Difference in Support

I managed to convince Ian (Katie‘s husband and Jeremy’s old roommate) to register for the Philadelphia Marathon with me.  I wanted to have a friend that (1) hadn’t run a marathon before and (2) wasn’t some sort of all-star runner (no offense, Ian) sign up with me so that I would get that push that I needed to actually register.

Jeremy told me yesterday that aside from Katie coming to cheer Ian on for his first marathon, his parents are going to Philly AND Katie’s brother and new wife are also going to come for the big event.  That’s quite a support system and cheer squad.


I’ve got Jeremy.  I’m not complaining.  I don’t imagine it would be fun for anyone to sit around for 4-5 hours not watching me the whole time in the chilly weather.

Jeremy asked if his parents would be interested in coming to Philly.  Their response?

Philadelphia in November?  No thanks.” 

I had to laugh because that is totally MY mentality.

I told my mom about the marathon and she asked if I wanted her to attend.  I warned her that it would probably take between 4-5 hours for me to finish.  Her response?

Ugh!  No way.  I can’t sit around for that long.  I can’t even sit at a slot machine longer than 5 minutes.

I love you too, Mom.

The only person I expect to cheer me on is Jeremy.  I also expect him to make a giant sign and to sprinkle me with confetti after I cross the finish line.

However, if any of my friends are reading this and they’d like to come to Philadelphia for the weekend (Nov 21-22) – come on up (or down, depending on where you live).  Just come armed with a giant sign cheering me on.


**Update** Thanks to reader, Becky – I looked up tracking runners in the Philly race.  It looks like they offer something called F.U.N. Runner Tracking where people can view split times and finish times for their “favorite” (ahem – ME) runners.



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5 responses to “Difference in Support

  1. Just a suggestion, but when a friend of ours ran Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth this year, we tracked him on the web (they have little things that attach to your shoes and update when you go past certain checkpoints and then estimate by your pace where you at in the meantime). Then, when we knew he was getting relatively close we went down to watch him. This way we were able to see him, but we didn’t have to sit on the street in 90 degree weather (those poor runners!) for hours. That might be a suggestion for people who want to watch you but don’t want to sit so long. 🙂

    Good job signing up for the marathon regardless, though! That’s awesome!

    Thank you! And that’s awesome. I didn’t know they did that. Even so – if nobody wants to drive up to Philly from the Baltimore area, they can at least check me out on the web! I’ll look that up.

  2. CAG Reinvented

    I’ll be there! Grant it I’ll probably catch you after I leave one of the retail shops on your route, but I’ll cheer for you in my 5 inch heels! LOL (I might run into one of my ex boyfriends so I have to look good!)

    Haha! I love it!

  3. Meredith

    I actually went to the Marine Corp Marathon in DC a few years ago to see my mother’s cousin and a friend of mine run. It was really fun to see everyone and cheer them on, even if I didn’t know them! So maybe T and I will have to consider a trip to see you and we’ll have the bestest, glitteriest sign you’ve ever seen! Plus you know T can’t resist cheesesteak 🙂

    You guys should totally come to the race! And the more glitter the better. 🙂
    Funny you should mention cheesesteak – I think that’s how Jeremy convinced Ian to register for the race in Philly!

  4. When my aunt-in-law ran the Phoenix Marathon we were able to track her during the race. It was a fun way to be able to “participate” without the $1200 plane tickets to Arizona.

    The tracking thing I found for Philly offers text message updates for splits and finish times. I can imagine my parents going, “what the hell is this?!”

  5. Kt

    We will be cheering you on!! And I already told Ian that I’ll be making signs for BOTH of you! It should be a fun weekend!

    Sweet- thank you Katie!

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