Nobody Noticed

So I finally bit the bullet and cut my hair.  Sorry to report that I decided to stick with long hair…

The salon that I normally go to (and I use the term normally very loosely here since I haven’t cut my hair since Dec 2007 although I do go for regular bang trims…) recently raised their prices for haircuts.  Since I was ditching the bob and sticking with long hair, it seemed a bit absurd to pay over $60 for a trim.

I tried out a salon that 3 of my friends (with lovely haircuts) go to.  Haircuts are $20 cheaper, the salon is a little closer to me and well… it’s cheaper.  Did I say it’s cheaper already?

While the stylist did cut a lot of hair off (words can’t begin to describe how much better my hair feels), it’s still long.  So – I have long hair with shorter layers throughout.

I loved the salon.  It’s family owned (Greek) and they were all super sweet.  My haircut overall was fantastic.

But then she trimmed my bangs.

I had described that I wanted side-swept bangs.  In fact, my bangs were already side-swept… they just needed to be trimmed.  She asked me how much she should trim and perhaps I confused her when I said “a little shorter than normal… only to prolong the maintenance” because that somehow translated to bangs straight across my head.

random 004

Not the best picture and my hair was half covered in sweat at this point but there it is.  Jeremy and Kristin didn’t notice the day I got it cut.  I waited about an hour before I said something and then I yelled, “You guys are assholes.” 

Jeremy’s response when I pointed out my haircut?  “I thought you were going to do something different,” followed by, “your bangs look crooked.”

I’m not pressed that nobody noticed because it just feels that much better but my bangs that I’m desperately trying to get to lay to the side look horrendous.  I fear that people aren’t saying anything because there is NOTHING nice to say.  Ugh.



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5 responses to “Nobody Noticed

  1. Kt

    Oh I hate when Ian doesn’t notice anything. The good thing about the bangs is that they grow so quickly – but I think they look good shorter anyways!

    Well thank you but that picture doesn’t do them justice. They actually look much worse up close.

  2. Kt

    Wow and I swear I wasn’t stalking your blog – just checked my reader precisely after you posted!

    Haha! It’s okay – I enjoy instant feedback!

  3. Z

    From that pic, I love the hair! The bangs look fine! (even with the sweat… or perhaps because of it?)

    Thank you! Perhaps that is all I need to get them to stay straight… sweat. I wonder if I can market that? 🙂

  4. I think it looks great! I know when it comes to hair though what other people think doesn’t matter as much as how you feel about it. The good thing is that bangs grow out quickly. But it really does look good. And I like the length.

    Thank you!

  5. I also like your hair. I’m not a huge bangs fan, but they look nice! Plus, as others mentioned, they grow quickly!

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