Was I Lost? Confused about Something?

So – the 10k race I ran finally posted their runner pictures online (through a company called Brightroom, the “official” photographers). 

After the race completed, everyone was given a little silver necklace with a small circle pendant that had “Zooma” engraved on one side and the date of the race on the other.  Jeremy poked fun at it and said something along the lines of waiting for it to turn someone’s neck green.  I found out that the necklaces were handmade by women artisans in Guatemala (the non-profit organization, Build a Nest, was at the after-party race expo and told us). 

As dorky as this may sound, I am proudly wearing this necklace as a reminder of my accomplishment.  I like to think that feeling this necklace against my skin helped me to run 5 miles the other day and hopefully will help me to run the 7 miles I need to on Saturday.

Oh and I also bought this ridiculously kick-ass necklace from the Build a Nest organization at the race:

It’s made from the lips of wine bottles.  Love it!

Aaaanywho – onto the reason for the post.  The race finally linked to the race pictures so being the slightly vain person that I am, I had to check them out. 

My first thought?  Do I always make these faces when I run?


I look lost in this picture.  It’s almost as if I’m saying, “Where am I?  Should I just keep moving forward?”


This is the only real “runner” type of photo they had of me so of course I had to post it.


So I just crossed the finish line of what was my longest distance run EVER and what do I do?  I immediately check my iPod.  Perhaps Apple should consider this for an ad campaign.



This picture just showcases that running for an hour apparently ages me 20 years.  What the hell happened to my face?!

And now another reason Jeremy annoys me.  Every single runner picture of him is great.  He looks like a real runner.  he doesn’t look like he’s in pain.  he doesn’t look lost or confused.  he looks like a runner. 





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7 responses to “Was I Lost? Confused about Something?

  1. OMG. I went back and forth and back and forth about buying that necklace. I didn’t want to pay $50 for it, but I LOVED IT! So jealous! I did however buy $100 worth of gracie’s gear! haha.

    After buying that necklace, I avoided the rest of the vendors so I wouldn’t go overboard. 🙂

  2. That necklace is awesome! And, honestly, I think your race pictures look pretty good. I’ve made some really horrendous “in pain” faces while running.

    I need to start making a conscious effort to smile when I cross the finish line!

  3. That is a fantastic necklace.

    I think you look great in those pics.

    Thank you and thank you!

  4. Meredith

    Super cute necklace!

    You look good in the pictures. After just a 5K, I look like I’m in need of serious medical attention. I don’t see any crazy pain faces from you!

    Thanks but I actually didn’t post all of them. A few had me questioning when my teeth became too big for my mouth. I look like Napoleon Dynamite in a few of them!

  5. WWJD

    That necklace is super cute!

    I’m proud of you both for finishing…God knows I never would 🙂

    Oh…and why were there so many more women runners? Jeremy was 1 of 62 men and there were like 1200 women!

  6. WWJD

    Ignore that comment before
    I didn’t read:

    “ZOOMA Women’s Race Series” 🙂

    Hahaha – I still love ya. 🙂

  7. Ha, those are awesome! You do look a little confused in the first one, but I think it’s more like, “What the hell am I doing? Running? Who tortures themselves like this? Am I insane?”

    I think that is TOTALLY what I was thinking! Probably more along the lines of “Why do I do this to myself?” 🙂

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