Charm City Eatin’

This blog has turned into a fitness blog lately.  Apologies to those that find the fitness talk boring but my training for the 10-miler and triathlon have kind of consumed me lately.

Despite the p90x workout/diet, I still go out to eat.  If anything, increasing my running mileage has also increased my appetite.  A friend actually used the idea of being able to eat a crap-ton of food as a reason I should just go for a marathon.  I think I like that idea.

I was actually going through my phone pictures the other day and have a lot of pictures of food.  I figured it was time to do a quick recap on some of the last few places I’ve eaten. 

Just a quick sidenote – clearly I am not a vegan.  I teeter back and forth with veganism all the time.  I’ve nixed purchasing leather goods and I’ve started to purchase products that have not been tested on animals.  However – the vegan diet thing is much harder than I anticipated.  It is not because I can’t give up cheese.  It is actually because I enjoy going out to eat so much and there are very few restaurants in the Baltimore area that cater to a vegan diet.  I know – I’m a huge hypocrite.  I’m working on it.  I also haven’t been able to find a low-cal high-protein alternative to egg whites just yet.  I hadn’t been eating eggs or most dairy (outside of whatever a restaurant uses in their dishes) for awhile until the p90x.  Okay, enough excuses… I just thought I’d throw that out there in case someone wants to call me out on it.

 I’ll start with Iggie’s Pizza.  Ian and Katie suggested this place and I think on a whim, Jeremy and I decided to check it out.  It’s a cute little pizza place in Mount Vernon and they have a ton of unique pizzas. 

Jeremy got the Margherita Pizza (tomato ragu/basil/fresh mozzarella, 8″ size for $9.50).


I sampled some and it was very good. 

I got the Pera Saporita (pears/ gorgonzola/ balsamic reduction, 8″ size for $8.95).  While that may sound gross to some, I love a balsamic reduction.


Isn’t it pretty?  This place is BYOB (can’t hate that) and is a seat yourself and clean up after yourself environment.  I really liked that.  While I respect waiters – sometimes I just don’t want to deal with them.  My only complaint was that we didn’t realize just how small an 8″ pizza really was (don’t ask).  So we were still pretty hungry afterwards.  They offer a lot of salads as well so we probably should have either gotten bigger pizzas or started with a salad. 

I’d still go back although I don’t think Jeremy will.

Because we were still hungry, we decided to give Mr. Yogato a try.  And by we I really mean I begged Jeremy to go to Mr. Yogato because I’d been dying to try this place since I read about it in the Baltimore Examiner. 

If you check out their site, they have a cute little vibe going (just read their rules) and hello?  The name is inspired by one of the BEST.SONGS.EVER. (Mr. Roboto, did I really need to spell that out?)


I got the Original Creamy with fresh blueberries (small – $4.00).  They offer a ton of different toppings ranging from fresh fruit to cookies to cereal.  I’ve been back since this visit and got the same thing (hey – why mess with a good thing?).  If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Oh and why is the game of Operation in the picture?  This place has lots of board games and even an old school Nintendo system for customers to play.

And since I mentioned this in yesterday’s post, Jeremy and I finally checked out the much hyped Miss Shirley’s.  They opened a second restaurant in the Inner Harbor (the original being in Roland Park).  We’ve tried to go to this place twice.  Once at their original location and the wait was 2 hours.  Another time at the Inner Harbor – only to find that at the time, they did not have weekend hours (that has since changed).

I honestly think the idea of ending my 7 mile run with breakfast at Miss Shirley’s is what got me through it. 

I didn’t realize this place was a little more upscale than our gym attire (there was actually a sign in the front that read all men must wear shirts with sleeves) so we dined outside to spare the patrons our stench. 

We started off with TONS of coffee.  I meant to order a Bloody Mary since I heard they were divine here but got swept up in the 3 cups I chugged before my entree. 

As soon as Jeremy saw that they offered Monkey Bread as an app – he immediately ordered that.  In case you don’t know what it is, it consists of  “Cinnamon-scented pull-apart bread with bananas, chocolate & pecans” ($9.99).  Probably not the healthiest choice after a long run but it was frickin’ delicious.  Who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast?


I got the Egg White Napoleon Stack ( Sun-dried Tomato Polenta Round, Portabello Mushroom, wilted spinach & Goat Cheese with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce for $10.99).  LOVED it.

I also got the  Shredded Potato & Onion Hash Browns ($3.99) on the side.  Again – loved it.


Jeremy got the Caprese Croissant (Fresh Mozzarella Slices, Basil, Egg White, Sliced Mango, Red & Yellow Tomato on a Croissant for $7.99) and also enjoyed it.  Although he used the term “interesting” to describe it.  That generally means one does NOT like it but he did take it home and eat it for lunch later (he never does that).  That’s either a sign of him really liking it or that this economic downturn has really affected us.


 I would definitely come back (and get a Bloody Mary this time).  I have an 8 mile run I need to do this coming Saturday and wanted to the same thing we did this past weekend but Jeremy crapped on the idea noting that Miss Shirley’s breakfast was probably not the healthiest choice.  Boo. 

Party pooper.

I bet if Miss Shirley’s was on a boat he’d go!



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6 responses to “Charm City Eatin’

  1. Meredith

    I am meeting friends for breakfast on Saturday and had read about Miss Shirley’s in your last post. I didn’t realize they had a location in the Harbor now…where is it? We might check it out or Regi’s in Federal Hill starts their bunch at 9am and it sounds delish. But I’m not running before breakfast…or after…we have Great Grapes to go to! But maybe on Sunday after indulging for an entire day I’ll be motivated to get my butt out there.

    I think we need to schedule a happy hour to check out the new place in Harboreast, Talara. I already scanned the menu and they have a good amount of veg choices for you! And salsa dancing. What more do you need?

    The one in Baltimore is in an office building right on Pratt Street. it is directly across the street from the Pier 6 parking garage. I HIGHLY recommend it.

    I saw Talara and scanned their menu too. I definitely want to try it out! Let’s plan a happy hour to celebrate Theresa finally finishing up her classes (that she’s had a year to work on). 🙂

  2. Nicole

    Hey Miss Kim,

    I asked Cannata to hook us up last week but she.. um… hasn’t, so I’m taking it to the blog!!!

    There’s an upscale vegan place in Clarksville that I’m desperate to try. Any interest? We could go on a night that your husband has school or I can wrangle up a date/friend to come with (although I know very few people who get excited about vegan food) or if you know a hot vegan you want to set me up with, I’m willing to try that too… 😉 Mostly joking… but I am asking you dinner via your blog so I probably don’t have too much shame. What do you think? I’ve heard the food there is EXCEPTIONAL. If it were a bit closer I would just go alone.

    Hope you’re well. If you’d like, you can email back at


    I’ll e-mail you to set up plans. I’m excited that there’s another vegan/vegetarian in Baltimore! And I wish I knew a hot vegan to set you up with because that would mean that I would have more vegan friends but sadly, I don’t.


    You can never go wrong with pizza!

  4. Damn, you guys eat at the most interesting places! We, on the other hand, are recognized by the Taco Bell staff by our drive-through order. *sigh*

    Thanks! There are a ton of places to eat in Baltimore but sadly – I can’t really eat at a lot of them and I tend to go back to the same places. But I guess I can’t knock it… it’s better than Taco Bell (although I lived on Taco Bell in college).

  5. Ben

    Who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast? Tony Horton. That’s who.

    I don’t listen to a man that says his head ways 600 lbs with nothing in it.

  6. WWJD

    I love Miss Shirley’s!!
    I fell in love with the fried green tomatoes there…seriously, they’re little slices of heaven fried up and drizzled with lemon-herb aoili 🙂

    I can’t wait to go back! That should be our next place to eat (although I’d prefer breakfast).

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