Great Casting and Stereotypes

I’m going to blog a bit about the show Lost.  I know not everybody is a fan and a lot of people have gotten frustrated with the show and stopped watching it.  I haven’t.  I love it and dammit, I’ve made it this far.  I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.  And if this show ends up being about aliens or dinosaurs, so help me god – I am going to make those writers PAY for wasting the last few years of my life.

With that said… I guess I should say what I’m posting may be a bit of a spoiler if you didn’t catch this past week’s episode so stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens.  Although I will say this was a very predictable plot twist.

Anywho – this past week’s show focused on Miles, the guy who can talk to dead people.  It was interesting to get some perspective on his past and as soon as his dying mom said that his father was in a place he’d NEVER find, I knew exactly what the twist was.

Miles is the spawn of Dr. Pierre Chang.

Wow – I didn’t see that coming from a mile away (no pun intended and please note the sarcasm).  I deduced this from the simple fact that Miles and Dr. Chang are both asian.  Lost isn’t really doing a bang up job incorporating minorities into the show unless they’re related.  Michael was Walt’s dad.  Sun and Jin are married.  So you can’t have 2 unrelated asian people running amok on the island.  They must be related. 

The best part of this revelation?  Jeremy’s reaction.

Wow – they did a great job in casting that role.  They look a lot alike.

Observe the evidence.











Aside from both being asian (not even the SAME ethnicity, mind you), I don’t see a resemblance.  I laughed when I tried to get Jeremy to tell me what exactly was similar (he claimed their nose and mouth were the same but never once mentioned their almond-shaped eyes or yellow skin).

Maybe Miles is my long lost cousin?

P.S. I do want to add that I’m kind of guilty of avoiding stereotypical descriptions too.  I caught myself once describing a girl to a woman.  The girl is black and I was asking who she was because she had the most fabulous sense of style and was GORGEOUS to boot.  But I found myself avoiding saying she was black.  I have no idea why.  So weird.



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4 responses to “Great Casting and Stereotypes

  1. Z

    Um… they kinda do have the same face shape? (Ovoid, I guess?) But yeah… I see your point.

    They look more alike than say Hurley and Miles but I just like to poke fun when people say any asians look related. 🙂

  2. Factor

    Lost is still the best show on TV right now. I think the racial make up is proportional to society and even more so than other shows. Jin and Sun are two of the main characters. Who cares if they’re related? And now Miles and his dad. You got mad Asians representing! Also Sayid is from Iraq, Hurley is Latino, the smoke monster is black. It’s all good. Oh, I mean, the smoke monster is, um smokey, and makes a weird noise, and um, what else… 😉

    YES! I love Lost. And I totally agree – when the show first debuted, I was impressed with the lineup. I just like to get on a soapbox every once in awhile and pretend to be horribly offended. It’s so easy to make people feel bad sometimes. 🙂

  3. I refuse to feel bad for using a person’s ethnicity when describing them. To not do so is to ignour some of their most descriptive features; it’d be like describing Jurassic Park by saying, “It’s this movie about some people, and they’re on an island, and one of them is a doctor.”
    Also, I hate Lost, but only because people won’t stop Tweeting about it, and it’s getting annoying. Sorry.

    I know! I need to get over it. I don’t know where my strange aversion to using ethnicity as a descriptor came from.
    As for Lost – you’re not alone in hating it. I think I’m one of the few that sticks by it!

  4. Meredith

    What? Is there something wrong with me referring to you as the tall Asian and Theresa the short Asian when I’m talking about you? 😛

    Haha! I love it! But I think I prove my point when I say that TONS of people think we’re related just because we have olive skin and black hair! 🙂

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