Rotten Teeth

Have I shared with everyone my dental issues over the last year?  I’m sure that I have but in case you weren’t paying attention, here’s a quick recap:

February 2008 – was told I had 6 cavities.  Over the next month, I got them filled.  I hadn’t had a cavity in over 15 years and visited the dentist every 6 months.  Ridiculous.

January 2009 – was told that one of my rotten teeth whose cavity was filled needed a crown because the rot was too large to hold the filling.

February 2009 – got the temporary crown.  Had the appointment for the permanent cancelled and moved out another week.  That same week, the temporary crown POPPED OUT.  Horrifying.  Got the temp put back in and then got the permanent a week later.

May 2009 – crazy painful tooth infection right by the crown.  Giant pusball popped IN MY MOUTH.  Had to swish with a chemical mouthwash that turned my tongue BROWN.

June 2009 – Regular 6 month checkup.  Dentist decides my crown isn’t “sitting well” and wants to replace it.

And here we are.  I have seen my dentist more in the last year than I have seen all of my general physicians in the last 10 years.  I see my dentist more than I see my own brother.  Ridiculous.

I went on Tuesday to get my crown removed and get a new temporary crown.  You would think at this point that I would be completely numb to the sounds of the drills, the pain of the numbing shot (with a gigantic needle, no less) and the overall soreness of keeping my mouth wide open for an hour.  Nope.  Not numb to it at all.

The removal of my permanent crown?  Awful. 

I sat through ear shattering drilling for awhile only to have that followed up with the dentist saying, “Snap… crackle… POP.”  That pop was him breaking the original crown.

I actually groaned when he did this because WTF?!  Who says that?  How traumatizing.

The dentist did show me the x-ray of my original crown and I will agree that it was clearly not sitting correctly.  Whose fault is that?  There was a gap between the crown and the gumline that had left the gum tissue looking like, “hamburger meat” (the dentist’s words, not mine). 

Does anyone else find it ironic that the vegetarian has gum tissue resembling meat? 

The numbness didn’t wear off for a few hours and this time, the numbness went as high up as my temple.  That’s my brain.  For a person who is completely terrified of death by chemicals, having the complete side of my face numb was not fun.

I attribute the endless stream of numbing shots to my deteriorating brain and the depression/funk I’m in this week.  Clearly having part of my brain numbed has caused some brain damage.

I am brain damaged, people.

This damage has not only caused a depression, but it has caused me to lose total motivation for that stupid triathlon I’m doing later this month (less than 3 weeks away). 

It has caused me to mope on my sofa after work and go to bed before 9pm every night only to wake up the next morning feeling completely exhausted. 

It caused me to huff and puff when Jeremy ate watermelon last night because all I could think was that he was leaving none for me today and that I’d have to go buy another one and cut it up.  Oy – the amount of effort that would take just drained me of any energy I had that night.

It also caused me to gloss over the Saved By The Bell Reunion in People magazine.  I felt no joy in my heart over a show I once held so dear.  Stupid brain damage!  I couldn’t even appreciate the fact that Screech (Dustin Diamond) has a book coming out that is supposed to uncover what life was like “behind the Bell” (I wish I was kidding).  WTF?

I want my joy back.  And I want some watermelon.



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8 responses to “Rotten Teeth

  1. Damn! That sucks! I feel your pain, though. Due to the constant grinding of my teeth in my sleep, I’ve got some major tooth issues brewing in my mouth. I hope it feels better, and I hope all those nasty chemicals seep their way outta your brain.

    Ooh – I’m a tooth grinder too! Not fun. But be sure you floss! I get accused of not flossing all the time (and I frickin’ floss). I think my teeth just hate me.

  2. Meredith

    Awww Kim that sucks. It sounds like you are in so much pain. I don’t blame you for not wanting to work out and feeling tired and sluggish.

    There are big doings with that people cover. Screech and Principal Belding were left out and were not happy. One of them was actually in the original photo but got cropped out! Who knew SBTB could be so dramatic!

    Someone got cropped out?! Haha! That is hilarious. I really expected something more out of the “reunion”… like the announcement of a made for tv movie or something.

  3. Going to the dentist is traumatic enough. You have been through a hellish time. I would almost consider finding a new one, if it were me. Who says that kind of thing? Hamburger? Seriously?

    The whole Screech thing is scary. When Dustin was on the Celebrity Fit Club, he was a complete wreck. He has sooooo many issues and he cannot seem to get past the past. It’s really sad, but it has made him a complete jerk. He thinks the whole world owes him something.

    Screech was a train wreck on Celebrity Fit Club! I couldn’t even watch it. It was sad because I had seen him do stand up before and he was surprisingly funny. Now he just seems bitter…

  4. taraSG

    That really sucks! I have never had a cavity before but my back teeth have been hurting. I’m afraid to go to the dentist. I know the longer I wait the worse it will be…

    So true… you should definitely see a dentist soon! Just not MY dentist. 🙂

  5. Holy shit that is awful! I have a lot of fillings from my childhood, but I’ve been pretty lucky in the dental department in adulthood. *knock on some giant-ass wood*

    I hope this drama is over soon for you!

    Tell me about it. And yes, knock on wood! I thought I was safe as well… until last year. Oy.

  6. Factor

    Go see Clutch at Sonar tomorrow. It will make you feel good. Or Beach House tonight at Metro Gallery.

    I feel so unhip… I had no idea what Metro Gallery was and its right on Charles St. Am I still cool enough to see a show?

  7. Do you happen to rinse with ACT? I was having some tooth decay issues and I started using it–blammo!—my teeth got healthier. I swear.

    I’m sorry you’re in a funk. Car troubles and teeth troubles will do that to a girl. Hang in there.

    I don’t rinse with anything but I am SO willing to try ACT if it helped you! Thank you for the tip!

  8. I second the ACT comment. My teeth were getting a little soft from drinking too much soda and my hygienist recommended ACT. It worked beautifully.

    Man – now I really need to try this ACT stuff out! Good to know that more people have had good results.

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