Random Bits from the Weekend

I was trying to figure out what this particular post should focus on… my running?  The Zumba class I took on friday?  The delicious spaghetti and beanball dinner from last night (yay for Veganomicon!)?  But then I got tired and cranky so this is just little blurbs from the weekend…


Okay – this isn’t technically the weekend but I do want to mention that I caught my turdy alcoholic next door neighbor dumping saltines into my backyard.  When I came out, he slurred, “sssssssssshhhhoooorrry.  I-I-I-I juuuuuust feed the cats… they’re just shhhhhhaltines.”  WTF?!  Who dumps food into someone’s backyard.  And who does this IN THE CITY?!  I’m waiting for a good time to take my dogs’ poop and toss it into his frickin’ yard.  Douche.


The day started with Jeremy trying to convince me that we should buy a boat.  And yes – HE is generally the financially responsible one in this relationship.  A boat.  I told him if he could make a solid case and work out the financials, I’d consider it.  But seriously – a boat. 

 Next was the Zumba class at the gym wonderland.  Holy.hell.  My butt STILL hurts from this class.  An adorable and upbeat latino girl led the class and let me just say that she looked awesome and coordinated leading the class, I looked rhythm-less and clumsy following her class. 

 We went out to dinner with Ian and Katie afterwards to The Wine Market and were served by a mega-bitch of a waitress.  I hate getting a crap attitude when it is completely unwarranted.  Anywho – the rest of the meal involved Katie and Jeremy talking about law school and me working on convincing Ian to run a half marathon and a full marathon with me.  The dinner conversation also included Jeremy trying to persuade Ian and Katie into agreeing with him that a boat would make a sound purchase.

 A boat!


Ran 7 miles!  I made a game-time decision to run outdoors instead of on a treadmill.  Jeremy rode his bike slowly while I ran along the Inner Harbor.  I ran from my house down to Canton (on Boston Street where the promenade begins) through Fells Point, Harbor East and then through the Inner Harbor up to the new houses in Federal Hill.  I am SO glad I did this run.  It was frickin’ amazing.  I now understand the hype of running this path.  Beautiful scenery, lots of other runners (so it was nice to secretly keep pace with a few people) and we were able to end our run right by Miss Shirley’s for a ridiculously delicious breakfast. 

After breakfast, we strolled through the Farmer’s Market in Harbor East (I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed… there wasn’t much there) and then walked home.  Delightful.

I also dropped my engagement ring and wedding band off for repair.  As much as I love my rings, I never really pay close attention to them (hence why they’re so dirty).  Jeremy noticed that a prong was broken on my engagement ring so we went to get it fixed.  The jeweler did a quick exam and noted that not only was the prong broken but there were 4 loose diamonds in it and an additional 3 loose in my wedding band.  Whoops.  Who knew you were supposed to get your rings checked every 6 months?  That seems a bit excessive to me.

So I am currently ring-less (10 day repair timeframe) and I hate it.   

We also went and saw Star Trek.  Chris Pine is so attractive that it makes me uncomfortable to watch him sometimes.  Also I realized that while the movie was entertaining, I didn’t know nearly enough about the series to get most of the jokes.  There was a doctor and a russian guy in the cast?  I thought the cast consisted only of George Tekai, Scotty, William Shatner and Spock.  Who knew?


Went to Jeremy’s soccer game with the dogs.  They barked at every child, dog, insect, grass blade blowing in the breeze possible.

Then cooked a delicious dinner consisting of: whole wheat spaghetti, homemade marinara sauce, beanballs (recipe from the Veganomicon), grilled asparagus and peppers.  Delish.

So there you have it.  That was basically my weekend.  Fun fun!  How was YOUR weekend?



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7 responses to “Random Bits from the Weekend

  1. Tell Jeremy that he can have a boat if you can have a pony.
    And name it Sprinkles.

    I like your game plan.

  2. Who feeds a cat saltines? I’m so confused!

    Neighbors suck.

    And congrats on the 7 miles! That’s awesome!

    Seriously! I never equated saltines to being a good food for any animal. I told Jeremy about it and he said that our neighbor tried to dump a box of FROSTED FLAKES into our yard for our dogs!

    And thanks!

  3. i was wondering about taking a zumba class not that long ago! would i like it? 🙂

    TAKE IT! I had a blast and definitely plan on giving it another go.

  4. what a weekend!! busy busy

    It definitely was. I don’t think I’m capable of relaxing completely.

  5. Stacy

    I took advantage of the sun (A little too much though!) and went golfing with Ian and Katie on Sunday! We decided that the six of us need to plan a dinner out one Friday night SOON!

    Yes, definitely! I haven’t seen you guys since Ian and Katie’s wedding… A YEAR AGO!

  6. That sounds like a great run! And hey, will you be at HonFest this year? We’re going, but I’m not sure if we’ll be there Saturday or Sunday.

    I WANT to go to HonFest very badly!

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