Smorgasbord of Fun in Baltimore

There is a lot of frickin’ stuff going on in Baltimore this weekend and I’m not just talking about muggings, shootings, beatings or any of the usual fare.  I’m talking about festivals and events.

First off – I’m scheduled to run 8 miles on Saturday.  Okay, that’s not really an event that Baltimore should care about… whatever.

Today marks the start of the Greek Folk Festival in my hood.  The opening ceremony (that’s what they called it) kicks off at 7pm with… Constantine Maroulis.  You know that guy… he was on some season of Americal Idol once.  I don’t know whether this is a win or lose for Greektown or Constantine. 

I suppose I should hang out at this festival since I can walk there, it’s MY neighborhood and well… I don’t know what else.  Parking will be f’ed up in my hood so I probably won’t want to leave it.

Then there is the Great Grapes Wine Festival on Saturday and Sunday.  Technically this is not Baltimore but its close enough and I’m actually going (much to the chagrin of Jeremy).  The last wine festival I went to was a few years ago and it really wasn’t that fun.  I’m not a big fan of Maryland wine but I wanted to hang with some friends that are going.  I’m hoping that Jeremy has enough energy after the festival to go to…

HonFest!  HonFest is Saturday and Sunday in Hampden and is a must go to event if you love all things kitschy in Baltimore.  If you recall (or didn’t know), Jeremy and I had the fabulous opportunity to do a Trash the Dress session with the remarkably talented duo of Maria and Drew.  If you don’t recall (or didn’t know), just check out the pictures here.

Also in Baltimore (Saturday and Sunday) is the annual Saint Anthony Festival in Little Italy.

And for those active folks, this Sunday there are 2 events that may peak your interest:

  • Survivor Harbor 7 race – a delightful 7 mile run through Baltimore’s Federal Hill, Inner Harbor and Canton neighborhoods.
  • Tour Dem Parks, Hon bike ride – a magical bike ride throught Baltimore’s many lovely green spaces and neighborhoods (including parks like Carroll, Clifton, Druid Hill, and Patterson).

So much to do and only 2 days to fit it all in.



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3 responses to “Smorgasbord of Fun in Baltimore

  1. Meredith

    I think you should wear your XXI grade-school romper to Great Grapes. That might make it more tolerable for Jeremy!

    On second thought, pot-a-potties and complicated attire might not be the best plan of action!

    Too funny that you should bring that up… I was definitely considering wearing it!

  2. Wow, so many exciting things! It’s that reason right there that I’m desperate to live in a big city again; after Atlanta, Wichita just ain’t cuttin’ it. Have fun!
    (Oh, and merde! for your race on Saturday!)

    Yeah – I’m not sure if I could handle going from big city to Wichita… 🙂

  3. you’re a machine! did you make it to honfest? if so, i wanna see pics!

    We did but only for like an hour… and sadly no pics. I think we were running on fumes by the time we got there. That wine festival completely drained me of energy!

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