Is Anything Free?

Recently a friend of mine made a comment that “running is free”.  I thought about this for awhile.  Tons of articles and bloggers have stated that in the economic downturn, drop your gym membership and strap on a pair of running shoes.

So – yes, running around your block is “free” I suppose. 

But is running really free?

I’ve been thinking about the amount of money I’ve spent on running this past year (not including the races I’ve paid to enter).

Brooks Adrenaline Running Shoes – $105 (and this is something that I have to replace every 4-6 months)

Garmin Forerunner 405 + heart rate monitor – $350 (okay, technically Jeremy did not pay this much but this is roughly what this is costing folks these days)

Nike+ iPod – $29

Fuel Belt – $45

SpiBelt – $20

And I can’t even begin to tally the cost of my “technical” workout wear because oy, what a headache.

Also missing from this list are my iPod (since I technically purchased that before this year), running headphones, running “fuel”, hair accessories, blah blah blah.

You get the point.  Sure its cheaper than a gym membership but if you take it seriously – it sure as shit isn’t free.

Is anything?


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