Bad Things Come in Threes

Is that a true statement?  I’ve always heard that but sometimes have to wonder if it just so happens that 2 bad things happen together and, through the power of self-fulfilling prophecy, if we just cause a 3rd bad thing to happen.

I feel like this past week has been a series of bad things that have happened to me.

I strained a muscle in my back that caused me to walk like quasimodo for awhile.

I did not complete the p90x workout in its entirety because of the stupid back strain.  I was in the last week. LAST!WEEK!  And now I’m too scared to pick it back up again.

I missed an entire week of training for the 10-miler.  I was doing so well with it and now I’m completely thrown off.

(okay – I realize that bitching about not being able to exercise is probably a little annoying but I am kind of a nut about fitness.  If you were unable to do something you really enjoyed for awhile, you’d be grumpy too. So suck it.)

So are those 3 things?  Or am I just making shit up? 

Then came Monday.  At about 2am, I woke up with a severe pain in my mouth.  The gums around my crown were completely swollen and throbbing in pain.  Like really – first my back, now my mouth?  Ugh.  I called my dentist when I got into work and begged (on their answering machine) for an appointment that day.

Shortly thereafter, Jeremy butt-dialed me about 10 times.  Everytime I hung up, his phone called me back.  At the 10th time, I was so annoyed that when I swung around to grab the phone and slam it back down… I spilled my coffee all over my shirt.  My silk shirt.  And no, I don’t mean my early 90s Color Me Badd silk shirt.  I mean my super cute silk J. Crew shirt.

Then, after my awesome dental visit (that included the dentist numbing my gums and in the process of doing so POPPED the postule that formed on them… EEEWW), I was eating lunch and noticed blood on my apple.  Since the side of my mouth (including my lips) were numb, I didn’t realize that as I was chewing my apple, I was ALSO CHEWING MY LIP.  So, it looked like I had been punched in the mouth.  Awesome.

Can I really tie those 3 things together as my “bad things come in threes” or am I just reaching?  Did I sub-consciouly chew my lip so that I would have a 3rd bad thing?  Sweet jebus, I hope not.



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5 responses to “Bad Things Come in Threes

  1. I know its not funny but in light of all the terrible things that have been happening to you I laughed out loud at you chewing on your lip 🙂

    It IS funny – no worries. When I realized I had chewed my lip, I called a friend to laugh about it. 🙂

  2. I just read an article in Scientific American talking about how our brains try to find patterns where there aren’t any. This probably applies. I think bad things happen in threes should probably just be replaced with shit happens.

    So sorry to hear about all of that though! Your poor lip!

    I totally believe we try to find patterns in things! And thanks – the whole lip situation was much funnier than I portrayed.

  3. Kt

    Oh no! I do believe it comes in threes – but I don’t think it’s bad things in general, I think it’s with deaths (how depressing is that!). But I am a believer that when it rains it pours – but hopefully it’ll brighten up and be sunny for you now!

    I’m going on vacation soon so hopefully it’ll be just what I need to shake all this bad stuff off.

  4. At least you stopped at 3.

    Good point.

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