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Booty-less Pop

I don’t think it is a secret that I have no ass.  I’m ass-less.  Jeremy tried to tell me last month that my increase in running has perked up my tush but believe me, I am still tush-less. 

I’ve come to accept my flat butt and try to wear things that may flatter it (or at least cover it). 

And most days, I forget about my missing behind.

That was until last Saturday when I was reminded LOUD and CLEAR that I have no booty.

How?  Why?

I took an exotic dance class (finally fulfilling another 101 in 1001 list item!).  This class was the chair/floor workout and holy hell… what a workout.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but my pal CAG (read her blog!) convinced me that it was truly a workout.

Why did I finally decide to take this class?  CAG has created/organized/managed a new workout group called the Fab Fit Clique and she has deemed that August is “Look Good Naked Month”.  She organized 2 exotic dance classes and 2 bootcamp classes for the month (every Saturday in August).  The floor/chair workout was the only one I could attend.  If you’re in the Baltimore area – you really should attend one of the workouts!  I had a blast and the classes are only $10.

Aanywho – enough shameless plugging for my pal.  (heart you, CAG!)

The instructor of the class didn’t look like she was in incredible shape.  I don’t mean that as an insult… I just mean she didn’t strut in with six pack abs or Madonna-like arms.  But when she got into a move and worked it, I felt inadequate as a woman.

I am not sexy.  I never claim to be sexy and I never TRY to be sexy because I just feel like an idiot.  I’m awkward and robotish.

She had us do moves that required us to hump the chair, spread our legs, rock our bodies whilst laying in strange positions… you name it, I tried it.

Look how hard I am concentrating on flutter kicking Playboy style?

I like to call this move “Giving Birth”.

The move that killed me though was the “booty pop”.

Have I mentioned that I have no booty?  This woman tried to break the move down as much as possible.

Stand with your feet hips distance apart.  Squat.  Tuck your butt.  Push out your butt quickly.  Tuck your butt.  Push our your butt quickly. 

Her booty?  It looked like she belonged in a rap video.  In fact, a large number of the girls in the class looked like they’ve been booty popping their entire lives.

I looked like I was having trouble pooping.

I’m convinced that black women have an extra muscle in their bodies that allows them to booty pop. 

I’ve never seen a white girl booty pop… let alone an asian one!  I’m pretty sure I can consider this a booty FAIL!


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Boring Flickr Pics

I take a lot of random and somewhat boring pictures and post them to my Flickr account.  I wonder what strangers think of my photostream.  Gee – this girl takes a lot of pictures of food and appliances… and of her frickin’ dogs.

Like I mentioned previously – I take these random and boring photos with the intent to blog about them but inevitably forget.  The ones that generally go the longest without mention are all of my food photos.  I had intended to post all of my recipes and whatnot because I’m a vegetarian and love to showcase that being a vegetarian doesn’t mean I eat boring and gross food (well… at least not all the time).  But I kind of stopped doing that mostly because I stopped cooking from any of my vegan cookbooks.  I don’t know what stopped me.  I was on such a roll… cooking a new recipe every Sunday.  But I just got tired of it.

Anywho.  Now I bring you pictures of food with brief descriptions.

I made this the other day with some of the CSA vegetables from Saturday’s pickup: zucchini and red onions.  Inspired by the “Vegan with a Vengeance” pizza sauce recipe, I used whole plum tomatoes, oregano, salt & pepper with the zucchini and red onions to make a homemade pasta sauce concoction.  I was proud of myself for doing this because I didn’t consult a recipe once. 

I realize that most people don’t need to consult a recipe everytime they cook but you have no idea how far I’ve come in terms of cooking.  Even Jeremy had to comment that I would not have been able to make such a dish (without a lot of help from him) 4 years ago… and probably not even 2 years ago. 

I’d also like to introduce everyone to my new best friend:

Mr. Ice Cream maker, blogosphere.  Blogosphere, Mr. Ice Cream Maker.

Mr. Ice Cream maker, blogosphere. Blogosphere, Mr. Ice Cream Maker.

I have always said that I’m a vegetarian who dips her toe into the vegan pool because I have not fully embraced the vegan diet.  For the last year or so, I’ve slowly started to cut things out of my diet (and life) to get me more in line with the vegan lifestyle.  One of the biggest challenges for me was cutting out ice cream.  I f’n love ice cream.  I would bathe in ice cream if it wouldn’t leave me so sticky.

So I looked up vegan ice cream recipes and found a ton.  I picked up my new best friend and experimented with my first vegan ice cream recipe: Strawberry ice cream.

First you need frozen strawberries.

Then you throw the frozen strawberries into the next best appliance (Mr. Blender).

Then you blend the frozen strawberries with sugar and soy milk.  It looks like a nice smoothie (and probably would have made for a good one).

I forgot to take a picture of the end result but it was good.  The consistency is different than regular store bought ice cream but I think that would have been the case with any ice cream made with that machine (their little instruction manual says so). 

Will this completely convert me?  I don’t know.  I need to step up my ice cream making and concoct the perfect chocolate and peanut butter vegan ice cream recipe and then I’ll let you guys know.

Last food photo of the day.  I’ve become obsessed with green monster drinks lately.  Since I’ve started my whole running/triathlon/marathon training kick, I’ve stumbled across a ton of great blogs dedicated to healthy living, exercising, etc.  Most of these bloggers raved about “green monsters” so I finally thought I’d give one a shot. 

I went to the green monster site and picked out the Blueberry-Banana recipe.  It calls for spinach, blueberries, 1 banana and milk.  easy peasy.  And delicious.

I also scooped in some AmazingGrass powder (for some extra nutrients).  I drank this drink almost every day last week.  It is surprisingly refreshing (I never thought spinach would be refreshing) and gave me a nice boost of energy.  I’m going to try to drink some before my 9 mile run tomorrow to see what that will do.

I’ve entered the part in my marathon training where I’m going to start experimenting with “fuel”.  A friend shared her Clif Bar Shot Bloks with me last week and I really enjoyed it (probably because it was like candy…).  I’m going to pick up some more today to see how it will impact my run.  Hopefully I won’t crap my pants.

I’m probably going to post a few more times today because I feel like I have a lot of things to write about.  Okay, not really but I do want to chat about my jury duty experience and my first exotic dance workout class.


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