Random Stuff on Friday the 13th

The irritating stuff:

– This morning wasn’t a good start to my day.  I overslept and missed my morning p90x workout and now have to rearrange my schedule to do it in the afternoon.  As a person obsessed with sticking to schedules, you have no idea what this has done to my mental state.

– As I was scrambling to pack all of my crap in my bag for the gym (I had scheduled a body fat measurement test), I forgot to grab underwear.  I’m still scratching my head about that one.  I grabbed the bra… but somenow neglected to grab underwear… that sits in the same drawer.  I honestly don’t know how people go commando.  It’s not comfortable.

– Last month Jeremy had what I like to call a “temper tantrum”.  In his temper tantrum, he thought he had broken his cell phone.  We were running late to a birthday party and between his school work, a cupcake disaster in the kitchen and my being incredibly late – he had a temper tantrum.  So – we ran over to the Verizon store very quickly to pick up a new phone.  Since we were rushing – he quickly picked up the Samsung Omnia.  The sales rep failed to mention that the purchase of a “smartphone” required a data plan.  She also failed to tell us about the different data plan options.  When I went to pay my bill this month, I noticed that it had increased $70.  WTF?!  I called Customer Service and they nicely informed me of this required data plan but that since the phone wasn’t being used to sync with business e-mail, there was a less expensive data plan.  This is what happens when you rush to purchase something.  Awesome.  Economic crisis?  Apparently we’re oblivious to such things because we’re purchasing expensive phones, data plans and constant stream of replacement iPods from Apple.  Yarg.

– I’m horrified by the news of this.   Heathers is one of my all-time favorite movies in the WORLD (only trumped by Clue and Pretty in Pink) and now they’re making it a musical?  Even worse is that KRISTEN F’N BELL is playing the main Heather?!  UGH!  Why must Hollywood remake/redo EVERYTHING?  What happened to original thought?  Why must they crap all over the things I love so dear.  Next thing you know, they’ll say they’re remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Wait, it is?!  I hate you, Hollywood.

The good or random stuff:

– However, the good news is that my body fat % went down 1%.  I’ve been complaining about not seeing results… well, I’ll let the numbers speak.  My weight went down a little over a 1 lb but that fluctuates so much that I generally don’t pay it much attention.  Body fat?  You can’t really fake that.  So – hooray!  I didn’t really have a concrete goal in mind when I started the p90x and Jeremy suggested that I make one to help me along.  So I aimed to reduce my body fat % to get me into the “athletic” range.  Every chart differs slightly but the one in MY gym has athletic/good as being between 16-19%.  I just want to hit 19%.  I’m at 21% right now.

– I’m meeting up with Juli and Martin today (in from Scotland!) to play around Annapolis.  Whoo hoo! 

– My new favorite reality show is RuPaul’s Drag Race.   With such fun phrases as “You must lip-sync for your life!” and “Don’t f*ck it up” (used in EVERY show), how can you not love it?  And it’s a show of Queens!  Hello?!  Santino Rice is a judge!  Hello?!  They’re down to the final 3 and I am totally rooting for Nina Flowers.

– Speaking of reality shows that I enjoy… anyone watch The Real Housewives of New York City?  I love it.  I’m shocked that this season has shifted my view on some of the housewives.  I’ve always loved Bethenny and Jill but last season I loathed Ramona and really like LuAnn.  Now I think Luann is a total turd!  And Ramona?  Love her.  What the heck happened?

– Okay – last bullet point about reality tv.  If you’ve looked at my 101 in 1001 list, you know that one of my items is to audition for the Amazing Race.   Well, they’re apparently doing a casting call NEAR MY HOUSE and I’ll be in frickin’ NY (for a wedding of a girl I love!).  But, it’s good to now they’re currently in the casting phase.  Jeremy and I are totally going to work on a dvd.  Any suggestions on how to stand out?



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6 responses to “Random Stuff on Friday the 13th

  1. I think you and Jeremy being in the Amazing Race would be hysterical. You – dramatic. Jeremy – not so dramatic.

    And those realities shows? Never heard of them. But did you catch that episode on the History Channel about Post-Civil War Reconstruction? Totally awesome. (Even though they never said, ‘Don’t F*ck it up!'”)

    Agreed – Jeremy and I belong on the Amazing Race!

  2. I like RH of NYC, but I prefer RH of OC.

    And that’s awesome you’re getting results with P90X. Have I mentioned that I used to do PR for that company? I visited the set while they were filming that. And Tony Horton is quite nice!

    He seems like he’d be very nice but I still want to talk to him about a few of the moves. 🙂

  3. A remake of Heathers? Into a musical? Why? Why would they do that? Ever?

    Because Hollywood is evil!

  4. Clue. Is. Awesome.

    You could have the love monkey audition with you…

    That’s not a bad idea!!

  5. I love Kristen Bell. 😦

    I’m probably being a bit harsh on Ms. Bell… but I just don’t think you can replace anyone in Heathers!

  6. totally with you on the whole ramona/luann love/hate season switch. i’m just waiting until they bring back the atlanta season – love me some nene leakes.

    I *love* Nene!! “We don’t keep up with the Joneses. We ARE the Joneses.” Ha!

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