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How I Measured Up

This week might be dedicated to the Iron Girl.  Sorry if that bores you but you can always just click that little “x” in the right hand corner if you’re not into it and check back with me on Monday where I’ll talk about farting, pooping and hating people.


Just to put things into perspective in terms of my performance at Iron Girl, I thought I’d compare my split times with the best and slowest times, as well as do a comparison against age.  Fun stuff!

Overall Finish

My Time: 2:41:14 (Age 29)
Best Time: 1:29:13 (Age 44)
Slowest Time: 4:37:20 (Age 57)

Swim Time

My Time: 36:16
Best Time: 14:11 (Age 44)
Slowest Time: 86:14 (Age 37)

Swim to Bike Transition Time

My Time: 5:20 – WTF?
Best Time: 1:21 (Age 43)
Slowest Time: 32:51 (Age 47) – okay, I have to wonder if something went wrong here.  The next slowest time is 15:39.  I’m thinking something happened to this woman between events…

Bike Time

My Time: 1:21:07
Best Time: 44:50 (Age 44)
Slowest Time: 2:34:12 (Age 57)

Bike to Run Transition Time

My Time: 2:50 – I chugged a bottle of Gatorade.
Best Time: 0:33 (Age 40) – WTF?!  This woman was FLYING.
Slowest Time: 61:15 (Age 44) – this time also has to be wrong.  The next slowest time is 10:02 so, again, something must have happened to this woman at this point.  Or maybe she had to use the restroom?

Run Time

My Time: 35:44
Best Time: 21:44 (Age 28)
Slowest Time: 1:14:18 (Age 33)

Oldest Iron Girl’s (Age 79) Times
Swim: 25:05
Transition: 2:57
Bike: 1:20:28
Transition: 2:31
Run: 47:14
Overall: 2:38:13

Beat me by: 3:01
(In all fairness – this woman does triathlons all the time.  I HOPE to be just half as active as she is at her age.  Holy crap.)

Youngest Iron Girl’s (Age 12) Times
Swim: 17:34
Transition: 1:49
Bike: 1:04:09
Transition: 1:00
Run: 28:24
Overall: 1:52:54

Beat me by: 48:20
(When I was 12, I couldn’t even run 1 mile.  Ouch.)

Fastest Iron Girl in my Age Division’s Times (Age 25)
Swim: 20:59
Transition: 2:46
Bike: 55:36
Transition: 1:38
Run: 26:30
Overall: 1:47:27

Beat me by: 53:47

Slowest Iron Girl in my Age Division’s Times (Age 29)
Swim: 28:36
Transition: 5:11
Bike: 1:59:49
Transition: 2:36
Run: 53:04
Overall: 3:29:14

I beat her by: 48:00

I placed 138th in my Division out of 179 (ouch!)
I placed 1340th overall out of 1723

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