Light at the End of the Tunnel

Today was my official start of my Fall semester in my graduate program.  Today also marks the first day of my LAST SEMESTER.  Oh yes, you read that correctly… LAST semester.  It has such a beautiful ring to it, no?

I had to fill out my graduation forms and whatnot today.  I also had to decide if I was going to participate in the ceremony.  Initially I wasn’t going to but my mom clearly has other plans.  I’m sure most people essentially end up “walking the stage” to appease their parents.  I have a hard time justifying the $80 rental fee for the regalia but perhaps my mom’s memories are worth that much.

Although she doesn’t always remember my husband’s name.


I noticed in today’s class that I was incredibly gassy.  Not farty.  Just bloated, painful gas.  As lame as this sounds, I’ve been eating the same stuff the last 3 days so I know it couldn’t have been something I ate because I never feel like this at home.  Could stress make me gassy?

Seriously though – I can’t even believe this is my last semester.  I’ve loathed every second of this program.  I’ve regretted starting down this path because…

(1) I am not guaranteed any sort of promotion or raise upon completion

(2) I don’t think this will afford me any NEW opportunities outside of my current place of employment

(3) One of the reasons I initially signed up was because my company reimbursed 100%.  Since my initial enrollment, they’ve changed their policy TWICE.  Not only do they not reimburse 100%, I have to commit several years of service to the company.  I was already too far in the program to stop.

(4) Did I mention that getting a Masters isn’t going to give me a raise?  I thought I’d throw that in again after I made point (3).

(5) I don’t really find my field interesting.  I mean – I find parts of it interesting.  I’m pursuing a Masters in Information Technology (to go with my BS in IT).  But in terms of what I like about IT… well, I like the Internet.  I like social networking.  I like the conveniences that “Information Technology” creates and maintains.  The super tech-y stuff?  The hardware crap?  Yeah – hate it.  It bores me to tears. 

But I’m one of those people that if I start something… I’m going to f’n finish it.  I started the program… and by god, I am finishing it. 

Let’s just hope I don’t get stuck with douchebag teammates like I always manage to.

** Update ** So I was thinking about this post after I posted it and realized another reason… but BIG reason I ended up enrolling in the graduate program was because I didn’t know what to do with myself after wedding planning.  Lame, right?  I was so used to feeling busy all the time or had a “goal” to work towards that when that ended… I felt a little lost.  Someone suggested grad school and I thought, “why not?”

Now I can’t wait until I don’t have to think about anything outside of “The Real Housewives of [insert city]”, who will win any of the reality shows I watch and what I’m going to eat.  That sounds like heaven right about now.



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5 responses to “Light at the End of the Tunnel

  1. WWJD

    Hooray for last semesters!!! 🙂
    I’m very proud of you for going back to school, even if it doesn’t get you that promotion or new job.

    On a side note…when I read the title of this BLOG I was sure it had something to do with your 5k through the tunnel…Thank God I was wrong!! 🙂

    Just kidding…I love reading your BLOG (even the boring workout stuff) 🙂

    haha! I heart you. 🙂

  2. I always forget you’re in a grad school – you don’t write about it much. I just finished my own grad program, and let me tell you, it’s amazing to be done. Uh. Maze. Ing.

    However, I don’t get any kind of raise for having completed a Master’s degree and I can’t find a new job. So basically all I accomplished was a huge increase in my loan payments. Pretty much blows.

    I think I don’t write about grad school just because I hate it so much. And I can only write, “I hate grad school!” or “I’m on a team with a bunch of turds!” so many times before it gets old.

    That stinks about not being able to find a job though! I’m wondering why I’ve put myself through this. Maybe I’ll just print up a t-shirt that says, “I have a Masters degree. Nanny Nanny boo boo!”

  3. Meredith

    Theresa’s mom never remembers my name! 🙂

    So all this studying and money and test preparation I’ve put myself thru for the last year…no guarantee of a raise or promotion…so I feel your pain!

    Wow -really?! Well now I just think you’re crazy. 🙂

  4. I’m STILL trying to figure out what to do post-wedding-planning. I have no idea what my goals should be.

    This being an adult stuff sucks! After grad school, I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to do. I’ll happily enjoy mindless TV for awhile but know that eventually I’ll feel that hole again.

  5. I want that t-shirt! When you make it, make one for me too please.

    Dude – I’m all over it. When I print them, I will definitely send one your way!

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