in this country!

    Good for you with sticking with the diet / exercise plan. It sounds brutal and that’s coming from the girl who loves boot camp 🙂

    Haha! YES! I love when people order a turkey sandwich thinking it’s “healthy” but then get it with extra cheese or something. And seriously Mere, you’re hardcore with the bootcamp. You totally should have signed up for that triathlon with me!

  9. Owch. relax. I know I have more to lose than you!

    Isn’t that the funny thing though? I never intended to lose weight but now that what I’m expecting!

  10. Gotta love husbands and comments like that. 🙂

    I think I could dedicate an entire blog to things my husband says without thinking first.

  11. It does always amaze me that I don’t ever strongly feel as though I’m analyzing things or really thinking them through before I say them out loud…but we must do it more than men do.

    The BF has WAY more foot in mouth moments than I do.

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