Summer Fashion

I’m not sure what happened to me last week but for some reason, I became obsessed with a specific outfit for the summer.  I HAD to have this outfit.  My life would change because of this outfit.  This outfit was my destiny.

And no – I’m not talking about some beautiful classic wrap dress by Diane Von Furstenburg (because hello?  Can’t afford one) or anything sophisticated.

I’m talking about a romper.  A jumpsuit.  A once piece shorts/shirt combo that I haven’t worn since I was 5.

At first when I started seeing once piece jumpsuits pop up in magazines, I scoffed at the ridiculousness of them.  Last week – I became enamoured.  I wanted one and I wanted one BADLY.

I dragged Theresa to the mall with me last Friday to hit up Forever 21, the mecca for cheap, poor quality, uber trendy clothing that anyone OVER 21 should probably avoid.  I mean, I wanted the romper but didn’t want to pay a lot of money for it.  Side note – Towson Town Center calls Forever 21, XXI Forever.  Um, what?  Really?  As though that’s classin’ up the joint?  Come on.

Then I saw it – the romper I wanted.  Unfortunately I can’t find it online so here is a very very close equivalent.

I bought it in black.

I couldn’t stop laughing as I was attempting to put the romper on because putting on a one-piece outfit that isn’t a dress is a weird feeling.  When I stepped out of the fitting room, Theresa tried very very hard to be supportive.

I asked another person in the fitting room for her opinion (since it would be unbiased) and she said she loved it.  SOLD!

Later Theresa would note that it was only fitting that the 15-year old whose opinion I asked for would love it since she had probably worn a romper much more recently than I had.  Burn.  But it was probably a very true statement.

To go with my adolescent outfit, I picked up a pair of black wedge sandals from Payless (again, I was shopping on the cheap):

I know I’m much too old for this outfit but I love it… even though I can’t really go to the bathroom with this (because it would be a pain in the ass to basically undress completely in a public restroom).  I may look a bit Lolita-ish too but in case you missed it, I’m hanging on to my 20s as much as possible.  Pretty soon I’m going to get a bunch of piercings and tattoos.

So – as I was riding on my high of a super cute outfit (and surprisingly Jeremy likes it too although I fear it may be for some pervy reason), I saw this.  The fug girls are hating on the romper!  Mindy (aka Kelly Kapoor from The office) – I think you look fantastic.

Side note – she has a blog!

My next summer outfit is a pair of skinny white jeans with a yellow and white tunic.  I think it’s a little more age appropriate (although perhaps I’ll bordering on Golden Girls chic).



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6 responses to “Summer Fashion

  1. Meredith

    I think you can pull off the romper, though Theresa’s assement of why the salesgirl liked it so much may be right on 🙂 Not only is it called XXI, it’s TWO floors. The day I was there I was attempting to purchase a cheap sundress and was told because of the lines we were only allowed ten minutes in the dressing room. Apparently lots of people have a penchant for cheap, badly made, uber trendy clothes. I spent 50 bucks there so I am guilty as well!

    Haha – we’re all guilty of it! I shop there for cheap accessories all the time!

  2. I think the romper is pretty cute too, although I’m not sure I’m brave enough to attempt it! I really love the Payless wedges…they really have cute shoes and I’m not ashamed to wear them (as I was in high school!).
    P.S. I’m in love with my white jeans!

    I haven’t been into a Payless in SO long. I was really impressed with the selection! As for white jeans, I really wanted to pick up a pair from Old Navy but they are out of my size. Yarg!

  3. The mall by my house calls Forever 21 that too. In fact, my friend and I went into it not knowing what it was, and it took us looking at a tag to realize we were in Forever 21. Stupid.

    I am not sure how I feel about rompers, but I’m sure you look cute in it! You should take a pic in your new outfit and show us.

    What’s even funnier about the name change is that I overheard the cashiers making fun of a customer that called the store X X I Forever” (pronouncing the X and I).

    Good call on the pic – I’ll definitely do that. I just need to figure out how to work the timer on the camera! 🙂

  4. Dude, as long as you have a rockin’ body, wear whatever you want, because we all know that there will come a day when we can’t. And just when you think your body mightnot be so rockin’ anymore, think of how you’ll look back in 20 years and remember, hey, you should have rocked some fashion. This is what I’m sayin’.

    That’s a great point! Although looking back on some fashions I wore in the early 90s, there are things I wished I hadn’t rocked. 🙂

  5. Holy crap! I haven’t seen a romper since I was 6! Though in the best interest of the greater Atlanta area I’ll probably leave the romper-sporting to you. Also, the wedges are FAB!

    Haha! Hopefully I won’t feel like a complete jackass in the romper but even so – at least I can take comfort knowing that everyone likes the shoes!

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