The Big Birthday Extravaganza or How I Getting Older Sucks


I survived my birthday.  I am officially 29 years old.  I still cringe at that number and even sighed when I plugged in my age on the eliptical machine at the gym this morning.

29.  According to Gerard, 30 is now knocking at my door.  Ugh.

So what did I do to celebrate my birthday? 

Tuesday night (birthday eve) – Jeremy and I went to check out Food, Inc.  at the Charles Theatre.  I won’t go into details or an extensive movie review but I highly recommend this movie.  The purpose of this movie is the lift the veil off of the food industry and expose how big business has impacted what we’re eating.  I learned some crazy stuff.

Wednesday morning (birthday!) – Jeremy and the dogs surprised me with my birthday presents.  And yes, we are THOSE people who pretend that the dogs give us presents and cards.  Whatever.

Jeremy picked up a lovely new vegan purse for me along with Swedish Fish and chocolate.

The dogs gave me the Garmin Forerunner 405!  They were too too kind.  I’m stoked about this watch but very intimidated by it.  We’ll see how this goes.  I’m going to wear the watch and my Nike+ thing on my run tomorrow to see what the difference will be in their calculated distance.  And sadly – that is something I am very much looking forward to doing this weekend.  Is this what 29 does to a person?

The main event of my birthday was golf.  Jeremy and I played a 9-hole game at Carroll Park Golf Course.  Based on what some coworkers said about the park, I was expecting to walk onto the set of The Wire and be prepared to bust a cap in someone.

Again – I was disappointed that it was a normal and boring course (although the guy renting out the golf cart had a “Classic Daddy” in the Coca Cola font t-shirt on).

I was pretty excited to play my first game of golf. 

Jeremy was not as excited for my first game of golf.  We had a 6:30am tee time and I could tell that he was getting anxious by the large number of groups that started to show up behind us. 

I took my first swing and the ball went maybe 20 feet.  At this point, Jeremy hung his head in pure mortification and yelled, “Oh god…” as though I had just shown up at some fancy office function wearing a silk blouse tucked into sweatpants with white socks and black sandals.  Geez.

We ended up skipping the first hole just to give us a buffer between the next group since we knew that it would take me forever to get through one hole.  And it did.  But it was fun.

Jeremy in action.

Me feeling like a douche but having fun while feeling this way and taking a terrible swing.

I think all of the holes were either Par 3 or Par 4.  I’m pretty sure I never got below 10 on any hole.

Someone had told me recently that Korean women dominate the LPGA so I thought I’d perhaps have that to my advantage (as though it is a skill that would be apart of my DNA or something… like kung fu).  Clearly I get my golf skills from my dad’s side of the family.

Will we go again?  I think so.  After Jeremy got over being completely embarrassed by me, we had a great time. 

The rest of my birthday was spent running errands.  No joke.  I dropped my car off to get its 100k mile maintenance (and was later delivered the awful news that it needed about $2k worth of work), went to the eye doctor for contacts and went to the grocery store.




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6 responses to “The Big Birthday Extravaganza or How I Getting Older Sucks

  1. Aside from the car news it sounds like you had a pretty decent birthday.

    I will always treat birthdays like wine (and with wine). I think we all just get better with age 🙂

    I like that viewpoint!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I know exactly how you felt golfing. My in-laws are all good golfers and I hate going with them because I’m so awful and take to so long to get my ball to the hole!

    I’m glad I’m not alone! I had fun but I just couldn’t hit the ball very far.

  3. Stacy

    Omgosh! We were there at 8:30! We probably JUST missed seeing you guys 🙂

    We should go sometime!!!!

    Shut up! That is crazy! We totally should go although I think I need a few more practice games. 🙂

  4. 6:30am tee time on your birthday??? Oh my gosh, woman! Happy birthday, cute purse! (But what makes it vegan? It’s just not made of anything animal?)

    Thanks! And yes – the purse is all man-made materials.

  5. Happy birthday! Just think, you’re now the age that women world-wide pretend to be!

    That’s very true! Although I have somehow crossed over into not ever getting carded territory and I don’t like it.

  6. 29… I’m right behind you. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone for long.
    PS I thought about writing what MonsterRawr said, but she beat me to it.

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