Hurts… to… Move…

I’ve been following the Hal Higdon Novice Marathon training guide like its the damn bible (or what I imagine the bible must be to religious people… because I’m a heathen and don’t get that god stuff). 

I’m now in Week 7.  According to Hal, I should look back and see that I am 1/3 of the way through the training.  Yippee!  But now that means the “easing yourself into running a marathon” part is over and now I’m officially running all double digits on the weekends until I begin to taper.

My max distance covered is 10 miles.  It wasn’t what I’d deem a successful run and as much as I’ve tried to put it behind me, I will say it has scared the shit out of me.  I’m supposed to run 12 miles on Saturday.  Holy shit.

12 miles is longer than it takes for me to run from my house in Greektown (a neighborhood in Baltimore) through Highlandtown, Brewer’s Hill, Canton, Fell’s Point, Harbor East, the Inner Harbor and a part of Federal Hill.  If you don’t live in Baltimore, I realize this means nothing to you.  But for everyone else – holy shit!

I feel like I should be feeling stronger at this point.  I ran 7 miles this past Saturday and while I felt I could keep going cardiovascularly (I wasn’t gasping for air like I was in my horrible swim during Iron Girl) – my legs were POOPED.

I’ve been scared to do leg strength training because I was afraid of wearing out my legs.  But Sunday, I decided that I need to step it up.

I completed the p90x without any real issue.  By the end of it, I was a squating, lunging, push-uping queen. 

I haven’t really done much strength training since June.

Monday I decided I’d follow my old leg workout with some chest and tricep work: squats, stationary lunges, reverse lunges, inner-outer thigh machine (or the slut/prude machine as Kristin likes to call it) and push-ups with some additional free weight chest presses.  Not only are my inner thighs SCREAMING everytime I stand up… my actual butt cheeks ache.  Like right in the center of the butt cheek muscle.  Pain.  In there.  My cheek. 

For the runners that may read this blog – how should I go about strength training?  I think I really need to work on my legs if I think I’m going to continue running in the double digits because at this rate… I’ll be walking the Philly marathon.

For the non-runners reading this and thinking, “Who the fuck cares?” – I’ll talk about some other random stuff.  Okay, actually I’m going to talk about running again but I swear it isn’t super boring.

For my September run, I’ve been very selective on the race I want to do.  As I mentioned before, I follow the HH training guide like the bible so I had to find an easy Sunday run.  I found this: The Fort McHenry Tunnel Run 5k.  It fits in perfectly with my schedule and I’ve always had a bizarre fascination with the tunnels in Baltimore.  Its a mixture of fear (what if the damn thing collapses and I drown?!) and hate (could they possibly pick any more terrible times to shut down one of the tunnels and cause an extreme backup of traffic?).

Aaaanywho – Kristin is gearing up to run her first 5k nonstop.  She’s been running a lot lately and I’m incredibly proud of her for keeping it up.  I’ve been in her shoes.  I told her it was time to take the plunge and register for a race.  The timing of the tunnel run worked out perfectly.

The race benefits the Special Olympics.  And I can register as a team!  Yippee!  I’ve gotten commitments from several friends.  My dilemma is picking a team name. 

Any suggestions?



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7 responses to “Hurts… to… Move…

  1. Stacy

    If my brain doesn’t fail me, I’ll look at my team in training binder from when I trained and see what they recommend for strength training…

    If my brain doesn’t fail me, I’ll text you a reminder! 🙂

  2. Meredith

    Personally I am totally freaked out about running in the tunnel but I figure someone will drag my ass out should I have a panic attack!!

    Good for you with the marathon training. I can fathom running more than 5 or 6 miles. I’m breaking into a cold sweat just thinking about it!!

    I think the panic attack might help you to run faster… so you can get the f out of the tunnel!

  3. mainlyclearskies

    A massage might be good. Ask around until you find a good, well-trained therapist – one maybe who specializes in sports or medical massage. One who is not well trained might make things worse. A piriformis release might help – that’s that butt muscle that’s giving you grief.

    I think a massage is a great idea! Good call on finding someone who specializes in sports medicine. I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about getting regular massages as a runner so I’ve been avoiding it.

  4. As a former collegiate (distance) runner, I figured I would chime in here! Strength training is so, so important. We did it twice a week for about an hour each. Definitely concentrate on lunges (great to do with dumbells in each hand), step-ups (grab a bar or weights and step up on a tall box or stepper. Alternate legs and push the weights up above your head with each step. You can also raise your opposite knee when on the top of the step for additional muscle work) and squats (with a bar). Calf raises are good too and you can do those by just standing on a step on your tippy toes and dropping your heels up and down.
    Also, spend as much time on your upper body as you do your lower body. Your arms help you run more than one would imagine!

    Thank you!! I appreciate the advice and exercises. I’ll start keeping it up.

  5. I know nothing about any of this, but just thought I’d say hi and good luck with the legs.

    Good luck with the legs!

    Haha – my legs appreciate the comment. 🙂

  6. Paul T

    A little birdie told me that you wrote about HH on your latest blog entry so I had to check it out for myself. As you know, this is my second stint on the same program and I’m on the same week as you…..First of all, your way to hard on yourself. We are a bit less then 3 months away from Philly so take it easy. Your allowed to have ‘off’ days such as the one you experienced for the 10 miler. August is a very tough month to train, especially in MD. I told Beth the other day that I felt as though that was the toughest training run I have ever had to do. I remember walking outside that morning and just feeling 5 lb’s heavier due to the humidity alone. You are by no means the only runner that day that was struggling. And as I said, this is my second go around with HH. (Really, it was my 3rd go around on week 5 since I readjusted training for Philly.) Not bragging, just reiterating how tough that day was.
    As we get into September, you will find that these runs get easier. Instead of looking so far ahead on the schedule, just take it week by week. I actually find the Wednesday runs more of a pain in the ass then the long Sat runs anway. Today is the first 6 mile run!
    As far as the wieght traning, I do think its important as well. I would just caution you to not overdo it at the gym! This is especially true during such a long traning regimine. Think of it this way, why are your legs so sore after a run? It’s because your creating tears in your muscles that your body needs time to repair. Why increase that further with weight training? Your off days are recovery days based on your run schedule alone, if you overdo it on weight training, then your body will require more recovery time that your training schedule does not account for. You will sabotage your primary goal….to finish Philly. Bottom line, if your gonna weight train, work on your upper body but only on your cross-training days(Sunday) so you have Monday to recover before getting back at it on Tuesday. Leave the hard core lower body wieght resistance training for the off season.

    Enjoy the sites on your runs, your running further then you ever have and you still have the motivation to keep it up, you should be proud of that. See you on the training course!

    Hey Paul! I appreciate your feedback. I’m really trying not to get so worked up over bad runs or seeing how far I’m supposed to run a few weeks from now but its tough! I’m still trying to figure out the best pace, the best fuel, etc. I will say that I do love running in Baltimore. I agree the midweek runs are the worst but mostly because of the time crunch (that and I’m running around work and it’s not as pretty as Baltimore). Where do you do your really long runs? The NCR trail?

  7. Paul T

    It’s 15 miles round trip if I go from my house in Highlandtown, along the water, around Ft McHenry and back along the same route. When I get to the 16 and 18 mile runs, I will make up the extra miles when I get back to Patterson Park. For the 20 miler, I was thinking about doing the saem thing I did last year; running the Balt. Marathon course save for the first 6 miles. You can start at Patterson Park and finish there and get in the full 20 miles, it’s quite convenient. I may have to wear my Halloween costume that day! It is scheduled for 10/31!
    Falls Road Running Store sponsors a 20 mile prep run on 10/10 which was really nice last year since they set up water stations every few miles. We are scheduled for 12 miles that day so I wont be doing it this year.
    I am still looking for alternatives though. I just loooked up NCR and that looks like an interesting alternative for the 20 miler.

    What is the Baltimore marathon route? Maybe I’ll join you! I think I need someone to motivate me to keep running. Its tough to push myself.

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