My Mom

2 posts in 1 day?  Crazy! 

But, today is my mom’s birthday.  She’s 39 years young (okay – not really.  Do the math.  I keep trying to tell her that her telling people she’s 39 is not going to work anymore.  I’m getting too old).

Regardless – My mom should just take comfort in the fact that she looks much younger than she really is (and I am not at liberty to disclose her true age).

My Uncle Bob scanned a ton of old photos of my aunt (my mom’s sister) and some of my mom.  It’s one of my 101 items but in the meantime, look at how sassy my mom was in her 20s:

Too frickin’ cute.

I sent her flowers today and she called to thank me and then the following conversation took place:

Mom: You shouldn’t have sent flowers.

Me: Why?  It’s your birthday and you love flowers.

Mom: I do love flowers but they die.

My mom ALWAYS asks for flowers.  ALWAYS.  And now this year she’s feeling morbid?  Oy.  It’s tough to keep up.  I think it’s also clear to see where I get my tendency to change my mind about anything I love.

Happy birthday!



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2 responses to “My Mom

  1. WWJD

    I’m seriously in love with your Mom!
    She’s super sassy 🙂

    Aw – thanks! I’ll let her know you love her. 🙂

  2. You look so much like your mom, especially in your smile…too cute!

    Haha – thanks! My brother had convinced me when I was little that I was adopted because I look so different from my parents. But what did he expect? I’m half white and korean!

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