Still Here

On top of wanting to write about my jury duty experience (much more pleasant than I anticipated), I have a bachelorette party to discuss that included running into one of my managers and awkwardly hugging her… and I can’t for the life of me remember what we chatted about.  Yikes!

I think the fact that Iron Girl is THIS Sunday, I’m starting to stress out.  My lower back is starting to ache, I’m freeeeeezing today (despite the fact that I was hot in our house yesterday and the thermostat is the same), I just feel achy all over.  I think my brain is freaking out and causing my body to shut down.  So – my brain is also shutting down from things like stringing together coherent and entertaining blog posts.  Apologies for that.

I also think my Nano is freaking out because I cannot get iTunes to sync with it.  I swear that I will have my revenge on Apple someday. 

Annnywho – I’ll leave you with this picture from the bachelorette party and let you figure out how the evening may have panned out for me:


I keeps it classy.  I’m also getting too old for this shit.



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4 responses to “Still Here

  1. Kt

    Haha – I’m loving the picture! Where is the triathalon?

    The triathlon is in Columbia at Centennial Park. If you have nothing better to do at 6am on Sunday, feel free to come watch! 🙂

  2. Good luck this weekend! You’ll kick ass and then crash on your couch for a bit – but it’ll be totally worth it, I’m sure. Love the pic from the bach party… I am also getting too old for that shit!

    Thank you! I hope this is worth it. 🙂

  3. Meredith

    I heard there was also pizza involved on Saturday night 🙂

    You will do great on Sunday!! Looking forward to hearing all about it at my housewarming party Sunday afternoon (*no pressure*)

    Late night drinking always ends up with pizza consumption!

    And I swear that if I don’t feel like death, I will come to your housewarming party!

  4. Damnit! Whywhywhywhywhy?! Why do you still look adorable even when drunk and shloppy? And I look drunk and shloppy when I’m stone-cold sober and trying to look adorable? I swear to god, it’s not fair.
    Merde for the triathlon. Just by crossing the starting line, you’re a better woman than half of us.

    Well thank you for thinking I look adorable. I think I look like an asshole.

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