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The Results are in

Body fat measurement test was a success!  I hesitate to get too excited for it because it almost seems to good to be true (although Paula, the pro, assures me that my numbers are completely achievable and healthy). 

I did weight, girth measurements and body fat.

My weight stayed the same.  I’m not upset about this since weight loss isn’t my goal. 

My girth measurements went down slightly although my waist is down an inch!  Yippee!  A part of me doesn’t want to believe this because (1) it’s great and (2) a different person measured me.  I can’t help but think it’s a difference in people that affected my measurement (in terms of where they measured).  However, I’ll agree that it probably went down since my pants are fitting quite comfortably these days.

My body fat went down 2.2%!  So – I’m at 18.8% and officially in the “athletic” or “fit” range.  I’ve already hit my goal!  Now I just want to maintain this.  Again – I slightly hesitate to truly believe such a figure only because of the difference in people who measured me BUT Paula is a pro and I trust her.  I told her about my fears but she assured me that this type of loss was completely feasible.

She also did some magic calculations and determined that I had lost 2 lbs of fat and gained 2 lbs of muscle.

I am beef cake!!

Okay, not really.  But I feel good.

Here are the results from my last measurements compared to today’s measurements:

As of 3/13/2009 (30 days into the program) I was at:

Weight: 137

Body Fat: 21.1%

Girth Measurements:

Arm: 10 inches

Waist: 28.25 inches

Hips: 37.25 inches

Thigh: 19.5 inches

As of 4/9/2009 (60 days into the program) I am at:

Weight: 137

Body Fat: 18.8%

Girth Measurements:

Arm: 10.125 inches

Waist: 27.75 inches

Hips: 36.5 inches

Thigh: 19.25 inches

So that muscle gain?  Clearly it went to my guns.  And no you can’t buy tickets.

Now, if one more person poops on my parade by making a snide comment about my goal of losing body fat % (not like my goal is very high.  It’s 3.  Just 3.  Not 10.  As much as I hate my period, I’d still like for it to stick around so that I feel normal), I will punch them in the face.

My fist.

Their face.

My fist in their face.

Oh yeah.  Fear the fist… because I’m beefcake now.



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So – I’m rounding out the 2nd phase of the p90x workout and that means I’m in the “rest” week (actually – it’s called recovery.  Who knew?  Clearly I don’t pay attention very well).

Since one my goals of this program is to lose 3% body fat (not an insanely unachievable goal, in my opinion), I try to get my body fat measured after each phase.  After Phase 1, I was down 1%.  I’m hoping for another 1% body fat loss this time around but…

I scheduled my body fat measurement test (stupid calipers!) for tomorrow morning.   And I just got home after gorging on Mexican food with my pals.  That was probably a bad decision with scheduling for me.  Maybe I’ll fart the body fat out tonight?

Fingers crossed.  My poor dogs.


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