Isn’t it Strange

A thought hit me this morning after I hobbled out of bed with a still sore calf muscle from the ridiculous charlie horse I got while swimming last night…

… isn’t it strange that we pay so much money to hurt ourselves?

I mean – I’m paying some dude to tell me what to do twice a week in a pool.  When I’m tired and don’t feel like swimming, he gives me a hard time about it.  He rattles off “drills” and demands that I complete 500 yards at the end of the session.  I’m tired, I’m already sore and yet – I have paid this guy to do this to me.

Or the fact that I pay a registration fee for all of these stupid races I’ve done every month?  Sometimes these fees are ridiculous in price but yet, I still pay them so that I can huff and puff my way through a marked course.  For what?  I never win.  I don’t really get any sort of glory.  Am I paying to have these times forever marked down so other people can view them?  It all seems so silly… and yet I keep paying.  (side note – it is official, I have registered for the Philadelphia Marathon!)

Let’s also consider any sort of waxing/threading that we ladies do to ourselves.  It doesn’t feel good and sure I’ve reached a point where it doesn’t hurt so bad that I want to cry, but seriously – we are paying someone to rip hair out of our bodies. 

It all seems so stupid – and yet I keep on paying.  Maybe I’m just feeling the effects of going 2 weekends without getting paid or perhaps I’m just really really sore this morning but yet still pushed myself to run a 5k and then bike 5 miles.  Who knows – but I need to figure out a way to get paid for enduring all of the torture!

** Update **

The more I thought about this, the more I wanted to calculate just how much I’ve spent to participate in the IronGirl triathlon.  I’m only calculating those items purchased solely for the triathlon (including items needed to train – but I’m excluding running shoes only because I’d buy them anyways):

Entry Fee – $110.00

TriSuit – $80.00 (technically I only paid about $10 for it because I was able to apply funds from our REI membership but let’s be honest – I could have used that $70 for something much cooler than an unflattering trisuit)

Swimsuit – $30.00 (I really cheaped out on this.  I felt silly swimming in the trisuit only so I purchased another equally unflattering article of clothing)

Swim Cap – $13.00 (as if the swimsuit wasn’t unflattering enough – I’ve topped the look off with a swim cap)

Swim Goggles – $25.00

Bike Helmet – $35.00 (yeah yeah – I probably should have purchased this anyways if I’m going to bike around the city but I like to live life dangerously.  I really only purchased this for the triathlon because it is required)

Monthly TriClub workout membership (2 months) – $80.00

That totals $373.00 to torture myself for roughly 2 hours in my life.   I think I may have taken crazy pills.



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5 responses to “Isn’t it Strange

  1. Precisely why I do NOT wax. Ever.

    I’ve reached a point where I don’t either because I can’t justify the cost anymore! It’s insane.

  2. Meredith

    I can justify the $8 for my eyebrows every 10 days or so because I hate plucking and end up a lopsided mess if I try to do it myself.

    But these races…I am conflicted. Sure I love a good tee shirt and a free Miller Lite but is it really worth $40? Especially when you wake up the next morning with shin splints and back pain!!

    When in the marathon? You are truly inspiring!!

    I’ll give you the $8 eye brow cost. 🙂

    But I’m having that same problem with race fees right now. I get that it costs a lot of money to set it up but it just seems silly to pay that much for what sometimes is less than a 30 minute run. You get a crappy t-shirt and an overcrowded mess of folks.

    The marathon is in November!

  3. It definitely seems like it’s pretty pricey!

    This totally reminds me I really need to get my eyebrows waxed.

    Also? LOVE that quote – it’s my favorite from Zoolander!

    Zoolander is full of tons of fantastic quotes!

  4. Tell you what. Next time you feel like you need to run a race, give me a call. You give me $20, and I’ll set up streamers in your driveway and stand on the side of the road and throw tiny paper cups of water at you. And then we’ll go to the bar.
    Everyone wins!

    That’s a brilliant idea!

  5. i love zoolander!

    It is one of the best movies ever. And I’m pretty sure that there is a quote from the movie that can work in any situation in your life.

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