The Status of my Back

I didn’t have a clever title for this particular post but I just wanted to quickly give an update on the condition of my back (for those very concerned readers… I’m sure you’re out there… somewhere).

I closely resembled this on Tuesday morning:


After a lot of urging from some co-workers, I made an appointment with a recommended chiropractor.

I had never been to one before and quite frankly, the whole idea of someone pushing on me with some force to get my bones to crack just creeped me out.

Well… I drank the chiropractor kool-aid and am now a believer.  He has magic hands.  He said that I had a severe muscle strain.  He also informed me that the set of instructions given to me by the ER on caring for my strained muscle was completely wrong. 

Today, I look more like this (I censored the naughty parts):


As you can see, my hips are slightly crooked as are my shoulders.  I’m still in some pain but I am definitely feeling better than I did on Tuesday. 

I sent Theresa that stick figure and she said I resembled a Peanuts character dancing:


I think she’s right but I’m sure the Peanuts gang is having more fun than I am.



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10 responses to “The Status of my Back

  1. 🙂 I went to my chiropractor yesterday and she made me feel much, much better. Now I can turn my neck all the way again.

    They have magic hands.

  2. I have become a huge advocate of physical therapy over chiropractors! Seriously, after my car accident I had some crazy back pain and, though physical therapy sometimes resembled a massage from hell, I feel so much better!

    Bonus: work out some back rubs from hubs. Oh yeah. 🙂

    You know – people have said the same thing to me about physical therapy. I wouldn’t even know where to go! But I’m all for massages… sometimes I even like the painful ones.

  3. I’ve only heard good things about chiropractors and I’m happy to hear that it’s ringing true for you. You guys should go to Wine in the Woods this weekend…wine cures all aches and pains (temporarily at least!). 🙂

    I totally forgot about Wine in the Woods! I might have to convince my husband to take me. I’ll tell him it’s needed medication. 🙂

  4. I’ve heard of the magic of the chiropractor. I view them with suspicion, however, because it seems like it’s impossible to go to one without committing yourself to weekly appointments for the rest of your life. It’s like they’re injecting crack into your spinal cord, or something. Or maybe they just give out the best lollipops, I don’t know. At any rate, I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    I think it all depends on the person and the chiropractor. I know people who go monthly and then I know some who just go when they’ve hurt themselves. Regardless, I’m also glad that I’m feeling better!

  5. Meredith

    Loving your stick figure drawing! I say drink the kool-aid! People give me crap for getting accupuncture regularly but I’ve given up on caring. I finally have control of my migraines after 30 years and that’s enough proof for me that it’s working. I am all for alternative means rather than pumping yourself full of drugs!!

    My mom LOVES acupuncture and as soon as I told her about my back, she wanted to take me to one. If the chiropractor didn’t help, I was going to go for it… but now I’m intrigued.

  6. ugh, back pain is the worst! glad you’re feeling a little better after the chiropractor. i’ve always wanted to try one, but i’m afraid they’ll mess me up more. pain meds are my friend 😉

    I wish pain meds were my friend! The pain meds that were prescribed didn’t actually take away the pain. I either have a super strong tolerance (don’t know how) or I got a crap prescription.

  7. Stacy

    YAH!! Another believer! I do acupuncture and go to a chiropractor/physical therapist – who both massages (very painfully) and adjusts my wrists, elbows and neck – I sware it’s what has started to bring an end to two years of severe pain!

    Chiropractor work is addictive I think!!

  8. I hope you feel all better soon!

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  10. i am interersted to get a physical therapy course because it seems like a good job ~`:

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