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Random Pictures

So I try to take pictures of random things in my life with the intent of blogging about them.  But by the time I get around to uploading them, life happens and I forget about them entirely. 

This post is about those forgotten pictures.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading a vegan blog and saw a post about grilling a pizza (with a homemade whole wheat dough).  This planted a little seed in my head and within a couple of days I had to have a grilled vegan pizza or I was going to stab someone in the neck.

With Jeremy only in law school and not actually a lawyer just yet therefore unable to provide any sort of legal representation to keep me out of prison, he thought it would be best if we just got the stuff we needed to make our own pizzas. 

My vegan pizza is on the right.  I made a vegan pizza sauce (from the Veganomicon) and added mushrooms, spinach, basil and rice milk cheese.

Jeremy’s pizza (on the left) is NOT vegan because he thinks vegan cheese is weird.  His pizza is topped with tomatoes, basil and mozzarrella.

And that’s corn on the grill.  It is one of my absolute favorite things to eat and as Jeremy so eloquently stated the other night, “Its fun to eat and its fun to see later.”

Also a few weeks ago, Jeremy purchased this thing after seeing it on Ed Begley’s show.  He recommended it his folks and they purchased it and liked it.  So, we finally got one too.  It sprays a cool mist of air onto our a/c unit to help cool the air faster and keep our gas&electric costs down.  I don’t really know if it has made that much of a difference but our dogs were initially freaked out by it.  But then Petie realized he could drink from it.

That same day (when Petie discovered he could drink from that cooling spout), we were putzing around in our backyard doing some projects and I couldn’t help but snap a few photos of Emily.  I actually thought she was dying but she was fine.  I swear.  She’s alive and well, thanks.

Sick of dog pictures yet?  Okay then.

Last month, I said goodbye to a dear friend.  My car.  I had that car for 7 years and in that time, we’ve graduated college together, broken up with several douchebags and even got married.  They were a reliable friend and I loved them dearly.

The car was paid off.  I hadn’t had car payments in over 2 years.  But – I took it in for its 100k mile maintenance and found out that it needed several thousand dollars worth of work.  And no – this place isn’t shady.  They’ve never tricked me into getting services I don’t need so I believed them.

Jeremy insisted that it was time for a new car.  The idea of a car payment again made me want to vomit to which Jeremy pointed out that I would at some point be faced with another car payment so I should just get it over with.  UGH.  I got my car appraised and was surprised that the appraisal was close to what it would cost to repair it.  So… I got a new car.  I got another Honda Civic and I still miss my car.

I made Jeremy take a bunch of pictures of my car and practically burst into tears when I realized upon driving an hour home from the dealership that I had left my dorky Patrick Starfish sticker on my rear view mirror.

I like my new car and everything but… but… its not my old friend.  And in case you’re wondering, Jeremy doesn’t understand my attachment to inanimate objects either.  Please don’t get me started on my toaster oven.

Not the most exciting post, but I’m glad that I finally gave some of those pictures some loving.  Maybe one day I’ll get around to blogging about the trip I took to Scotland in October since I have yet to post all of those photos (or even send the wedding photos to Juli… sorry!).

Happy Friday!


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