When Did…

… irregardless become an appropriate word to use at the office?  The first time I heard it being used by a senior associate in a serious manner, I laughed to myself about their disregard for the English language (and I also laughed because it made me think of Mean Girls… a great movie and the reason I hold on to hope for Lindsay Lohan).

I heard another colleague use the word again today… from a man that I am supposed to take direction?  Are you kidding?  I choked back my guffaw but I’m pretty sure he was on to me.

According to Wikipedia (yeah yeah, I know):

The origin of irregardless is not known for certain, but the speculation among references is that it may be a blend of irrespective and regardless, both of which are commonly accepted standard English words. By blending these words, an illogical word is created. Another possibility is that when people say “irregardless” they are following the pattern of words like irrational and irregular. “Since the prefix ir- means ‘not’ (as it does with irrespective), and the suffix -less means ‘without,’ irregardless is a double negative.

Also – when did it become appropriate to send Facebook friend requests to people you have never met?  I hit ignore only to see another request from the same person.  They are related to Jeremy but even he barely knows them.  REGARDLESS – I have never met them.  Just because I’m now married to Jeremy doesn’t somehow bond us together.  Leave me alone!

And lastly – when did it become appropriate to provide commentary to your neighbor slaving away staining her fence?  I can’t tell you how annoying it is to live next door to the frickin’ peanut gallery while I’m trying to spruce up my yard (and yes, this is the same neighbor that dumps saltines into my yard!).

It started 2 weeks ago when Jeremy and I started to scrape the old paint off of our concrete back patio.  The peanut gallery sat outside and watched us FOR AN HOUR providing commentary on what we should and should not be doing.

Then 2 days ago, I stained a portion of our back fence (the same project we were supposed to complete over a month ago).  One of the neighbors stood outside and told me all of things that I should be doing. 

Sir – if you don’t plan on helping me then how about you shut the f up?  Thank you.




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7 responses to “When Did…

  1. i love mean girls. in college i played in a co-ed soccer team, and our name was mean girls. i laughed everytime i said it because there was boys on the team, haha. but we all loved the movie! horray!

    I love it especially since I can totally relate. I was such a mean girl growing up!

  2. Your post is like Groundhog Day!

    Only to you because I talk to you!

  3. Thank you for helping me prove that the world is full of both jackasses and idiots. Hey, if they can invent a new stupid word, then so can I…jackots. Oh, wait, I guess that’s already a word. Damnit.

    Ha! What about idioasses? Too much?

  4. Some made up words are fun. Like idioasses. But irregardless is just stupid. Idioassish if you will.

    And I effing HATE when people feel the need to provide commentary on everything. I’m seriously raging over here just thinking about it.

    Nice use of idioassish!

  5. OOOOOOHHHH I hate when people say “irregardless!” SO annoying!

    I think it has reached a point where so many people have said it that it is actually catching on as a normal word. UGH.

  6. Your neighbors would drive me absolutely crazy. I hate when people stare, especially if I’m trying to concentrate. It’s even worse that they provide commentary as well.

    Not even just commentary – criticism!

  7. that is redic about your neighbors! you should wear headphones next time and act like you can’t hear them.

    I kind of wished I would have set the “I don’t speak English” tone early on…

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