Things are Looking Up

I was a bit of a Debbie Downer in Wednesday‘s post so now I’ll post about how things are starting to look up for me.

I was able to run (okay jog) 4 miles with no back pain on Tuesday and then a little over 3 miles yesterday.  My knees and thighs ached more than my back.  So I’m back with my 10-miler training.   Yippee! 

The only downside is that I am supposed to run 6 miles tomorrow but I’ll be heading down to the Outer Banks which leads me to…

I’m going on vacation!  Hot damn, I needed this.  I’ve been feeling so drained lately and so “blah” that the idea of being able to relax on a beach with a good book (or 6) and my iPod just seems magical. 

 I’m not sure what time we’re leaving tomorrow so I’m trying to figure out if I should suck it up and run super early in the morning (to get it out of the way) or try to run on Sunday while I’m at the beach (knowing full well that I risk the potential to not actually run).

Regardless – I’m going to be gone for a week.  A week with no work.  A week of no bitchy contacts calling me and leaving me shitty messages that say, “I don’t understand where the confusion is…” and then proceeding to call my manager to try to “tattle” on me for not being at my desk despite the fact that I stated in my e-mail (with my manager on it) that I was stepping out of the office for an hour.  Really?  Okay, deep breath…

The only strange thing is that I’m not going on vacation with Jeremy.  No – we’re not doing a trial separation or anything.  I’m going with Kristin and her family.  It just so happened that…

– I end up with more vacation time than Jeremy because he takes the week of finals off.  This happened last year so this year I thought I’d try to rally some friends for extended weekend trips this summer…

– Kristin’s family takes an annual trip down to the Outer Banks.  They booked this place almost a year ago (and Kristin’s in-laws are also going as are Kristin’s brother and his fiance… and can I just say that I think it’s super cool that her in-laws and parents get along so well that they can vacation together?  My parents are socially inept people.  I don’t get it but I digress…). 

– Jackson got a new job that required him to go to a training facility in Georgia… the week of this planned vacation.  Whoops.

– Basically – I’m taking Jackson’s place, I get to use a week of vacation (so I won’t end up with an overabundance of vacation time while my husband has none).  Everybody wins!

Wow – bored yet?  Kristin mentioned that she’s taking her laptop to which I interrupted and squealed, “I can blog!” and she responded with a very sarcastic, “riiiight.  That’s exactly why I’m taking it.  Or it’s because it’s got a dvd player…”  Whatev.  So what I’m trying to say is that I may or may not be blogging.

It would be fun if Jeremy “guest” posted on this blog but he won’t and he shouldn’t have time to because I fully expect to return from vacation with:

– a newly painted back porch

– a stained back yard fence

– newly painted patio chairs (4)

– a clean house

While I doubt the last 2 will get done, the first 2 are weekend projects.  Although I don’t think I can stress the “how cool it would be to come home to a clean house” thing.  I mean, like super cool.



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2 responses to “Things are Looking Up

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit the Outer Banks! Hope you have a lovely and relaxing vacation!

    I am!

  2. Damn, your standards for husband-home alone time are high! I’m ecstatic if I come home and find my husband wearing pants and eating something that didn’t come delivered in a flat box or bought at the gas station. Are you, perchance, married to Superman?

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