CSA and Me

A few months ago, Theresa proposed going halfsies on a community support agriculture (CSA) membership for the summer.  Yes, I said halfsies.

Being a lover of fresh produce and a person trying to be more “eco-friendly” – I agreed.  We signed up for a CSA through One Straw Farm because they seemed to offer more of the things we enjoyed.

This past weekend was the first official pick-up and due to conflicting schedules, Theresa went alone (I was eating breakfast somewhere fantastic… and I’ll blog about it later).  I trusted Theresa’s produce selections.

She came back with: lettuce, kale, swiss chard and strawberries.

So far, Jeremy and I have eaten the lettuce, strawberries and swiss chard.

We made bean tacos but used the lettuce as the wrap (instead of a taco shell).  I saw this on an episode of I Want to Save Your Life  and wanted to try it.

While the lettuce wasn’t crunchy (as I had anticipated), it was still a delicious dinner.

For the strawberries, we ate them on Sunday soaked in balsamic vinegar with a little sugar.  A.maz.ing.

I forgot to take pictures of both so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Last night, I sauteed the swiss chard in toasted sesame oil and tamari sauce with a little salt and pepper.

It was so good and so easy to make.  It was a bit crispy and had a nice salty flavor to them.  This means they probably weren’t the healthiest thing to eat but whatever… it was good.


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One response to “CSA and Me

  1. that swiss chard looks so refreshing. i hope to have your diet someday. your beautiful healthy food pics inspire me…but then I go and munch on something bad for me. how do I get motivated like you? you are my food hero.

    You’re crazy! Actually – that’s what it takes to get motivated. I lost my mind over animal cruelty and just can’t handle eating meat. So… there you have it. 🙂

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