Butt Cramp

Crap!  I think I pulled a muscle in my right butt cheek.  I’ve been walking around like someone stuck an ice stick in my bum all day. 

And don’t you hate when someone doubts your skills?  I was having a conversation about how I’m totally doing the Philly marathon (right, Ian?) and someone brought up Iron Girl.  Yeah… I really haven’t done much training for it but I still have some time, right?  I’m on a runner’s high lately – I’m focusing on the 10-miler run next week.  Regardless, I don’t particularly care about placing anywhere in the top rankings of the Iron Girl.  My only goal is to beat the majority of the women in my company that registered.  I am a little iffy about beating one woman… that was until a co-worker basically said I had no chance of beating that women.

Oh it’s on, biotch.  My goal is to now beat EVERY woman that works at the same company as me in that damn triathlon.

On to fun news… I just booked a weekend trip to Chicago with my pal, Angie.  I’m super excited because I’ve never been to Chicago and I never see Angie very much.  Yippee!

I’m ready for the weekend…

Tonight, I’m scraping the old paint off of my back patio so it can be repainted and I can finally start cooking dinners again and having friends over (like Jamie and Geoff!).  I had a fab dinner with them and they reminded me that’s it has been way too long since we’ve done anything like that and I definitely need a kick in the pants to get going with the backyard projects.

Tomorrow, lots of festivals…

Sunday, I’m doing the bike tour.  I’m super stoked about it especially since it seemed nobody wanted to do it with me.  Should I be concerned about how the fact that me and my friend’s husband registered as a “couple” looks?  It was cheaper than registering as single riders!  We’re being frugal.

I’m off to ice my butt.  Have a good weekend!



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2 responses to “Butt Cramp

  1. Oh, poor asshole. Why in god’s name would you tell someone that they can’t do something, especially when they’re as competitive as you? Now you’re going to have to kick everyone’s ass, and then they’re going to cry.
    Speaking of asses, hope yours feels better!

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