A Gym Wonderland

I’ve declared 2009 the year of me being cheap.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still kind of frivolous when it comes to certain things but overall I have found myself avoiding certain activities, taking advantage of freebies, using up any free item I receive and my latest… using any sort of coupon possible (and I seem to get a lot with the running races). 

Quick backstory – while I was away, Jeremy went and got my car detailed at the Canton Car Wash.  It’s a fancy new “green” car wash in my hood.  It was nice that Jeremy got my car detailed (as many people have said) but the reason he did it was because he was “tired of having the dirtiest car on the street”.  Ouch.  What do you expect?  The car is 7 years old.  It’s not like I kept garbage in it.  I just never vacuumed it or washed it regularly.  Sue me.  It’s a car.  Who cares!

With the ridiculous amount of money he spent on getting my car detailed – he was given a 15-day “wellness” pass to the fancy MAC gym in Harbor East.  After seeing how much he spent and seeing the value of this pass – I decided that I was going to take full advantage of it.

I had never been into the MAC before.  I’ve heard about it’s ridiculous membership fees and poo-pooed ever joining.  They have 3 indoor pools.  So what?  It’s still not worth the cost.

I went in yesterday to redeem my pass.

Holy shit.

That place is a magical fitness wonderland.  So clean.  So big.  Full of every piece of equipment I could ever want or need including authentic pilates machines. 

I am in love with a gym.

I was about thisclose to joining but really don’t think I can swing the cost.  I have a FREE indoor pool accessible to me through my grad school (that I have yet to take advantage of).  I have a really cheap gym located in my office building (and it has everything that I need).  I’m still doing the p90x at home.  I run outside.  The cost of the membership for 1 year is worth a vacation for 2 somewhere fabulous.

But still.  That place is magic.

I’m taking a Zumba class tonight with Katie.  I’m going to go again tomorrow morning.  Basically – I’m using the shit out of this pass while I have it.  It’s like the golden ticket!  I feel like I’ve just been let into the high society of gyms.  Nevermind that there was some dude in a full on samarai outfit squating a bajillion pounds during my membership tour.  If anything – I should marvel in the fact that SAMARAIS belong to this gym!


Oh and a quick update on running.  My plan was to run 7 miles tomorrow morning from my house down to the Inner Harbor, through a bit of Federal Hill and then back through the Inner Harbor ending somewhere near a fantastic little breakfast place.  Jeremy’s ankle is killing him.  He was going to ride his bike while I ran but I just saw that ending badly for me (in trying to potentially run MUCH faster than I can only leading to me crapping out very quickly and getting upset).  So – I’m going to run at the gym.  I know treadmill running isn’t the same as running outdoors but at least I can take comfort in knowing that I’m using the shit out of my temporary pass.  They gave Jeremy one too.

Sadly – that’s my weekend.  Working out.  Sadly – that makes me incredibly happy.  The 10-miler is in 2 weeks.  I need to step up the training!



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8 responses to “A Gym Wonderland

  1. Meredith

    So if your car is dirty again in say, 15 days or so, can you get another free pass?? The cost of 30 car washes has got to be cheaper than a year long memebership so you have the potential to spend a full year at the gym without actually joinging AND your car will always be the cleanest on the block!!

    I’m going to pretend you never mentioned the wonderfulness of the MAC. I’m still trying to bring myself to terms with the fact that I’m most likely going to have to give up on CCF when I buy a house because I will no longer be able to justify the obscene cost (and I will need that money to pay my mortgage!).

    PS Your posts always make me laugh…much needed on this dreary Friday afternoon!

    I was thinking the same thing about the pass but they have a little disclaimer saying I can only get one per year. Boo!

    And I’m glad you enjoy my posts!

  2. Ohhh, my boyfriend works at Legg and he’s getting a discounted membership when they move to the new building in HarborEast. I’m going to die of jealousy.

    I think I’m dying of jealousy right now!

  3. that gym sounds awesome!

    good luck with your training. sometimes you can do better than you think you can on a treadmill run.

    rock it out!

    Thanks! I actually decided to run outside and it was great.

  4. I had a super upper level membership to a great gym here. So expensive. But they freaking did your gym laundry for you and put it back in your locker. Seriously.

    I don’t belong to a gym now. Any other will pale in comparison, but there’s no way I could justify spending that kind of money again. Nor could I handle going back there with just a regular membership. It would be sad.

    They did your laundry?! Holy crap! And I can’t justify the cost either… so sad.

  5. So, I feel that the fact that you’re excited about your weekend of working out makes you one part admirable and two parts crazy. Might I suggest a Chocolate-Bacon Torte and beer?

    I’m definately down for chocolate and beer!

  6. I can hardly justify my 24 Hour Fitness gym membership!

    That gym sounds amazing… but so does exercising outside!

    It IS amazing but yeah… totally not worth the cost. Well – I take that back. If that gym could promise me BOOBS, then it would totally be worth it.

  7. Nicole

    Kim –

    I have such a great creepy/stalker/internet stalker thing to share with you that has nothing to do with this post, but I wasn’t sure how else to tell you.

    So Saturday morning I was sitting in my kitchen, eating oatmeal and ready the paper and I look up and there you are, walking down my street with your husband and I was all “there’s Kim!!!” and I started to stand up to go say hi, and then I remembered that I don’t actually know you and just read your blog. And I imagined that I would walk outside and say something like “Hi Kim. You don’t know me but I recognized you from the internet” and would officially be the dorkiest person on the planet…

    So instead of saying hi, I called Cannata and was like “hey – I just saw your friend Kim who I pretend like I know from the internet walking down the street. I stopped myself from saying hi because ‘internet stalker’ is not really the rep I’m going for…”

    Anyway, next time I WILL say hi, since you have been aptly warned and therfore it’s not quite so creepy.

    Hope you’re doing well.



    Ha! You should have said HI! I would have recognized you from Courtney’s pictures and your blog. haha… I’m just disappointed that you saw me walking instead of running!

  8. Factor

    How much a month is it? I’m curious about not NYC gyms. I pay 84 for a cramped weight room with no pool. That’s with a deal.
    My Mom does Zumba. Too funny.

    The quote they gave me was $99/month. Although I’ve heard from other people that they have different deals going on… so compared to what you just described, it doesn’t seem so bad! I just can’t fathom paying $1200 in a year for a gym membership!!

    Zumba is awesome!

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