America… F**k Yeah!

The other day I was driving home behind this vehicle.


It’s difficult to read because (1) it was taken with my crappy cell phone and (2) I was driving AND trying to snap a picture (probably not the safest thing to do).

The truck’s message reads, “Vote American!  Not socialism.  God, Guns and Guts.  [can’t read] America”.

The dark blue (which is difficult to read) says the “Not Socialism” part and I don’t remember what the last bit said.


That same day, I pulled onto my street only to see a giant SUV with the text, “BIG DADDY” and “Doesn’t Like Fat Bitches” written underneath.  Did I mention that getting OUT of Big Daddy’s SUV was a gaggle of little girls? 




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5 responses to “America… F**k Yeah!

  1. Wow. I see cars like this all the time and they always irritate me.

    I couldn’t stop laughing! I just wish the picture was clearer so everyone could really appreciate the message. 🙂

  2. Meredith

    Last week I ended up behind a truck with all 4 members of KISS on the tailgate and ‘KISS ARMY’ around the little window in the back. Seriously?

    Haha! I’ve been seeing a New Kids on the Block car around the city this past week. Not quite as classy, but there are more NKOTB bumper stickers on there than I thought still existed.

  3. Ben

    I’ve seen some pretty bad ones, but I think the ones that stand out the most were:

    1. A Buick, perhaps a LeSabre, that had in big lettering on the back: “I Gotta Get My Swerve On.”
    2. Any of the “In Loving Memory of Pappy 1882 – 2003” (yes, I know that makes Pappy insanely old).

    But probably the best of late was:

    “Get in, sit down” on top, “shut up, hold on” on the bottom, and a Tasmanian Devil cartoon in between. What makes this glorious sticker more impressive is that it occupied the entire back window of a tan Chrysler mini-van; probably a 1996. Just the type of speedster I would have expected to see that on.

    This comment just made my day! Thank you! And I hope Pappy is in a better place… and I’d like to know how he lived to be 115.

  4. My favorite was the one I saw on the highway that said “1/20/2013”. It took me 20 minutes to figure out what the date signified: the first day of the next presidential term. Classy.
    Why does it seem like the only people who feel the need to plaster their views all over their vehicles are the ones with obnoxious and fundamentalist views? Do they just live to piss me off?

    That is so true! I see more “pro-life” stickers than any “pro-choice”… and it is difficult to fight the urge to rear-end the cars with the stickers I don’t agree with.

  5. fragileworld

    UGH!, that SUV one sounds like something my ex would do….He had no problem letting his feelings about women known to his daughters…needless to say he has not seen the kids in 2years!

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