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Around 11:30pm last night, Jeremy hopped out of bed in a frenzy.  The dogs were barking wildly and I was sitting in bed thinking, “What the f…?  Am I dreaming?”

I couldn’t tell if Jeremy had opened the front door or what.  It got eerily silent for a minute only to be followed by our storm door opening and another man’s voice. 

My first thought was that a neighbor was bothering us but I couldn’t tell what was being said.  But then I heard the word “detective” and was instantly transported into an epsidode of Law & Order.

Dum-Dum (the Law & Order sound… I have no idea how to spell it)

I heard some other mumblings like, “Your house was given to us…”, “Do you know [insert names I never heard before]”. 

I came downstairs and saw 2 police detectives.  One of them apologized for waking me up (I must have looked ROUGH) and proceeded to show Jeremy pictures of people.  Jeremy said he didn’t recognize a woman but the man in the photo looked familiar.

I looked at the photo and instantly recognized the man.  He was 2 doors down from us and I saw him that day staring me down when I was getting out of my car.

We pointed them to that house and shut the door.

Now I’m concerned.  Detectives indicate something serious, right?  This isn’t some domestic disturbance or 911 phone call.  This is an investigation.  Is this couple like a modern day Bonnie & Clyde?  Did I just set myself up to become a victim?!

I’m sort of freaking out.  I’m sure I’m being a little paranoid here but some things that are freaky are:

– I had never seen that dude before until yesterday and now detectives are looking for him?  Scary dude stared me down.

– The detectives didn’t accidentally get our house number wrong.  Jeremy said the detectives had notes about our house number and the color of our door.  Why would someone give them this information?  Are we being targeted for something?

I am freaking out.  Anyone want to sleep over with a shotgun?  Anyone own a taser?  All I have is pepper spray…


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Couch Potato

I am a TV addict.  Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, I have managed to create series recordings for an obscene amount of tv shows on my DVR.

My obsession, however, has come to bite me in the ass because I’ve gotten into SO many shows that the new fall lineup has caused some conflicting recordings.  Therefore, a few shows have been dropped.

While this may not seem like an issue to most normal people, I actually agonized over which shows were DVR worthy and which shows could I just watch on the computer.

When did my life revolve around TV?!

And now with the introduction of new shows, I’m spiraling down into a deep dark hole of spending my entire WEEKEND devoted to watching these shows.  I need help, people. 

So far, the only 2 shows that have been dropped from the DVR are: Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy.  These shows were dropped because these are the 2 shows that Jeremy and I watch individually.  I think Heroes is a lame show and can’t even sit through 5 minutes of it.  Jeremy doesn’t give a crap about Grey’s Anatomy (although he’ll watch it with me if I’m watching it).

Last night was the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and it seems that most people were disappointed in it.  I was going to try to catch it sometime this weekend on the computer but now wonder if its even worth it.  Is it?

As for new shows, I caught the following this week:

Community.  I love Joel McHale.  This show did not disappoint me and my really high expectations.  Series recording set.


Modern Family.  This is some funny shit.  The magazine ads make the show look lame but I read a positive review of the show so Jeremy and I decided to give it a shot.  Its only a 30 minute show so no biggie.  But seriously – this show is really funny.  Like really funny.  Series recording set!


Cougartown.  Again, some really funny shit.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  But I saw that the show was created by the same guy that did Scrubs (Bill Lawrence) and I love that show so I thought I’d also give this show a shot.  Again, its only a 30 minute show.  While the idea of cougars has sort of run its course (I’m so sick of that term… we don’t have a term for old men and young girls, why do women have to be labeled ‘cougar’), this show is hilarious.  Series recording set!


Eastwick.  Okay – I’m going to give this show a few more episodes to catch on.  This show isn’t predicted to last very long and I can see why.  Inspired by the movie (The Witches of Eastwick) – this show is about modern day witches that don’t know they are witches or some crap like that.  I’m having a hard time buying Rebecca Romijn as some bohemian artist and Lindsay Price as an uptight nerd.  This show is an hour so it may get dropped.


The Forgotten.  Again – this is a show that I need to watch at least a few more times before I can make a decision to series record it.  I taped it because Christian Slater stars in it and I used to LOVE him when I was in middle school (hello Pump Up the Volume!  Heathers! Gleaming the Cube!  The Legend of Billie Jean! True Romance!) and while he may not be super popular now… I still kind of love him. 


The premise of this show is interesting.  A group of volunteers work to identify Jane Doe victims.  The first half of the pilot had me intrigued but then they started to make a few leaps into the impossible that bordered RIDICULOUS and corny.  I hope this picks up.

Wow.  I just basically recapped how sad my life is lately.  Saturdays are my long run days and they leave me drained of energy for most of the day.  I enjoy sitting around and watching tv while icing my legs.  But clearly – I need a life.

The turdy youngster on my grad school team made a comment about not wanting to get married anytime soon because he had “a lot of things” he wanted to do and I got a little peeved and replied, “Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I don’t do stuff!”

Little did he know that I really just meant that I watch an obscene amount of television with my husband.  But whatever!  We go out to eat too.


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The Question Women Generally Don’t Want to be Asked

Lots of random things that could probably stand on their own but my short attention span and inability to write eloquent or witty posts has forced me to pull everything together in a single mangled entry fit for a hyperactive person.

1.  I’m officially in the halfway point of my marathon training.  I even said the phrase, “Oh – I only have to run 10 miles on Saturday” last week.  Only ten miles.  Holy shit – I never thought I’d see the day where 10 miles seems like an achievable and not painful thing to do. 

This past Saturday was the Baltimore Marathon supported course run where a 20 mile and 10 mile course was mapped and set up with water/nutrition stops along the way.  It was crazy hilly and some parts of the course ran through areas of the city that I generally see on the news (when someone is shot). 

I had some knee pain starting on Wednesday after my 7 mile run.  I thought that I probably needed new shoes but didn’t have an opportunity to pick up a pair Friday night before the 10 miler.  I took precautions and iced my knee for a few days, took some ibuprofen and even wore my knee sleeve.  I felt good through the run and realized at one point that my pace had increased about 30 seconds faster than my normal pace.  I didn’t want to die.  My legs weren’t exhausted.  However, after 8.5 miles – I felt like someone punched me in the knee.  I may have even whimpers.  I ended up doing a walk/jog for the remaining mileage but still managed to complete the course 1 minute faster than my 10-miler race time in June.

2.  Jeremy still annoys me with his endurance.  He hasn’t run a long distance SINCE the Baltimore 10-miler in June due to some IT band issues but decided after lots of physical therapy that he’d give this run a shot.  He still finished 20 minutes ahead of me, ran a more difficult course (he took a wrong turn and hit some steep hills towards the end) and felt that his run was “so slow”.

3.  We ran the Fort McHenry Tunnel Run 5k on Sunday.  I thought I’d keep pace with Meredith but holy crap – that girl is fast.  My “keeping pace” with her meant that I’d trail her by 2 minutes.  Oh well.  I managed to average a 9:27 min/mile pace.

And running through a tunnel isn’t fun.  It was hot as balls in there.  Jeremy reported feeling claustrophobic about a mile into the tunnel.  I didn’t feel claustrophic.  In fact, the tunnel seemed much larger running through it than when I drive through it.  I just couldn’t get over the stagnant, humid air. 

4.  The graduate school that I attend generally gets high marks for their IT program.  They’re usually identified as a “hot school” or ranked pretty decently against other universities.  This should make me feel good about being in the program, right?  No, it doesn’t.  I can’t get over the number of idiots in my classes.  Or the number of pompous douchebags that just like to hear their own voices.

I gave a presentation last week on a study of incorporating “social search” technologies into basic search programs (like Google) and someone asked me how I thought this would impact stalking.  Yes, you read that right.  HOW DID I THINK THIS WOULD IMPACT STALKING?  What.the.f.  I looked at the guy, blinked a few times and then said, “um – well stalking is generally done alone.  I don’t think people collaborate with their friends and colleagues to aid them in stalking.  Sir – are you a stalker?”  God, I hope not because if he is – I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up stabbed one day after class.

5.  And last but not least I was asked the dreaded question yesterday by a co-worker.  “Are you pregnant?”  I gasped.  My soul died a little.  I am not pregnant.  In fact, I’ve been running my ass off for the last 9 weeks.  Am I pregnant?!  Upon the look of horror on my face, the woman said, “You’re just normally so skinny.  Your dress is just poufing a lot.”  POUFING?! 

The funny thing is (well as funny as being asked if you are with child when you are NOT) is the dress is actually the smallest size dress I own.  When I tried it on and looked at the tag, I actually felt a moment of triumph.  I did a happy dance.  And now I view it as a maternity dress.  Awe-some.

I should have taken a photo of me wearing it and posted it.  It is not a babydoll dress or anything like that.  Sweet Jesus – who asks that question?  I thought we, as a society, were trained to never ask a woman that question unless you see the baby crowning out of her vag.  Or if she is wearing a “bun in the oven” shirt.


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Dance Magic dance


So Kristin and I were chatting yesterday about random things like weekend plans when the subject of her yard came up.  She and her husband have a large shed in their backyard that they hate and want to tear down.  For as many times as I’ve been to her house – I can’t picture this shed.  Anywho – she made a comment that upon tearing down the shed, they would probably release a bunch of rabbits.  Apparently their shed has turned into a rabbit den? rabbit lair?  And then she said a rabbit LABYRINTH.

Here’s a fun fact for my readers: I love David Bowie.  Not many people know of my adoration of Mr. Bowie or just how long this love has lasted.

I think I fell in love with David Bowie in middle school when I watched Labyrinth.  There was something about his inappropriately tight pants and the way they hugged his bottom.  His hair defied gravity.  Oh Jareth, the Goblin King… how I remember you fondly.

And then there was the song.  You know.  THE song.  Dance Magic.

During they heyday of Napster, I had downloaded Dance Magic and burned it to a cd.  Also on that cd is the Neverending Story (try to get that song out of your head now).

Just the word Labyrinth triggered a need for me to listen to this song so I found the cd and almost cried when it wouldn’t play either song. The cd is badly damaged and I no longer have the song on my computer.  And now I can’t get it out of my head and have become obsessed with it.

So here you go:

Happy Friday!


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Germs Germs Everywhere

I love Dr. Oz.  Anytime I knew that he’d be on Oprah, I’d DVR it because I love him.  I want him to be my doctor. 

When Oprah announced that Dr. Oz was getting his own show, I was stoked!  And I was sure to set my DVR to record Dr. Oz’s shows.

While I still love Dr. Oz… I’m starting to not like him anymore.  Mind you – he’s still the loveable and knowledgeable doc we’ve all grown to love and appreciate but now he’s turned me into a crazed germaphobe

Holy hell – he did a segment yesterday about the germs in your purse.  Jesus Christ – I don’t think I’ll ever carry my handbag again.

My cell phone?  I’m surprised I haven’t died from whatever germs are lurking on it.

He also did a segment about underwear and discussed the problems with THONGS.  OMG… I will risk visible panty lines to avoid poop creeping up my undies into my susie.  And did you know that you shouldn’t wash your undies with your regular laundry because of POOP?!  What the hell?

I feel like I can’t leave the house without a mask and rubber gloves anymore. 

As if I didn’t have enough issues with hugging people because I get all weirded out by others invading my personal space… I’ll never touch another person again until I’ve seen evidence of them being wiped down with rubbing alcohol.

He recommended a UV Wand to kill germs.  I think this might go on my Christmas list. 

And okay – so I’m not really that crazy.  I am the type of person that refuses to use the antibacterial hand sanitizer that is all over my office because I am convinced that people are just breeding a superbug.  I’m all for developing immunities naturally. 

I’m just saying it was gross to hear just how dirty we are and the people featured on his show weren’t nearly as dirty as me.  I’ll admit it.  My purse finds itself on the ground quite a bit.  My keyboard at work?  Crusted over with food (yes, gross).  My mouse?  Same thing.  Food crust.  Actually just about every thing I come into contact with (especially handles… like to my fridge or dishwasher) have some level of food crust on them.  I eat a lot, what can I say?


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Zensah Giveaway

In case you missed yesterday’s post, I went on a shopping spree (sort of) and now must calm the f down when it comes to new purchases.

One of my favorite bloggers, Chic Runner, is doing a giveaway of a $75 gift certificate to Zensah!  They make arm warmers and compression socks (both things I really want).

Check it out:

Giveaway for Zensah!

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Shopping Addict

Sometimes when I go a long time without shopping and then I purchase a few items, I lose my fucking mind.  Couple that with a sweet 9/9/09 deal and I’ve got new stuff!

For starters, 9/9/09 brought about lots of online deals.  The ones that hooked me were and Threadless offered certificates for 90% off!  I ended up purchasing the following certificates:
$25 to Abacrombie (minimum purchase of $35 required) – Top Chef contestant’s restaurant.  She was kicked off the last show but her restaurant is really good.
$25 to Chiapparelli’s (minimum purchase of $35 required) – Typical Little Italy fare. 
$25 to Indigma (minimum purchase of $50 required) – delightful Indian cuisine.
$10 to Pasticcio Italian Kitchen (minimum purchase of $20 required) – I gave them a bad review for their pasta but I heard their pizza is really good.  I figured it was worth a shot (for $1).
$10 for TeaVolve Cafe & Lounge (minimum purchase of $15 required) – love this place for their sandwiches.

Total cost = $3.80.  Not too shabby.

Threadless offered all of their t-shirts for $9.  I couldn’t resist.  I love Threadless although I’ve never purchased a shirt from them (but I have friends that have).  Their designs range from hilarious to cute to artsy fartsy fantastic.  I wasn’t sure if I should have added more t-shirts to my wardrobe.  I often go back and forth about wanting to dress nicer more often (no more t-shirts and jeans) plus I often wonder if I’m too old for graphic tees.  And dammit, I’m not.  But I did avoid getting the cute t-shirts (as much as I wanted them) and got these fantastic shirts:

Stick Figures in Peril – I love skulls.  It brings out the 14 year old alt-rock girl in me.


Infinity MPG


Natural Selection – I love this shirt.  The animals are fighting back!  I generally use this argument when people claim that humans are at the top of the food chain.  Sure we are… because we have guns and crossbows.  But I’m pretty sure if you tried to kill a deer or a bear with your bare hands, you’d lose (either because the animal could outrun you or Mr. Bear’s claws would tear you to pieces).


Flowers in the Attic – my favorite of the bunch


Rock Out with Your Cock Out – purchased this for Jeremy because it made me laugh.  Look, there’s a rooster just hanging out with the band!  I also thought if I purchased Jeremy a shirt, he wouldn’t be as mad at me for my frivolous purchase.  And look, a rooster!


So since I had tasted the sweet relief of shopping, I ended up purchasing these shoes from Target.  Oh and their online store claims that their shoes are buy 1 get 1 half off but when I put these in my shopping cart, I got as far as confirming my order and none of the shoes were discounted.  So I abandoned ship and went to my local Target.

Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Kaley Tall Cuffed Boots – Black


I have been looking for non-leather knee high boots for quite some time.  They’re easy to find online but not so easy to find in person.  I really wanted to see the boots in person to make sure they looked okay.  I was very close to purchasing the flat brown boots I got for Christmas in black because I knew they fit but really didn’t want to get the same pair.  Anywho – I was glad to have found these and for so cheap.  Keep in mind that they aren’t the best quality and probably won’t last forever but for $35, I’m okay with them just lasting through this season.  Another bonus is that the cuff at the top unfolds so if I’m feeling saucy enough to rock the over the knee boot trend this year, I can do so.

The only other problem with these boots is that I have really really skinny ankles.  The way these boots bunch make me look a like a ninja (according to Jeremy).  I’ll post pictures sometime soon to see what you guys think (because if they really are THAT bad… I’ll return them). 
Women’s Mossimo Kaylen Peep-Toe Booties

I love these shoes.  I have a weird obsession with peep-toe booties.  According to Jeremy, they make my feet look very wide and fat but I think they’re super cute and sassy.

Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ballet Flats


I love these shoes.  I ended up getting a 1/2 size bigger only because that was all that was available.  They’re kind of wide but they’re super comfy and for $12.99, I didn’t mind the not perfect fit.  I’d rather something feel a little loose than a little tight.

My current obsession (outside of peep-toe booties) is oversized cocktail rings.  I scoured Etsy yesterday and found a few that I am absolutely in love with.  My credit card is half way out of my wallet and I’m about to get one in particular but then I’m hit with a slight feeling of guilt.  I need new running shoes and that should trump a cocktail ring at this point.  But… but…

I just want stuff!

Oh and I’d post the pic of the ring I’m in love with but I don’t want anyone else to buy it!  🙂


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