Repeat Champions

  • * Thanks to Willikat’s comment – I realized I’m an idiot.  Two-peat = Repeat.  Clearly I’m a little burned out lately.  🙂 **

Is two-peat even a real word?  It isn’t.  Jeremy used this the other day when referring to our broomball  championship win (for the 2nd year in a row – whoo hoo!).  I’ve heard of three-peat  and it makes sense because it rhymes.  But two-peat?  That just sounds ridiculous (almost as ridiculous as saying we won a broomball championship, I suppose).
So – to try to keep this somewhat interesting to people that don’t really know me or my teammates, I’ll keep this short and sweet.  Have you ever really truly disliked a person that was just so whiny, so cocky, so… so… I don’t know… so turdy?  Well imagine being able to punch that person in the face and not even get in trouble for it.  That’s what winning this broomball championship felt like.

We played 4 games on Sunday night.  4.  3 of them were played without any sort of break between them.  I really didn’t think we’d make it that far mostly because it wasn’t a stellar season for us… and I was tired.  But to my surprise, we made it to game 3.  Game 3 was against the turdiest team in the league.  To truly be the champions of the season, we’d have to beat them twice (we were in the losers’ bracket and they were not).  I really didn’t think that was going to happen.

Well we did and I didn’t even yell, “Suck it, turds!” like I wanted to because I’m a classy lady.


  • After beating them in Game 3 (without having a break from a previous game while they got to rest for an hour) – none of us really wanted to play another game at 10pm.  We suggested a shoot-out.  King turd responded, “You guys will have to shape up if you think you’ll beat us in a shoot-out.”  Um – we just beat you.  Really?
  • The sore losers wanted to play another game (of course) and my team being competitive (I don’t understand how I’m on this team sometimes) didn’t want to forfeit.  Turd team insisted on switching sides on the ice because the side they just played on was “really slippery” and clearly – that’s the only reason we won.  Because ice is known to not be slippery.  Seriously – I wish I could make this crap up.  So… we obliged and then beat them by an even higher margin!
  • Super Turds were so mad that half of them wouldn’t even shake our hands and say “Good game”.  And I really didn’t even say “suck it” even after all of that.
  • Because I didn’t expect to play 4 games that night, I didn’t pack a snack.  I was delirious in the last game… and we still won.  I just thought I’d throw that in.  I even took 2 shots on the goal.  They didn’t go INTO the goal but that is beside the point.  I shot a ball.  Towards the goal.  Enough said.

Since some of you may be wondering what broomball might look like, I dug up the pictures from last year’s championship.


This is me… just standing around playing with my scarf.  This is usually how I am in most games.


Now I’m standing around with a stick.  Again – how am I on a team with competitive people?  I’m the girl that gets distracted by shiny objects.


So I thought I’d throw an action shot in.  As you can see by my pants, I fell on the ice.  Now it looks like I’m about to swat the ball down.  Clearly I’m not meant to play sports.


The team from last year.  We’re pretty much the same but Megan (the all-star female player) is missing from the pic above.

We’re kind of an elitist team in that we don’t let new players join.  And by we, I mean everyone else because again – I wonder how I’m even on this team.  I just clumsily run into people and kick the ball away.  Who knew being clumsy would be an asset?

Great game, Whalers!  (our team name – I really thought it was a nod to Bob Marley but I found out that it was some actual hockey team.  Do I really need to pose the “why am I on this team” question again?)



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4 responses to “Repeat Champions

  1. Um, I think they don’t call it a two-peat, because it’s a repeat.

    Hahaha! I laughed SO hard when I read your comment. Wow – how did I completely miss that?! Hahahahahaha!!

  2. Are you implying that you’re NOT competitive? Don’t make me laugh. Ha-ha-ha.

    I’m only competitive when it comes to stupid pop culture trivia!

  3. Forget those turds Kimmy! I’m always for the underdog and I’m glad you guys clobbered those mofos! Yeah I don’t know how you did it. I’m completely nonfunctional when I’m hungry. Kudos to you for that one. LOL

    Why’d you change the title? I mean I know why for obvious reasons, but I thought it was funny! I mean we always make up words. LOL

    Have you been talking to Jeremy? He wanted me to keep “Two-peat” in the title too!

  4. Meredith

    The Hartford Whalers…the only professional sports team we have had in the great state of Connecitcut!

    Congrats on your win!!

    Haha – really?! Well I’m glad we upheld the team name!

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