I went shopping last week at a super secret Saks Fifth Avenue store that offers ridiculous deals on designer clothes.  Why the ridiculous deal?  Most of the clothes were damaged but I can look past a missing button.

For example…

William Rast jeans.  These babies generally retail for over $200.  For jeans.  Jeans that aren’t made of magic.  Jeans that don’t make you instantly lose 10 lbs.  Just denim.


They are the jeans of Justin Timberlake.  This is his clothing line.   And he is my secret boyfriend.

I picked up the jeans for $40.  While I probably didn’t need to add another pair of jeans to my ever-growing collection, a thought hit me.

I can now say that I’ve been in Justin Timberlake’s pants.

And you can’t put a price tag on that.



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4 responses to “Priceless

  1. I love jeans. If I could afford $200 ones, I would have them. Nice job finding that deal!

    I love a good deal! Unfortunately – I end up buying things just because they’re on sale vs really needing them. That impulse to get a “good” deal has led to my closet overload.

  2. Meredith

    You need to divluge the location of your super secret store! I am the same way…I cannot resist a good deal but then end up never wearing the stuff. It was worse when I worked 5 minutes from Arundel Mills. I would by so much stuff because it was dirt cheap and a year later it would get shipped off to Goodwill with tags on it.

    Speaking of which, perhaps another clothing swap is in order. I lived in a pair of black Banana capris all last summer that I got at the last swap!

    And my mother told me long ago…jeans and bathing suits are the only items worth spending ridiculous amounts of money on because you MUST look fantastic in both 🙂

    I definitely think another swap is in order because I really need to clean out my closet!! As for the store – I will happily send that info to you!

  3. you sure CAN’T put a pricetag on that!

    Now if only Justin Timberlake agreed… or perhaps he does and that’s why he designed a line of jeans?

  4. cagincognito

    LOL…Kim you’re HI-Larious…Whatever rationale for going shopping you decide to come up with is fine with me! I’ll just add it to my collection of excuses of why I shop with no money…LMAO

    Justifying unnecessary purchases is an art!

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