Excuses Excuses

Remember that Triathlon club I mentioned previously?  Yeah – well, I’ve totally slacked on the workouts.  I went 3 times total.  Each workout made me want to cry but each workout ended with me feeling like I had accomplished something great.

And then something happened.  I skipped a workout. 

In all fairness, I skipped the workout to spend time with my dogs.  I had taken the day off for a fun day of shopping and got home much later than anticipated.  My dogs needed some lovin’!

But that started me down the path of slackerdom. 

I skipped the Monday workout because I felt physically drained.  I couldn’t possibly work out feeling like crap, right?

I skipped the following Thursday workout because I just didn’t feel like going and I had to pack for Chicago (my flight was at 6am!).  I needed to spend quality time with Jeremy.  I mean, what if my plane crashed?!  We must cherish all of our moments with our loved ones, people.

This past Monday?  Totally skipped it.  I had a doctor’s appt at 4pm and felt too rushed when I got home.

There is a workout tonight and I’ll be honest… I want to skip it.  But do I have a good reason to skip?  Jeremy has taken a half day from work to go home and study for his final exam so I can’t use the dogs as a reason and I’m not doing anything after work (except to maybe watch Grey Gardens… jealous?)


I took a kickboxing class taught by a 25-year old fitness model/barbie doll.  My inner thighs and butt hurt so much that I actually wimper everytime I get up from my chair.  I’ve been walking around the office as though a baby is crowning from my vag.

Good enough reason to skip?  I need to give my body time to heal.

Ladies and gents – THIS is why I work out daily.  It is way too easy for me to get derailed if I haven’t made something a part of my normal routine.

Either that or I’m just getting really depressed about my birthday next week.  I really do feel old and it didn’t help to hear 25-year old fitness model state how depressed she was for being a “quarter of a century” old. 

I wanted to punch her.

Instead, however, I decided to try to keep up with her during her class (oh – she’s giving the higher intensity version?  F her – I can totally keep up.  Watch me jump squat, punch and kick). 

I think she may have won this battle.



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2 responses to “Excuses Excuses

  1. Meredith

    You blog needs a warning label. I literally spit water all over my keyboard when I got to the line ‘I’ve been walking around the office as though a baby is crowning from my vag.’

    That being said, if you are feeling ‘that’ way, I think you can take tonight off!

    haha – I NEEDED to take the night off. I’m glad I did.

  2. Oh, my god, you just described my life! I was going to the gym until I had a particularly draining day at work. It was all over then. And now I’m doing 16 hour days, (I write this to you from backstage,) and there’s NO chance of squeezing them in now! I guess what I’m trying to say is that I sympathize with you.

    a 16 hour work day?! I think I’d die.

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