Tour Dem Parks, Hon bike tour

My oh-so-active weekend and Baltimore smorgasbord of fun also included a long bike ride on Sunday.  I stumbled across the Tour Dem Parks, Hon event page and thought it seemed like a lot of fun… or as fun as biking around the city on a ridiculously hot day while wearing unflattering spandex and a helmet can be.  Unfortunately nobody seemed to want to do this with me because they either (1) didn’t own a bike (2) had to work (3) were running in a race (4) had a soccer game or (5) hated biking. 

Lucky for me – Mia’s husband, Shawn, said he wanted to bike with me!  I was really stoked.  I was even more stoked when Mia got booted from the race (she was filling in for someone who wasn’t feeling well but they ended up feeling well enough to race the day before) and she came along too.

The bike ride was lovely although there were a few steep hills that turned my thighs into mush or had me walking my bike but overall – I got to ride along trails I didn’t even know existed, through parks I’d never heard of and through some of the slums seen on The Wire. 

We all chose to do the 64 mile ride but missed the call for those riders (they left in groups from the starting point).  We had a map and the roads were marked so we just figured we’d go on our own… not realizing how frickin’ long it would take.  I felt bad but I had to cut the ride short because I was meeting my in-laws at 2pm to hit up the Greek Festival (sorry – no pics) and it was already close to noon.

Anywho – I’d love to ride on some of these trails again and through some of the parks with the exception of Lake Montebello.  At one point, cars had stopped to let the gang of bikers ride through and I was about 5 seconds behind.  I hesitated and so did one of the cars.  I eventually went and of course… so did the car.  I immediately stopped and I guess I startled the driver enough for him to stop his car in front of me, roll down his window, point his finger at me and yell, “You motherf*cker!“. 


How can you call someone on an old lady bicycle, wearing a dorky bike helmet in pigtails a motherf*cker?

I smiled and waved.

All week my back has been super sore from being hunched over for 3 hours but it was still a delightful ride and I got some info on other upcoming long bike tours that I hope to participate in.

Picture time! 

Mia is my fitness hero.  She has competed in several marathons and triathlons (including a half IronMan!).  Clearly – she looks cute and normal in a bike helmet.  I look like a douchebag:

Even her husband, Shawn, looks normal in a bike helmet.

 Together – they make a cute couple looking normal (and apparently hardcore) in bike gear.


Btw – I learned a fun fact.  Did you know that one of the number 1 getaway vehicles in homicides are BICYCLES?  Um… really?  The murderers may want to rethink their strategy.



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4 responses to “Tour Dem Parks, Hon bike tour

  1. I can’t believe that a** had such a strong reaction to the bike incident. Get over it dude. Him, not you.

    I was surprised by his strong reaction too! I mean, he was entering a park… I stopped before getting in his way and I’m on a frickin’ bike! All I could do was laugh.

  2. At least you’ve got the rockin’ sunglasses to combat the helmet.

    That’s what I was going for… a counterbalance to the helmet. I’m glad it worked!

  3. Thank you for share.

  4. Wow – too bad that a-hole was around! I’m glad you smiled and waved, that’s my favorite response to that kind of thing!

    Me too! There was no point in getting angry… it was just ridiculous!

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