One of the Reasons I Love to Run

… is this fantastic route.  And before you even ask, yes – I made Jeremy take pictures of the run route so I could blog about it because I am a huge nerd.  I’ve learned to accept that.  You should too.

I successfully ran 8 miles Saturday morning despite the humidity and direct sun.  It was still early enough that I didn’t want to die (7:30am) but still hot enough that my pace was much slower. 

And another annoying thing is that my iPod and Nike+ died during the run.  I have no record of the entire run.  Stupid technology!

Anywho – it’s official.  I want to live on the water.  I’ve realized (after getting my aqua globe and doorbell stolen) that I need to get out of my neighborhood before the punk kids turn into punk teenagers. 


First, I want to briefly mention this picture:

It looks innocent enough right?  It is just a picture of a pier.  Let’s zoom in a bit, shall we?


What the shit is that?  It’s a person sleeping on the pier in a thong.  I wish I could tell you if it was a dude or a woman but I had no clue.  They seemed a bit broad in their shoulders to be a woman.  Did I mention there were children playing at the other end?

I mean, I guess I should have checked to see if they were alive but I had a run to finish.  There was no news of a dead body found in only a thong on a pier so I don’t feel so guilty.

Anywho – this is just a picture post of the running route that I have fallen madly in love with (dirty harbor water smell and all):

I’ve also decided that having Jeremy pedal his bike alongside me as I run (or at least near me) is fantastic.  I have my own personal waterboy (and photographer for those great action shots that I’ll show my grandkids one day).

Towards the end of the run when I was losing some steam, he pedaled slowly next to me and offered words of encouragement.  I thought it was nice of him (and helpful) but didn’t realize what a douche he looked like until one observer yelled, “Shouldn’t you be letting her ride the bike?!

I think I’ll continue to use Jeremy’s waterboy services during my marathon training.  I recommend everyone find a someone to do the same!



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5 responses to “One of the Reasons I Love to Run

  1. How lovely! And personally I think that the bare-assed corpse only adds charm to the view.

    Agreed! Not everyone can appreciate it – but it keeps me on my toes. I can never get bored with this run because who knows what I’ll encounter!

  2. Meredith

    I love that someone yelled at Jeremy for riding the bike while you ran. The route does look beautiful. I was thinking of hitting up Patterson Park after work but perhaps I’ll go across the street and get on this path from Key Highway.

    You totally should follow that path from Key Highway! But I will give Patterson Park credit for being good for running on hills (if that’s what you’re looking for).

  3. I’m so sure. You’re a woman and weak and delicate. You can’t possibly be running while a big strong manly man rides the bike. What were you thinking?

    I hate people sometimes.

    haha – my mother-in-law suggested that next time Jeremy carries a whip with him. 🙂

  4. I might just take up running if I had a run like that! (Who am I kidding. I might walk though.)

    It’s so pretty there! And no worries, I’m a huge nerd like that, too.

    It’s a really nice walk too although you live in California… I’m pretty sure your views are much nicer than mine! 🙂

  5. holy crap, i am cracking up at those first two pictures of the thonged body laying there! i can’t believe you captured that. baltimore is awesome.

    Baltimore keeps me on my toes!

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