Indian in Little Italy?

I’m afraid this blog is turning into a p90x blog so I’m switching the topic to dining out.  Even though I’m mostly following the p90x diet, I am still enjoying coffee, wine and the occasional restaurant meal.  I’m pretty sure my soul would blacken if I took these things away from me.
Anywho – 2 weeks ago I met up with Angie, Antoine and Pauline for dinner at Pazo in Baltimore’s Harbor East.  It’s a fancy schmancy tapas place that I’ve patronized several times… and each time I always walk away saying how overrated I find it.  Jeremy hates tapas places in general because he “hates sharing food”.  The idea of ordering dinner is that HE wants to eat it all himself and not feel obligated to let everyone at the table eat it.
While the food was good (we split the vegetarian dinner for 2) – it wasn’t worth the hefty price tag.  Also – any restaurant that has a sign in the front dictating dress attire loses marks with me.
But I don’t want to talk about Pazo.  I want to talk about the delicious Indian food we had this past Friday.  If any of you are ever intent on destroying Jeremy’s will to live?  Get rid of all Indian restaurants in the area.  He lives for this food.  HOnestly – he’d have it everyday if I was up for it.
We decided to visit India Rasoi  in Little Italy.  And yes, I think it’s weird that Little Italy has an Indian restaurant.  I found a coupon in a Baltimore magazine for 1/2 off an entree (with the order of an entree) so I voted for this place.
Side note – ever purchase a gift certificate from  You should.  I actually just purchased 4 gift certificates because of an 80% off sale.  I got $110 worth of certificates for around $9.  You can’t beat that.  Why do I mention this?  I bought one for India Rasoi but we didn’t use it on Friday.  I’m saving it for when I really want to pig out.
Back to the restaurant.  It’s kind of a hole in the wall with very limited seating.  This doesn’t mean it’s not good although the 1980’s floral print on the tablecloths kind of made me feel car sick.  I just maintained eye contact with Jeremy for the rest of the meal.  Oh and the tablecloths had little bells on them.  Weird.
We both ordered Veg Samosas (crispy pastry stuffed with vegetable filling) for an appetizer… and at $2 a piece (it’s pretty big), it’s a great deal.  And delicious.
For bread – I’m generally an addict of Naan.  Seriously – this stuff is amazing.  If I would wrap myself in a blanket of Naan, I’d be a happy camper.  However, I decided to “try something new”.  I hate when I do that sometimes.  So instead of the magical Naan that I love so dearly, I took a leap of faith and ordered Tandoori Paratha (layered whole wheat bread).  I think the “whole wheat” bread is what got my attention since I’m sort of following that p90x diet.  For $2.95 I wasn’t exactly taking a HUGE risk but still… if I craved Naan, I should have gotten Naan.  The Tandoori Paratha was good, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t Naan.  It was a little oilier than I anticipated too.
For entrees – I ordered the Bengan Bharta (roasted eggplant, cooked with corainder, cumin, onions, and tomatoes) for $11.95.  I heart eggplants.  When asked how spicy I wanted it, I said more than medium but significantly less than hot.  It came out to me perfectly spiced.  Yum.
Jeremy got the Chicken Tikka Masala (chicken tikka cooked in tandoor, then tossed in rich tomato sauce) for $13.95.  He seemed really happy with his meal.  In fact, I was mid-sentence when I realized that he had already finished his entire plate and was sopping up the sauce with the bread within 10 minutes of receiving the plate.  I took that as a sign that it was really good… and that he was really hungry.
We didn’t do drinks or desserts because I was feeling a bit cheap (hello economic downturn!) and I was trying to adhere closely to the diet.  I fully plan on pigging out next time we go… and using my gift certificate ($25 for a $50 meal… and I only paid $5 for it).
While I wouldn’t say this is the BEST Indian restaurant in Baltimore – I was pretty happy with my meal and the service.  Check it out if you’re around Little Italy and you’re craving Indian food.  Although I question why you’d be driving around Little Italy looking for an Indian restaurant.  I’m not judging you though (okay, I am a little).



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4 responses to “Indian in Little Italy?

  1. angie

    hey girly! yes, i agree…although pazo was nice, we still left kinda hungry! my friend was actually in the area at another restaurant, and i was driving antoine home…so we both stopped by to see her. let me tell you…we ate again! haha!

    indian?! really? the only thing i remember about indian with you is that we both hit up that one place on frederick road and hated it! but yes, the bread is amazing!

    we gotta do another dinner date soon! cheap, yet fulfilling!

    Haha! You mean ‘Indian Delight’?? Haha! You know – I’ve really grown to love Indian food. Let’s definitely meet up again soon! And I’m not kidding about going to Chicago. Pick a weekend over the summer!

  2. Meredith

    I feel like Pazo is charging you for the atmosphere…and their food is very average. I would go to Red Maple over Pazo any day of the week!

    Also check out the Mix 106.5 website…they do half price dining deals each week so you can get a $50 certificate for $25. I think My Thai is the featured restaurant this week. I don’t know much about Indian food but I love eggplant and what you had sounds delish!

    Thanks for the tip on Mix 106.5! As for Red Maple… I’ve always wanted to try it out.

  3. Factor

    I’m with Jer. I hate tapas. I want a big meal in front of me that is all mine.
    My mom grew up in Lil Italy and her childhood friend owns this little restaurant across from the Indian palce, Gia’s Cafe. It’s really cozy and yummy. And you can bring wine if you’re scared of the economy.

  4. Sheree

    Aww, I’m sure you, A, A & P had a good time catching up! I agree with Meredith – Pazo’s charging for their atmosphere. Have you been to Cindy Wolf’s other restaurants? They’re a little out of my price range – but maybe next time I’m in Bmore.

    And I’ve been to that Indina place in LI. Long time ago, but I remember it was good. If you guys ever come up to visit, I’ll show you around “Curry Hill” in NYC 🙂

    Ooh – Curry Hill? that sounds delish!!

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