Preparing for Iron Girl

I wish I had a clever post title but I don’t.  This post is precisely about what I did to prepare for my first triathlon that also happened to be the all women’s sprint triathlon, Iron Girl.  I’m trying to think of the best way to make this easily readable because I really feel like I could dedicate a month of posts to my Iron Girl experience.  Let’s start at the beginning.

October 2008 – my office posts a story online about several women in the company that did the Iron Girl.  I think, “Hey – I could do that!”  I convince myself that a 0.62 mile swim, 17.5 mile bike and a 3.4 mile run won’t be that bad.  I also convince a friend to sign up with me.

November 2008 – registered.  I didn’t think I’d need to start training seriously until the summer.

February 2009 – decide that I should build up some strength and take a stab at p90x.  I thought I’d end up super strong and in Michael Phelps/Lance Armstrong shape.

May 2009 – Hurt my back.  Don’t finish p90x (in the final week!)

June 2009 – Realize that I haven’t done shit to prepare for the triathlon.  My amazing triathlon/marathon friend tells me about a club that does twice weekly workouts at a pool.  I go to my first one and hate/love it.  Realize I am an awful swimmer and that I need more work.  Convince myself that I will stick with these twice weekly workouts until the triathlon.

July 2009 – Miss my first swim workout and then stop going altogether.  Go to 1 tri-club practice workout in open water.  Have a panic attack in the water and have to stop.  Spend the next 2 weeks avoiding water.  Go swim in a pool for a pitiful workout (apparently I can’t motivate myself to swim for a long time).

August 2009 – Holy shit, Iron Girl is this month.  Where the fuck did the time go?  I haven’t done anything!  Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit fart turd yarg narf.  Crap.  My awesome triathlon/marathon friend convinces me to do a mini triathlon workout with her in open water.  We take it 100 yards at a time.  I am able to swim 1000 yards with a lot of coaching from my friend.  Bike 8.5 miles.  My ass hurts.  Want to run 2 miles, can only do 1.

Holy crap – I am unprepared.  Go on one more bike ride the day before to the farmer’s market.  This doesn’t really count as practice.

To sum up how I trained for the triathlon:

I swam 4 times in a pool (3 of which were triathlon workouts) and twice in open water (with one ending quickly because I freaked out). 

I biked twice and only once was a semi-serious ride. 

I did, however, keep up with running.

That brings us to the week of the triathlon.  I start to panic.  I didn’t prepare.  I stress out so much that I make myself sick.  Crap!  I’m sick.  I have to run 10 miles for my marathon training.  Push myself to cover 10 miles 2 days before the triathlon (wtf was I thinking?!)

I attend a few meetings about the triathlon.  I realize that I am SO unprepared but check out the other ladies and think, “well they don’t look like serious triathletes… I can do this.”

I learn that the oldest Iron Girl registered is a 79 year old woman (that does it every year).  The youngest competitor is 12. 

I learn that the best way to pee while competing is during the long bike ride.  Just pedal and pee.  Or stand up while riding and pee.  Apparently most people know this, do this and then don’t really talk about it.  I’m advised not to wear white socks.

… the next post is about my actual Iron Girl experience.



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3 responses to “Preparing for Iron Girl

  1. Kt

    Umm please explain to us whether you peed yourself.

    Ha! I guess I did leave that precious gem out of the post. I did NOT pee myself. I knew I wouldn’t. I can’t even go in the ocean… let alone while riding a bike. 🙂

  2. Hold up. Pee on a bike? Where does the pee go? Like all down your legs and the bike, splattering on the ground? Aren’t there people everywhere? Doesn’t anyone think, oh that’s weird, she’s peeing right now.

    I’m not okay with this.

    I wasn’t either!

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