Complimentary Champagne on the House… and in my Lap

Here’s my somewhat quick recap of how Jeremy and I spent our 2nd anniversary.  Mind you – for our 1 yr anniversary, we took a weekend trip to Philadelphia where we dined at some fabulous places, acted like nerdy tourists and had an overall great time.  It was also the year that Jeremy showed me that he’s better at coming up with unique gifts than I am.

The anniversary tradition (for those of you who may not know):

1) Eat a special cake of Jeremy’s own recipe.  Sometimes Jeremy really irritates me and this is one of those times.  He’s able to create his own frickin’ cake recipe and it is frickin’ magic.  He combined several recipes into one and it tastes like there is a party with unicorns and rainbows in my mouth.  We only eat this cake once a year.

2) Drink a bottle of wine.  Jeremy purchased a case of wine from a wine store in Canton (12 bottles).  His idea is that we drink one of these bottles every year on our anniversary and make note of how the wine has changed in taste (he also purchased a pretty journal for our wine notes).  It’s a great idea except that all I can say is, “it doesn’t have a gross aftertaste”.  Have I mentioned I’m not good at describing taste?

3) Also in the pretty journal, we recap the highlights of the past year and write down what we did to celebrate our anniversary.  That was my idea only because we weren’t exactly filling up pages with our extensive description of the taste of the wine.

Because our anniversary fell on a Tuesday and we didn’t have the funds to go out of town nor did it fit into our schedule (Jeremy is in finals for law school, we had a wedding to attend and I guess I also have final projects I should be working on), we just went out to dinner.

But first, I came home to this setup:

The inside read, If I had to do it all over again, Id still pick you.

The inside read, "If I had to do it all over again, I'd still pick you."

We went to Ixia in Mt. Vernon.  I went here for restaurant week with Geoff, Jamie and Theresa and loved it so I figured Jeremy would like it as well.  They knew it was our anniversary so I felt like a bit of a turd not ordering anything to drink (we had wine at home that I needed a clean booze-free palate for) and for not ordering dessert (did you read my description of the cake that was awaiting me?). 

Their menu is seasonal and they offer a fixed menu special for selected items.  We didn’t go for the fixed menu special but ordered the following instead:

Pan-friend zucchini cakes for $10.  So good.  Ridiculously good, even.

Citrus, avocado and red onion salad for $9 (each).  Again, ridiculously good although the fancy schmancy plate setup was a bit annoying.

Hangar steak.  I don’t know if it was good but Jeremy said it was.  It came with fancy looking steak fries with special dipping sauce.

Risotta with snowpeas, squash, asparagus and love.  Okay, maybe not love specifically but this was so damn good that I don’t know how else to describe it. 

So everything was great and the service was phenomenal.  The waiter came out and offered us 2 glasses of champagne courtesy of the restaurant in honor of our anniversary.  While I wanted to maintain a booze-free palate for the anniversary wine, I wasn’t going to turn down free champagne.

As the waiter was setting the 2 glasses (with raspberries in the glass!) onto our table, he dropped on… right onto my plate (it was empty) and it shattered and champage splashed all over me.

You’d think I’d get upset or angry but I actually felt awful for the waiter!  He was mortified.  He quickly ran to get some towels to clean up and he kept apologizing and calling me “dear”.  I felt bad for him.  And if anything, it was just fitting that something spilled on me since I generally manage to get at least one food stain on my clothes daily.

I told someone this story and they asked if they comped us anything.  They didn’t.  While it may seem odd (since I’m sure most places would), I figured that (1) they were giving us FREE champagne and (2) the things we’d probably get comped on (dessert, booze…) were never ordered by us.  Oh well – I’ll still go back.

Maybe for our next anniversary, the waiter will drop food onto my lap!  🙂



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6 responses to “Complimentary Champagne on the House… and in my Lap

  1. MONKEY!

    Happy belated anniversary. 🙂

    Thanks! And who would have thought our dogs’ toy would play such an important role in our lives?

  2. Meredith

    sounds like a perfect celebration, aside from the bubbly in the lap! Congrats on an amazing two years!!

    Thanks! I think the champagne in my lap was actually a nice little ‘memory’ for an otherwise uneventful day.

  3. I think what I love most about your celebration is that it seems like it was 100% unique to the two of you as a couple.
    I love the monkey, too! Both my husband and I have a stuffed animal from the other’s childhood, and these 2 little characters play a pretty big part in our relationship as well.
    Congratulations! I wish you both a very long and happy marriage!

    Thank you! And I love that we have our own tradition complete with it’s own special recipe.

  4. I’m with Monste Rawr – it seems perfectly unique to the two of you! I also love the monkey. And I am also jealous that your hubby can bake delicious cakes by making up a recipe! Hope your anniversary was awesome.

    If I had attempted my own special cake recipe by combining ingredients from other cakes, I’m pretty sure I’d end up with a cake resembling (and potentially tasting like) diarrhea. Ha!

  5. Happy anniversary! I love the cake tradition! That’s so cool!

  6. you guys are so flipping cute.

    Aren’t we disgusting? 🙂

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